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Friday, November 21, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Life does go on- Realizations of Pennsylvania

September 21st, 2005 a little group was started on FLICKR named Realizations of Pennsylvania.  This group was started by a lovely camera obsessed female who had just joined a super photo sharing community.  As she jumped full swing into artisan jewelry, art councils, PA Wilds hub bub and opening a small gallery in an even smaller town in Pennsylvania, this little group was put on the back burner.
Screen shot from a photo group on Flickr  Realizations of Pennsylvania

Even in my absence it is thriving with almost 10,000 photos.  I was all kinds of excited this morning to see the quality and amounts of photos that continued to be posted by talented photographers.

Pennsylvania is a super photo op, so think about joining in on the photo frenzy ; - ) HERE  We would LOVE to see your realizations!

Realizations of Pennsylania strip

Monday, November 17, 2014

List Monday

Sizerville State Park Fall Festival 2014 on a beautiful afternoon through the pine needles

 List Monday-

  1.   Earrings Every Day Hoot, hoot!!
  2. How many fab items can be made with paper?  
  3. Let it go with Tiny Buddha
  4. Christmas CANDY recipes
  5. Hand lettering is a favorite of mine
  6. Scarf knotting 2014
  7. The Ultimate Beer Lover's Happy Hour, a veggie delight
  8. Warming up with some Mexican Hot Chocolate
  9. Men all in line Mimi Kirchner
  10. Surviving the Holidays SIMPLY


Beauty in the simple things

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Start of Taking Holiday Orders

 Holiday orders are starting to come in with some already off the bench, in the mail and at the doors of a few much loved clients.   New designs are being added to the ETSY online shoppe weekly.
personalized copper stamped cuff

1" wide food grade aluminum cuff

celebration of family handcut large heart pendant w/family charms and Swarovski crystals for birthstones

family pendant oxidized copper and sterling silver

Rosary wrapped artisan beads on necklaces and bracelets

Storybook letter upper and lower case just to show a few letter stamps available to personalize your pieces

SDAJ wooden displays available @ select Trail Sites around the PA Wilds filled with original designs just in time for the Holidays

Christmas through the years

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday

 I am pretty sure this was my 6th grade birthday party in February 1978.  Loved that record player, Twister and Earth Shoes.  A few good friends, a butterfly birthday cake from Gram and my little brother eventually joined us as you can see :) :)  The Monkees, K-tel compilations and The Partridge Family were right at the top of what was played I am sure.
A few months before hot rollers arrived under the Christmas tree, lol. 

Earlier this afternoon Jackie and I went for lunch in Ridgway, Pa.,  While there visited some antique stores galleries and shoppes- fun-times!  South Street Botanicals, Two Scoops, Clarion River Trading Company and ECCOTA were all decked out for the Holidays. Ridgway has a happening Main Street!

taken today in ECCOTA : - )

Monday, November 03, 2014

working towards a goal

studio shot by Kaylie Fitch, student work, of me at the bench
Staying on task is a statement teachers make when young children stray from assignments they are given perhaps while attending elementary school.  Artists/artisans also stray from time to time but, I feel this helps bring clarity to life or bring about new work.  This straying can last days, weeks, months or sometimes it can last for years until we start pushing out what feels like cohesive pieces.

The way I feel when first entering the work space now is much different than even a couple years ago.  Grabbing a hammer to forge or setting up that type set for mantra cuffs is like breathing at this point. I am looking forward in having that same vibe while soldering a prayer box or setting a beautiful cabochon in a funky bezel into what is very much MY style.  It is not far away with my brain opening up more and more each and every day towards that GOAL of being more fluid while creating.

another studio shot by Kaylie Fitch showing copper tubing being hammer into a cuff ready for letter stamping
Fall happens to be a prolific time for artists in general with the changing out for the upcoming Holiday season especially being a factor.

The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” ~Auguste Rodin


Saturday, October 18, 2014


or what we do when there's NO time to camp.....

June's 2014 set-up including a new porta potty tent, perfect with a 4 yr. old in tow
We did get out one time when the grand daughter stayed this passed June to Kiasutha with the Winnebago.

Work has been all consuming for dh's business which is truly super but, not so good when it comes to taking a weekend here and there for a getaway.

He is a busy man pounding those nails day in and day out, building all that awesomeness :) ;)

Elly fishing on a rainy Friday

Visiting local or not so local craft breweries or distilleries for the day is what we have been occupying ourselves with.  Pretty cool, right :)  We think so.  Those day trips take place on Sundays for the most part with a rare Saturday here and there.

CJ Spirits in Kane, Pa.  August 10th

tasting and lounge area next to the distilling area

One gorgeous Sunday morning, since we missed their opening during Art in the Wilds end of June, we came 30 minutes before they opened but, still talked our way in ;)  The owner was very informative and super nice while giving us the tour of the distilling area.  The vodka still is so beautiful with all that copper and stainless!  I can't even imagine the investment involved just on machinery and equipment alone.  

purchased a bottle of Rock Sov vodka, sooo very smooth and wonderful

Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, NY September 7th

Our favorite Beverage shoppe of choice is in Kane, Pa., Kinzua Beverage.  Kinzua Beverage has the best craft beer choices available locally.  After chatting with one of their awesome and knowledgeable  employees about the closest craft breweries he mentioned STBC in Lakewood.  We were like Lakewood.... dh and I trek that direction at least once a month and never spied it.   On the next Wegman's run, through Sugar Grove, before landing in Lakewood, there it was on the left right off the main road.  We were totally shocked, driving up the road toward the entrance, to see such a fabulous brewery just a stone's throw away.

inside the main entrance

my first flight experience-- hard cider, Pumking, Unearthly and Gemini was the set-up
I really loved the Unearthly and Herb here trying his first ever nitro tapped style beer 

live music mostly on Saturdays in their wonderful seating and eating area

above my sandwich choice The Kincaid-    the perfect sandwich

Voodoo Brewery Meadville, Pa., September 28th

Great bar!  Love the doors on the ceiling and also music streaming choices that day.  
I have been in a Pearl Jam state of mind the last few months with Pandora streaming PJ and Eddie Vedder most of the day so this was just a great time continued, lol.


