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vibe saturday

Saturdays have consisted of working in the studio, orders, experimenting with leathercraft for upcoming orders and nonprofit work,  Working in the upcoming HEC or typing away on JCT nonprofit work, Saturday's are busy.   cutting 18, 16 and 14 gauge dead-soft sheets of copper for a wholesale order February is when the wholesale orders start coming in to SDS. Cuffs, pendants, charms and branded key fobs are part of the upcoming orders. Now waiting on another order of 16 gauge copper sheet.  Copper has more than doubled in price. I have fallen in love with leather tooling and, of course, the tools, lol. So much going on at the Heritage Education and Welcome Center.  We are so close to open those doors! These warm days are amazing! Will they last?  I sure hope so :)  The days are getting longer which is glorious.  Once Spring arrives I am going to make a gallant effort, once again, to take it all in and not be taken by surprise when the trees are leafed out.  This happens every year, l

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