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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Studios and Workspaces on the Brain

Along with my working studio finally underway here is the up and coming studio and retail space of a talented friend, Stacie Johnson-Leske owner of Your Fired Pottery.  A group of juried PA Wilds artists and artisans, myself included, are having a PA Wilds Pop-Up shop in her space March 11th & 12th.  It is a fabulously varied group with each one a different medium.  Among them you will find watercolor, photography, pottery, artisan jewelry, fiber, soap, paper and graphite.  
Held during the Ridgway Chainsaw Rendezvous, which draws people internationally, it will prove to be an amazing event all the way around.  
Clearfield, Elk, McKean and Potter are the 4 counties out of the 12.5 region setting up shop in this beautiful studio at the heart of Elk County.  * for more information on the membership.

list of participants
  Her talented and knowledgeable husband was there the day I stopped in to get a better idea of space for the pop-up.  Still loads of work to do for them in the future with lighting, cabinet making and installing the kilns but, the walnut floor will be installed along with the storefront windows.  The true opening of her pottery studio is scheduled a few months down the road but, is a great opportunity for artists as well as the public to mingle.gather.hobnob. after such a crazy Winter.

The front of Your Fired Pottery to be filled with artists and artisans very soon including Stacie who will be setting up her throwing wheel front and center somewhere along this bank of windows on Main Street. 

a strip of recent captures

Monday, February 29, 2016

Double Birthday Month

February 2005 was this blog's creation and also the year I took a big step as an artist with opening up an online shop, starting a photo crazy Flickr account and posted for the first time here.   At this point the work was mainly improvisational bead embroidery with some stringing to fill the booth with color and texture at art festivals. During this month I sat up at one of the early Chainsaw Rendezvous in Ridgway, Pennsylvania next to a very talented mosaic artist Brenda Nicklas.  Nicklas was at the threshold of her artisan business too.  We had an amazing time comparing notes during this local show,  making a trade and revealing our future hopes & dreams.  The next year we were juried into The Pennsylvania Wilds Artisan Trail to become part of the original members, it's origins started with us!

I have enjoyed this sweet Picassiette style box through the years placing a youngest daughter's tooth, my Grandmother's and my pocket watch lovingly inside.
One of Brenda Nicklas' smalls owner of Laughing Dog Mosaics
beaded work from past days 

*oh yes and I turned 50 this month, more on that later :) 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What is on Your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday

Ta Brant, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Wilds Artisan Trail, in SDAJ today to pick-up a custom order off MY bench

20 branded items to be handed out among 'artisan trail' stakeholders throughout the Holiday season

Recent forged bracelets with artisan closures HERE to see a past material and tool list
Very simple in design, using 4 different hammers, tube riveting techniques and 10 gauge wire for the hooked closure.  Brushed satin finish on all.  Bracelets including other components and artisan beads are available too coming soon to Cameron County Artisan Center in Emporium and at ECCOTA in Ridgway for the Holidays. 
Group Description
Every Wednesday or a Wednesday that you happen to remember post to your blog or other social networking venue that you frequent, a photo of what is on it for that day and link back to this group.
You might want to describe what you are making or not it is up to you :) Just call it 'What is on Your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday' and you are good to go.
This group will be a collection of those photos which we all need and love for I am hungry for all the eye candy I can gather up.


Christmas 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

List Monday- BIG list of wants and maybe some needs thrown in

Every once in a while putting it out there for the Universe to take note of that crazy list carried around inside of you for far too long is necessary. This is getting it out of your head and on paper (more or less) helping an obsessed type, like myself, see what is doable or perhaps logical in the real world.

THE list:
  1. A hydraulic press with all the accessories or as many as are attainable 
  2. Arbor press 
  3. Rolling mill, preferably the Durston brand
  4. Metalsmithing workbench
  5. Large, very, very large steel anvil
  6. Pepe Guillotine shear to perfectly cut sheet metal
  7. Knew Concepts jeweler's saw with the swivel handle
  8. Fretz hammers and stakes that I am always hammering away at, lol
  9. Exhaust for a soldering station like this wonderful set-up from Connie Fox
  10. Bench Mate system 
The hydraulic press is CHECKED off, there are still accessories such as more pancake dies or texture plates to be bought over the next few years.  The press is going to be here at some point in the next couple weeks.  Today I am having an argument with myself about the jeweler's saw, watched the video a few times today falling head over heals in love.  Brilliant design.

