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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

What is on Your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday

View of the bench this afternoon while typesetting 1/4" aluminum cuffs for clients.  Some were the start of Christmas commissions, some Mother Daughter gifts and others mantra single orders.

 Can you tell what dvd is in the player?  I was in a Princess Bride frame of mind, lol.

Has anyone read the new, 2014 book, Actor Cary Elwes has written As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride ?  About his experiences starring in this wonderful 1987 flick.

The quotes from the movie are the best!

 “Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” —Westley

found HERE
Group Description
Every Wednesday or a Wednesday that you happen to remember post to your blog or another social networking venue that you frequent, a photo of what is on it for that day and link back to this group.
You might want to describe what you are making or not it is up to you :) Just call it 'What is on Your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday' and you are good to go.
This group will be a collection of those photos which we all need and love for I am hungry for all the eye candy I can gather up.

Summer and Fall shots 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Garden Studio- in the studio first day of Autumn

Here we are with yesterday being the first day of Autumn.

That fact was totally kicked out of my brain for weeks, until clicking on yesterday morning's Google search doodle, which thwacked me right between the eyes.

 Not ready to let go of Summer honestly....

I can't remember where we were last week when the grumbling started and the receiver of the grumble said--- but, Fall is my favorite season, it isn't Winter yet.  How wise was that statement!  

It is a praiseworthy time of the year in a beautiful package of color, scent and possibility.
SDAJ always gets a big boot in the behind this time of year developing new jewelry designs, techniques and palette choices.

This season lots of recycled glass, ethnic and even more off the bench components embark on their journey.  Loads of to-dos wrapping it all together by tumbling, oxidizing and finally sanding away high spots giving each it's expression.

off to the right--- beading and saw area with loads of new Czech and Javanese
beads being wrapped

the wrapping--- Javanese, recycled glass, Petrified wood, Czech, Jade and lampwork beads
anticipating their assembly, tumbling and oxidizing.  How special are they!

peened closure ring with artisan copper forged/hammered hook and signature component

left side--- carpentry bench with metalforming tools and a pendant/bracelet rack waiting to be changed out for ECCOTA along with 3 new seasonally inspired neck-pieces each on their own custom easel
recycled glass, Czech and Javanese beads all new to the bench this Autumn


Having a home studio gives the artist permission for total abandon in the work, home and life.
My family is my life, life gives freedom...freedom is found in the art.  What do you think about that!  I can be cohesive in thought when I want..maybe it's Autumn :) LOL  

Organic beef roasting in the crock-pot, rosary wrapping beads in the living room while binge watching The Blacklist featuring James Spader.   He is extraordinary in this role!   

Here for Balsamic Crock-pot Beef Roast recipe using the chicken broth and low salt soy sauce for the tamari substitute.  It was the perfect flavor profile having none of that slow cooking washed out blandness.  


Laughing Owl Press studio and what not instagram
Laughing Owl Press inquired about carrying SDAJ, in their new retail/working studio, location on main street in Kane, Pa. recently. With out even hesitating I came back with a resounding YES!  

An open-house is scheduled for October 19th- 2:00 to 7:00pm tentatively, for the time (more details as the date approaches) at the new studio space.
printing demos . refreshments . libations  LIVE MUSIC

LOP and SDAJ are both part of the PA Wild's Artisan Trail as an artisan and trail stop.  A good friend of mine, also a trail artisan, recently applied to be juried now for a trail stop.  
I am not sure how many artisans actually are a trail stop...I need to find out, lol.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Garden Studio- Getting Started on Paper

Out growing a dedicated studio is frustrating but, also rewarding.  The rewarding part comes from all the knowledge gained over the years, that then also leads back to lack of space with equipment and bench tools gained, filling in the small space... making it crazy frustrating to work in.

November 2013 was the last blog update about the space and where we were heading. and are super when experimenting with rearranging your room and identifying stations

A free design program from was used to help out with space allowance and placement with worktables, benches, etc. and then for labeling.  I don't know about you but, I am very visual.

The conversation area set up, on the right of the plans, will be a nice touch for now but, is also interchangeable depending on event or need.  The patio is definitely an exciting detail bridging from studio to garden, with it also being a great seasonal addition.   You can see on the left a little entryway by the sink that is street side allowing clients a separate entry and bottom of plans where the door to our kitchen  leads also to the downstairs bathroom area.

