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Fiber Arts Friday

 February is National Embroidery Month.  This month recognizes the talented stitchers who turn needle and thread into an art form. Through the years I have gone back to embroidery time and again because I enjoy it so much.  Watching those stitches, textiles and beads come together is a magical thing.  photo taken in a gallery that I owned back mid-2000s Making doll forms and sewing accessories along with other fiber items were a big part of the inventory at The Flemish House Art Gallery. dry felted eye pincushions a more stylized mermaid I made early 2000, I love the backs handmade faces and more mother of pearl and abalone decorative additions to the front, sold at an art show in Pittsburgh   a bead woven crazy quilt patched stone in an Egyptian theme, sold to a Pittsburgh buyer eyes seem to be a theme for this post, sketched early 2000 Sketching eyes and faces has always been a thing for me since I could pick up a pencil/pen/crayon :) Valentine eyes made when I owned the gallery from

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