 Lost the argument-   been using Knew Concept Saw in the studio for the last week LOVE IT!!!  

Studio since 2011, WOW I need more room


 black & white 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday

 I am pretty sure this was my 6th grade birthday party in February 1978.  Loved that record player, Twister and Earth Shoes.  A few good friends, a butterfly birthday cake from Gram and my little brother eventually joined us as you can see :) :)  The Monkees, K-tel compilations and The Partridge Family were right at the top of what was played I am sure.
A few months before hot rollers arrived under the Christmas tree, lol. 

Earlier this afternoon Jackie and I went for lunch in Ridgway, Pa.,  While there visited some antique stores galleries and shoppes- fun-times!  South Street Botanicals, Two Scoops, Clarion River Trading Company and ECCOTA were all decked out for the Holidays. Ridgway has a happening Main Street!

taken today in ECCOTA : - )

Monday, November 10, 2014

List Monday

Westline Inn- Westline, Pa. this October passed with the girls and US.  Their first experience @ this fab establishment

Monday's List

1.  Hey moss head- just found out about Marimos on Confessions of a Blueberry Bandit's BLOG
2.  I really need to make salted caramels
3.. bottling up some extra strength vanilla extract for Holiday baking and libations
4.  Maureen Cracknell Handmade has such amazing fabrics at her finger tips.  In love with her                 arrow sketch pillows!
5.  Omunchi-  Cravings Justified.  Eating and Music!!!!!
6.  I want to smash things arbor press
7.  A fellow friend and blogger capturing the seasons perfectly with her magnificent photography
8.  Joy the Baker revamped her BLOG
9.  Speaking of Joy, this sounds divine for the sweet potato side on our day of Thanks :)
10.Mark Bittman's new cookbook on cooking fffffast
11.Fresh is best Eight O'clock Coffee, a national treasure
12.Happy Mango Beads

warm tones in the round

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

What is on Your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday

View of the bench this afternoon while typesetting 1/4" aluminum cuffs for clients.  Some were the start of Christmas commissions, some Mother Daughter gifts and others mantra single orders.

 Can you tell what dvd is in the player?  I was in a Princess Bride frame of mind, lol.

Has anyone read the new, 2014 book, Actor Cary Elwes has written As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride ?  About his experiences starring in this wonderful 1987 flick.

The quotes from the movie are the best!

 “Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” —Westley

found HERE
Group Description
Every Wednesday or a Wednesday that you happen to remember post to your blog or another social networking venue that you frequent, a photo of what is on it for that day and link back to this group.
You might want to describe what you are making or not it is up to you :) Just call it 'What is on Your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday' and you are good to go.
This group will be a collection of those photos which we all need and love for I am hungry for all the eye candy I can gather up.

Summer and Fall shots 2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014

News from the PA Wilds- Who is on the Trail NOW, PCA Best of the Best and SDAJ New Designs

Artisan Trail additions 

 A few weeks back the 'Wilds' committee met to jury new artisans on the trail and then a separate committee met to decide on new Trail Sites.  As you can see we had a great session and a big CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!!!  

PA Wilds Artisan Trail
 These artisans and trail sites will see all the hard work the committee has done over the last 8 years put in action with new features and benefits. 

Tionesta Village new trail site
Types of Trail Sites

“Proudly Made in the Pennsylvania Wilds” Retailers:
Lodges, B&Bs, gift shops, coffee houses, galleries, visitor centers, outfitters and other retailers in the Pennsylvania Wilds that want to sell unique local products. To qualify, the retailer must agree to carry and sell products by at least three(3) PA Wilds juried artisans and is encouraged to display interpretive 
signage about the Artisan Trail as made available. Participants have one year to identify juried artisans to partner with and secure products that fit their inventory.

 Cost: $105/year. Chain stores not eligible.