Winona's Big Brown Ale, White Magick of the Sun, Goodvibes, Voodoo Love Child, Pil-zilla, Big Black Voodoo Daddy and the Gran Met here on the flight

great organic menu choices

breakfast stout that I HAD to try,  great stuff-  pancakes, syrup, and sausage all in one sweet brew
so bummed that I did not check the battery..had to use the cell

Cool restaurants to find tasty craft brews :-)

Olga's Cafe and Bistro/Gallery  in Coudersport 

DH-  Flying Dog Brewery Dogtoberfest  and I always love Dog Fish Head 60 minute IPA

DH- Yard's Brewing Company's Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce and then I indulged in Elysian Brewing Company's Night Owl
another gallery upstairs filled with yarn and paintings
DH- Founder's Dirty Bastard Ale and then I enjoyed Ommegang Three Philosophers quadruple ale

All of our choices at Olga's were extraordinary.  By clicking on them you will be swept away to the land of all things beer and the Beer Advocate to soak in some interesting critiques.  

Beer is Proof that God Loves Us and Wants Us to be Happy.   ~Benjamin Franklin

Laughing Owl Press GRAND OPENING this Sunday! Facebook EVENT page

 New trail stop on the list for available SDAJ originals, The Laughing Owl Press located in Kane, Pa.  

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

News from the Bench- Bracelets for Local Songwriters Titchner-Scott

Bekki and Mark Titchner, of Titchner-Scott, commissioned two cuffs from SDAJ stamped with not a mantra, verse or quote but, a song line and title track,  In dreaming I need nothing, from their upcoming album, I Dream.
1.   The couple in SDAJ studio wearing the pieces 2. promo shot for one of their albums 3. shot taken with my Sony RX100M3 4. taken in Edinburgh, Scotland on Campbell Close Street.  Scotland is one of their favorite sojourns
a recent post taken from the Facebook Fan page:

Bekki, "Mark T. usually lets me take care of posting. But this song is different. This song is inherently more personal...."
His words :
I suppose every song will mean something (or nothing) to anyone who will take the time to listen.
Art audio? Audio art? Music!!! Uh huh....
But to make a song accessible to others it needs the players - composers, writers...yes!
For us, from the start of a project to its finish, all of our creative pistons are going balls to the wall. The highs and lows on the emotional scale are light years apart from each other, as with all art processes (universal artistic bi-polarity). One day you’re up, next day you’re down. Does it go right? Does it go wrong? Does it go somewhere? Does it go nowhere? Did we nail it? Who knows! We do our best.
So here we have our latest little tune, which managed to break all laws of our creative process. From an unbelievable high to the darkest, saddest, lowest of lows we have ever known.
And now it’s finally (well, 99%) complete. And we are stuck somewhere in the emotional spectrum, we’ll say “in the middle.

Here it is:

THE MOST HIGH: My son loved this song. He would listen and sing it constantly. Sometimes he’d bitch about needing a new song to get into.

THE MOST LOW: Suddenly he’s gone. I can’t say if he’s still listening or not.

THE MIDDLE: Maybe he is.


In Dreaming 

I’m waiting at the wall
Waiting for the end
Waiting ‘til tomorrow
It will all be better then

I’m waiting for the words
They just never come
There’s nothing left to say
Nowhere left to run

In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing

Falling from the sky, like a gull on the wind
Crashing waves
Jagged shore
I disappear again

I listen to the stones
Sometimes I can see
The way moving forward
The past in front of me

In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing

Clouds race against the blue
Shadows come and stay
Ribbons of time unfurl
And softly float away

I’m here and then I’m gone
Chained and then I’m free
Waiting at the wall
At the edge of the sea

In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing

When Bekki emailed last week, to let me know the song was ready, the entire evening was then filled with her voice,  for many more songs were added to the site.  They use Reverbnation. as a tool with 50% of sales going to the organization  Love Hope Strength.

The talented songwriting/performing team play at countless venues.  Their next show will be in Lock Haven, Oct. 18th, 7-9 p.m. Avenue 209,

taken from bio on Reverbnation-
For most of the past nine years, Mark and Bekki Titchner performed mostly traditional Celtic and Appalachian music with fiddler Tara Sansom in the trio Fieldstone. Two years ago, with Tara out of grad school and living in Kentucky, the two turned their focus exclusively to songwriting. Longtime friend and drummer Don Strandberg said he would love to be a part of a recording project, and suggested bassist Mark Santaniello to round out the rhythm section. Recording began in earnest in the fall of 2011. Along the way another old friend Dave Piccirillo added guitar work to some of the tracks and Tara played fiddle on a song as well. The project was completed the spring of 2013 and should be available for sale in the summer of 2013. The Titchner-Scott Band began exclusively as a recording endeavor, but keeping all that fun confined to the basement seemed wrong.

this gifted songstress/writer above at an open mic event @ECCOTA wearing an original SDAJ copper & Serpentine rosary wrapped crescent moon piece purchased November 2011.


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