This floor plan accommodates students and events from the PA Wilds Artisan Trail and other events that I missed out on the last few years due to a smaller studio which makes me sad...

"Good things come to those who wait" 
according to Heinz and Guinness : - )

Thursday, November 07, 2013

News from the PA Wilds- PA Wilds entrepreneurs

Small business ombudsman Ta Brant is off and running again with a wonderful video promoting young entrepreneurs in the Pennsylvania Wilds.

Homewood Snowboards, The Laughing Owl Press, letterpress printing in the Kinzua Valley, Allegheny Cyclery and Allegheny Outfitters are the features.  Really well done!  Thanks Ta for being on top of the immense talent found in the 'Wilds'!!!

  •  PA Wilds Resource Center page  is a great place to start to learn all things PA Wilds :)
  •  Handmade in the Pennsylvania Wilds, a site devoted to uber talented artists and artisans that are juried to carry the brand on their quality hand created work in this gorgeous 12.5 county area of Pennsylania.  
Makes me smile :)

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

on the bench- new jewelry displays

So many artisan pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets with no way to display them as one thought, all together in shops or galleries,  with out looking like a hot mess was an issue for me.   This also kept me from refilling inventory for I was not crazy about how my work was put on display at these locations (not their fault) and needed to come up with a solution for them and me. 
awaiting assembly, upcycled oak door jambs with rust staining and general wear tear is pretty cool
Simple is best, letting the focus be on the work instead of the display, was the thought and I knew lots of wood, following an industrial punch is where I wanted to be.  Many images on line were scrolled through to get the wheels turning.  Then it all came to fruition, knowing I liked the look of hardware fasteners and distressed wood... combining these two elements with industrial style design and nature.  Here is what came about :) 
bolts making easel style assembly

 Linseed oil was also applied, after assembly, to seal in the age and bring out the grain.  Lots of L-hooks, eye hooks and other points of interest, like this wall bracket which at one time was used for finial rods adding dimension to the display, focusing on a bracelet as seen below.

a way to hang PA Wilds branded pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and charms, complete with business cards makes for a centralized artisan display.  This set is going to ECCOTA in Ridgway, Pa.

this set is with Allegheny Outfitters in Warren, Pa. 

each set includes a 12", 2-10" necklace easels along with a pendant, bracelet and earring board
When I set up at shows these easels are going to save me a lot of lugging along those bulky, heavy and cumbersome displays.  What did I say, simple is best! 
When photographing the pieces for the ETSY shoppe, I am excited to of course incorporate especially the necklace easels in the shot.   What is your vision to bring together your jewelry in one thought?


Sunday, September 08, 2013

Traveling with SDAJ- to Pennsylvania Wilds Trail Stops

Sending Stephanie Distler Artisan Jewelry into a Trail Stop near you! 

Cameron County Artisan Center I have started finally getting work to them after over a year of promising.  Tina does a beautiful job with the chamber and gallery.  She started  the gallery in 2008 bringing a much needed PA Wilds Trail Stop to Cameron County.

the limited edition PA Wilds branded copper pendants at Cameron County Artisan Center collection 2 numbers 10 thru 19

 SDAJ is on the road again working to put jewelry in 'Wilds' trail stops that are a good fit aiming for at least 5 to possibly 10 galleries, shoppes and visitor centers by the holidays. 
One of the best trail stops for artists in the 12.5 county region is the Elk County Council on the Arts .  I have had work there since around 2003 when the main focus for me was improvisational bead embroidery creating artdolls, brooches and pendants with seed beads and fiber embellishing.
artdolls and silver jewelry back in 2004 in a little show at Crook Farm, Bradford, Pa.

At ECCOTA I have my recent line of Pennsylvania Wild's branded copper pendants available now and will in the upcoming weeks bring in more of my recent pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Their facebook page is here filled with all sorts of awesomeness!!!!
the beautiful frontage of ECCOTA showing off it's brand new awning, hoot, hoot!!!!!

collection 2 numbers 1 thru 9 @ ECCOTA
Alleghany Outfitters in Warren, Pa. is another Trail Stop outlet where my line of active ready pieces will be available soon!  AO showcases many juried PA Wilds Artisans in their beautiful shoppe and gallery.
front of the fab Allegheny Outfitters
Their facebook page is packed full of absolutely stunning photos that they shoot along the Allegheny River.
here is one ♥


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