Craft Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries and Hard Cider Mills
To qualify, establishments must be located in the Pennsylvania Wilds and produce their beverages in a craft manner that aligns with the Proudly Made in the Pennsylvania Wilds brand. Elements of our brand include: tradition, authenticity, natural, environmentally sensitive, attention to detail, values, quality, craftsmanship, and Made in the PA Wilds, Pennsylvania or America. For breweries, the national standard of “6 million barrels or less” will be used to designate between craft and industrial breweries. 
All establishments must have a space open to the public (of legal age) with regular hours to be included on the trail. Sites are encouraged to sell at least three(3) Proudly Made in the Pennsylvania Wilds authentic artisan products that fit their locations and display interpretive signage about the Artisan Trail as available. 

Cost: $105/year if you carry Proudly Made in the PA Wilds products; $150/year if you don’t. State-run wine and spirits stores and industrial producers are not eligible.

Experience the Arts Partners:
Local theaters (playhouses and modern film theaters situated inside historic movie houses), museums, dance, pottery, carving studios and other establishments providing opportunities for the traveling 
public to experience art in the region are encouraged to join the PA Wilds Artisan Trail under this 
category. Experience the Arts Partners are encouraged to sell at least three(3) Proudly Made in the 
Pennsylvania Wilds authentic artisan products that fit their locations (if space allows), and display 
interpretive signage about the Artisan Trail as available. 

Cost: $105/year if you carry Proudly Made in the PA Wilds products; $150/year if you don’t.

Public Art:
The PA Wilds Artisan Trail welcomes nominations for public art to be included on the story map. We define public art as any media planned and executed with the specific intention of being sited or staged in the physical public domain, usually outside and accessible to all. To be considered for inclusion on the Artisan Trail story map, the artwork must be permanent (a rotating artwork in a permanent location is acceptable). It must also be publicly accessible and created by an artist; or original artwork selected using a process that includes the public; or publicly accessible artwork that considers the social and physical context of the site. Examples include murals, monuments, memorials, statues and architectural landmarks. To submit a public art nomination, go to 

Cost: None.

* above information taken from the new PA Wilds Guidelines

a 'capture' of the new PA Wilds Trail story map to be released end of next week
 One such step is the Story Map application being launched end of next week.  This app is a fabulous addition to all that being on the Artisan Trail offers. 

A good friend and fellow PA Wild's artisan, Robin Davenport, now is also a Trail Site with here family business Wild Wings Art Studio and Homestead.  

~Read more about becoming a PA Wilds Artisan and also the new guidelines HERE


Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and ECCOTA

     After a two year hiatus from being on the Elk County Council on the Arts board I came in with a bang at last Tuesday's meeting for at this month's meeting 3 special guests attended Phillip Horn executive director of Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Jim West PCA council member and accomplished artist and also Matt Serio program director for PPA for the PCA.  After some introductions 2 wonderful presentations on the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts or PPA were given from our side with Abbi Peters executive director of ECCOTA and then Matt Serio from the PCA side of things.

Staff of PCA HERE
Council         HERE

     "Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA) is a partnership between local organizations and the PCA.  Now operating in all 67 counties in Pennsylvania, PPA re-grants funds to support a wide variety of local and community arts activities.  Since its creation in 1996, PPA has demonstrated enormous success in achieving the PCA's mission and goals. "

PPA project stream defined HERE

Julie Mader, also a PA Wilds Artisan, was the recipient of The 2013 Best of the Best PPA projects award which was part of the presentation for the evening as well as further explanation of the PPA projects stream.


New Designs available @ ECCOTA

PA Wilds pendants, stamped geekery, mixed media bracelets, stone, clay and glass wrapped oxidized necklaces and hoop earrings just to list some of the SDAJ pieces being carried at this wonderful gallery.    

Warm and cool tones were used along with great texture from artisan beads, recycled glass, wire wrapping and gorgeous Picasso finished Czech beads.   A Picasso finish is added to beads after they are fire polished creating almost a raku finish.   Love them!

