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Throwback Thursday November 05, 2013 On the bench- - keeping tools clean

Stump bench in the garden studio Keeping my work area clean and somewhat picked up is important to me when making jewelry.  A clean space helps me to feel productive,  I don't or can't work in a hot mess of a studio but, creative clutter is another thing :) When filling orders for shops, galleries and trail stops or filling custom orders organized clutter is best.  Well.... I have no choice since the studio is 11'x10'.  I often describe the space akin to a cooks galley kitchen.... for when working on the stump bench I can either reach what I need where I presently am working or a couple rolls of the chair wheels gets me there. I will write a post talking about the 'studio move' in the near future.  Plans have changed from originally building off of the existing studio, to upcycling our existing back screen porch into a super area for SDAJ.  This change makes the dh happy and also adds another living area to the house and increases the studio's possibilities

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