Juried Pennsylvania Wilds Jewelry Artisan Creating Fresh off the Bench

Stephanie Distler is a self taught jewelry artist. Using nature for inspiration, she designs and creates artisan jewelry together with hand tools using precious metals in wire or sheet form. Collecting metalsmithing tools, learning new techniques and then implementing them in her designs is a passion that is the touchstone of daily life.  

Distler comes from a family of ‘makers’ including woodworkers, cooks, and farmers, but, has chosen precious metals over wood shavings.  Her working studio allows  for metalwork, displays, workshops, PA Wilds events, and other artistic endeavors. Distler operated a gallery for many years, and now has the opportunity to consolidate visioning, craftsmanship, and exhibition in one location as she also includes blogging, culinary art, and photography as part of her #madebyhand business.

-- 2006  'Champion of the Pa Wilds' award for community work and part played in ownership of The Flemish House Art Gallery.

-- 2016  'Best Brand Ambassador' award given for championing the Pennsylvania Wilds brand and pushing the envelope on how private-sector partners could leverage it in the marketplace.

-- recent and past shows:

Pittsburgh: HandMade Arcade http://www.handmadearcade.com/ , Three Rivers Arts Fest http://www.3riversartsfest.org/ 

Philadelphia: Manayunk Arts Festival http://manayunk.com/signature-events/manayunk-arts-festival/

Wilkes-Barre: Fine Arts Fiesta http://fineartsfiesta.org/.

-- PA Wilds shows:

Pennsylvania Wilds ArtsFest, PA Wilds Conservation Shop Buyer's Market, PA Wilds Virtual Makers Market, LH JAMS JAZZ & ART ON MAIN STREET FESTIVAL, Stars in the Arts, PA Wilds Pop-up Shops, PA Wilds Art Invitational at Lynn Hall, Art in the Wilds and Taste of the Arts.

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