SDAJ also available @ Laughing Owl Press in Kane, Pa.  HERE

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

News from the Bench- Bracelets for Local Songwriters Titchner-Scott

Bekki and Mark Titchner, of Titchner-Scott, commissioned two cuffs from SDAJ stamped with not a mantra, verse or quote but, a song line and title track,  In dreaming I need nothing, from their upcoming album, I Dream.
1.   The couple in SDAJ studio wearing the pieces 2. promo shot for one of their albums 3. shot taken with my Sony RX100M3 4. taken in Edinburgh, Scotland on Campbell Close Street.  Scotland is one of their favorite sojourns
a recent post taken from the Facebook Fan page:

Bekki, "Mark T. usually lets me take care of posting. But this song is different. This song is inherently more personal...."
His words :
I suppose every song will mean something (or nothing) to anyone who will take the time to listen.
Art audio? Audio art? Music!!! Uh huh....
But to make a song accessible to others it needs the players - composers, writers...yes!
For us, from the start of a project to its finish, all of our creative pistons are going balls to the wall. The highs and lows on the emotional scale are light years apart from each other, as with all art processes (universal artistic bi-polarity). One day you’re up, next day you’re down. Does it go right? Does it go wrong? Does it go somewhere? Does it go nowhere? Did we nail it? Who knows! We do our best.
So here we have our latest little tune, which managed to break all laws of our creative process. From an unbelievable high to the darkest, saddest, lowest of lows we have ever known.
And now it’s finally (well, 99%) complete. And we are stuck somewhere in the emotional spectrum, we’ll say “in the middle.

Here it is:

THE MOST HIGH: My son loved this song. He would listen and sing it constantly. Sometimes he’d bitch about needing a new song to get into.

THE MOST LOW: Suddenly he’s gone. I can’t say if he’s still listening or not.

THE MIDDLE: Maybe he is.


In Dreaming 

I’m waiting at the wall
Waiting for the end
Waiting ‘til tomorrow
It will all be better then

I’m waiting for the words
They just never come
There’s nothing left to say
Nowhere left to run

In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing

Falling from the sky, like a gull on the wind
Crashing waves
Jagged shore
I disappear again

I listen to the stones
Sometimes I can see
The way moving forward
The past in front of me

In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing

Clouds race against the blue
Shadows come and stay
Ribbons of time unfurl
And softly float away

I’m here and then I’m gone
Chained and then I’m free
Waiting at the wall
At the edge of the sea

In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing
In dreaming I need nothing

When Bekki emailed last week, to let me know the song was ready, the entire evening was then filled with her voice,  for many more songs were added to the site.  They use Reverbnation. as a tool with 50% of sales going to the organization  Love Hope Strength.

The talented songwriting/performing team play at countless venues.  Their next show will be in Lock Haven, Oct. 18th, 7-9 p.m. Avenue 209,

taken from bio on Reverbnation-
For most of the past nine years, Mark and Bekki Titchner performed mostly traditional Celtic and Appalachian music with fiddler Tara Sansom in the trio Fieldstone. Two years ago, with Tara out of grad school and living in Kentucky, the two turned their focus exclusively to songwriting. Longtime friend and drummer Don Strandberg said he would love to be a part of a recording project, and suggested bassist Mark Santaniello to round out the rhythm section. Recording began in earnest in the fall of 2011. Along the way another old friend Dave Piccirillo added guitar work to some of the tracks and Tara played fiddle on a song as well. The project was completed the spring of 2013 and should be available for sale in the summer of 2013. The Titchner-Scott Band began exclusively as a recording endeavor, but keeping all that fun confined to the basement seemed wrong.

this gifted songstress/writer above at an open mic event @ECCOTA wearing an original SDAJ copper & Serpentine rosary wrapped crescent moon piece purchased November 2011.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Small things- that make me happy

Have you been noticing, as you get older, the small day to day details through out the years are what sticks? Quiet time on the porch with your daughter reading, the way the sun comes through that window, when he makes Sunday breakfast,  hearing your child explain to their friend something you taught them or walking out the front door breathing in the season are just a handful of mine :) :)

Everyday with my husband and daughters brings more of that 'stuff' I try to hold tight, by staying present.  We all have our tools, one of mine is grasping whatever pendant I am wearing that day or a strand of very tactile beads.  Bede means prayer.  Ever since my brother died, 2 years back, prayer pieces are with me on a daily basis.   Death changes the ones left behind.
simple hand held prayer piece, a chaplet

     Above a simple knotted chaplet with nine main beads, spacers, personal large focal bead and peened copper ring, made recently on the bench to fit around a finger, is unseen in my palm when worn.  The texture of the hand made etched Indonesian beads & etched ivory glass beads are that of sea glass with the clarity of the aqua focal a super calming 'water' almost attraction.

