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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What is on Your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday

Ta Brant, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Wilds Artisan Trail, in SDAJ today to pick-up a custom order off MY bench

20 branded items to be handed out among 'artisan trail' stakeholders throughout the Holiday season

Recent forged bracelets with artisan closures HERE to see a past material and tool list
Very simple in design, using 4 different hammers, tube riveting techniques and 10 gauge wire for the hooked closure.  Brushed satin finish on all.  Bracelets including other components and artisan beads are available too coming soon to Cameron County Artisan Center in Emporium and at ECCOTA in Ridgway for the Holidays. 
Group Description
Every Wednesday or a Wednesday that you happen to remember post to your blog or other social networking venue that you frequent, a photo of what is on it for that day and link back to this group.
You might want to describe what you are making or not it is up to you :) Just call it 'What is on Your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday' and you are good to go.
This group will be a collection of those photos which we all need and love for I am hungry for all the eye candy I can gather up.


Christmas 2014

Sunday, November 17, 2013

local restaurants- Buttonwood Motel & Restaurant

Searching for a super breakfast yesterday morning between Elk and Cameron County, to enjoy on the way to drop off my fall/winter line at the Cameron County Artisan Center,  I was told about Buttonwood Motel & Restaurant. Before we were on the road, I put it on Facebook about wanting to try a new (to us) breakfast joint.  Not long after doing so a fellow vintage camper enthusiast answered the query with her favorite destination, the Buttonwood, and yes, the fact she mentioned that they have scrapple on the menu also was a big selling point. Scrapple is a Pennsylvania Dutch favorite made from scraps of pork or other meat stewed with cornmeal and shaped into loaves for slicing and frying, especially characteristic of eastern Pennsylvania..
platters of morning goodness from the Buttonwood in Cameron County
I did not get scrapple this time but, a wonderfully light pumpkin pancake, perfectly spiced Cajun sausage, tender eggs up and tasty homefries w/onions were the choices made.  The menu is truly unique where a full plate of specials for example, the mountain man special (or some other concoctions are not offered) which would include pancakes, eggs, home fries and  filling up the table but, the Buttonwood offers single choices in 3 sizes.  So what you see here is a small portion of pancakes, medium of potatoes, single serving of sausage and the 2 egg size which was perfect or maybe it was that good for I usually take food home.  The coffee was another wonderful plus being a STRONG full flavored cup, good stuff.

They say this about themselves:

Friendly service and country charm await you here at the Buttonwood Restaurant. Locally renowned for unsurpassed breakfasts and lunches. Our 70 seat dining room is open to serve you 7 days a week from 6 AM. until 1 PM. A special Friday evening treat, the Buttonwood offers an outstanding fish fry from 4 PM until 8 PM. Please come as you are and enjoy good food and friends in a real country atmosphere.

Buttonwood dining area from their website
They are friendly, all full of country charm and their breakfasts are assuredly unsurpassed in this beautiful section of Pa. known as the Pennsylvania Wilds Region!

Can't wait to visit again, probably for that fish fry!

SDAJ additions to PA Wild's Trail Stops

Cameron County Artisan Center in Emporium, Pa. was our next stop before heading home.
monograms, PA Wilds branded pieces, mixed media/component bracelets, 3 tiered necklace with Petrified wood/Tigereye/Czech crystal/riverstone and 2 of a brand new designs of necklace SDAJ is creating for ease of wear.



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