     Prayer beads are compelling.  I have made different styles of rosaries and smaller versions or chaplets, since coming across Eleanor Wiley's book ' A String and a Prayer'  back in 2004.
     My spirit was tugging at me to create a very simple style.  The first attempt yesterday was more involved with lots of different beads, colors, textures and lines.  Yes...I cut this first attempt totally a part and continued using the beads that called to me while putting together the first chaplet.

< I like the combo of amber, clay, olive wood, lamp-work and old beads but, not what I needed.

: ) --- our cat, porch plants, diner adventuring, shots that come together, awesome customers and of course anything art related
Jewelry making brings me back to center time and time again from first starting Fall of 1996 creating with my daughters, to improvisational bead embroidery on fiber sculptures, to beginning a love of metalwork 4 years later.

Where is your happy place?

Age seems to give lyrics, where when younger there was only rhythm.  ~sld

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Garden Studio- in the studio first day of Autumn

Here we are with yesterday being the first day of Autumn.

That fact was totally kicked out of my brain for weeks, until clicking on yesterday morning's Google search doodle, which thwacked me right between the eyes.

 Not ready to let go of Summer honestly....

I can't remember where we were last week when the grumbling started and the receiver of the grumble said--- but, Fall is my favorite season, it isn't Winter yet.  How wise was that statement!  

It is a praiseworthy time of the year in a beautiful package of color, scent and possibility.
SDAJ always gets a big boot in the behind this time of year developing new jewelry designs, techniques and palette choices.

This season lots of recycled glass, ethnic and even more off the bench components embark on their journey.  Loads of to-dos wrapping it all together by tumbling, oxidizing and finally sanding away high spots giving each it's expression.

off to the right--- beading and saw area with loads of new Czech and Javanese
beads being wrapped

the wrapping--- Javanese, recycled glass, Petrified wood, Czech, Jade and lampwork beads
anticipating their assembly, tumbling and oxidizing.  How special are they!

peened closure ring with artisan copper forged/hammered hook and signature component

left side--- carpentry bench with metalforming tools and a pendant/bracelet rack waiting to be changed out for ECCOTA along with 3 new seasonally inspired neck-pieces each on their own custom easel
recycled glass, Czech and Javanese beads all new to the bench this Autumn


Having a home studio gives the artist permission for total abandon in the work, home and life.
My family is my life, life gives freedom...freedom is found in the art.  What do you think about that!  I can be cohesive in thought when I want..maybe it's Autumn :) LOL  

Organic beef roasting in the crock-pot, rosary wrapping beads in the living room while binge watching The Blacklist featuring James Spader.   He is extraordinary in this role!   

Here for Balsamic Crock-pot Beef Roast recipe using the chicken broth and low salt soy sauce for the tamari substitute.  It was the perfect flavor profile having none of that slow cooking washed out blandness.  


Laughing Owl Press studio and what not instagram
Laughing Owl Press inquired about carrying SDAJ, in their new retail/working studio, location on main street in Kane, Pa. recently. With out even hesitating I came back with a resounding YES!  

An open-house is scheduled for October 19th- 2:00 to 7:00pm tentatively, for the time (more details as the date approaches) at the new studio space.
printing demos . refreshments . libations  LIVE MUSIC

LOP and SDAJ are both part of the PA Wild's Artisan Trail as an artisan and trail stop.  A good friend of mine, also a trail artisan, recently applied to be juried now for a trail stop.  
I am not sure how many artisans actually are a trail stop...I need to find out, lol.


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