Saturday, July 30, 2005

Search and Finding

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You can see a peek of this quirky fabric in the samples below, I just thought it needed a complete spread of its own.
If you have ever looked into my profile you read how the calico rich quilts of my Grandmother have inspired my creations, well, these are from some of her immense collection of 'quilting scraps'. As a child whenever she would let me finger through her boxes and bags of these treasures it would fill me with such joy. I am going to use these fabrics to line my newest bead embroidered 'pocket tote' I think I will call them. Someplace to snug in your debit card, license, bills/change perhaps. I will make some with straps and others with wrist loops, while a few will stay just as they are.
I am so pleased with my finds. My Grandmother had such a varied assortment of scraps for her beautiful quilts. Posted by Picasa
Showing some more vintage fabrics from my Grandmother's collection. I love the ducks and the feed sack prints! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 29, 2005

Crazed Lampwork Binge

I went a tad over the top on my latest ebay visit! Some are more pricey that others, like the boro. I still have some shipments coming in. I need to stay away from the auctions for a while. Although I did order Corina's book 'Passing the Flame' that I cannot wait to page through.
I truly need to start making my own signature beads.
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Sunday, July 24, 2005

off to the 'Institute'

The group is heading to Chautauqua Institute today in Upstate New York for Sunday is free admission.
-Main Entry from Merriam-Webster:
chau·tau·qua Pronunciation: sh&-'to-kw&Function: nounUsage: often capitalizedEtymology: Chautauqua Lake: an institution that flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries providing popular education combined with entertainment in the form of lectures, concerts, and plays often presented outdoors or in a tent-
I hope the weather holds out with the rain look. I also need to gather all my work in Jamestown at the Palace Gallery which is in the same general area.
Yesterday at my Cousin's in Loganton was exceptionally pleasant, for he went that extra million to make it over the top. His cottage is so complete in all the charm that only he can create. I took 3 rolls of film and will have a complete tour of 'Ironwood and Roses' for everyone later next week.
Nelufar had a good time with horseriding, tubing in fishin' creek and trying new food experiences. She really liked corn on the cob!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Coneflowers are one of my favorite flowers, so I could not resist.. Posted by Picasa

Postcards and Auctions

I was visiting over at Kimberly Baxter Packwood's blog this morning and found these great postcards. This is a bit of info she posted about the auction:
Posies Post Card
I made this post card for Virgina Spiegels Cancer auction. The cards are $30.00 each and the auction is open through the 25th of July.

She is still accepting post cards from artists if anyone is interested.

The post card I made, 4 x 6 inches, consists of compost dyed and hand dyed (with natural dyes) fabrics. The flowers are silk cocoons I cut and manipulated to look like flowers. It is machine stitched entirely of hand dyed threads from Weeks Dyeworks, which I sell on my webstore, see link in the sidebar to the right. I will iron a false back onto the card so it can be mailed to its new owner. The card has a timtex core.
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*If you have never been to this very informative and resourceful blog and her website/store please go take a peek. You may be there for quite sometime...

City bound

The girls are up and off to explore are nearest *city*, LOL... is the link.
She exchanged gifts late morning and as you see they are wonderful. I could not fit the teapot and cup set, wooden box or very large felt hat in the scanner, sorry ;) She is very sweet and enjoyable. Thea and her bonded great with their love of MTV and soccer. The Border Collie, Sevin, is a happy puppy to have someone else throw his ball too.
Today is a free day on the schedule for the group visit. We have tons of stuff on there to keep them busy such as, NYC trip, DC trip, Erie Pa. , Big Brothers and Sisters, school classes, picnics, gatherings, camping, Chautauqua Institute, Rotary, fundraisers, etc.

Gifts from our wonderful guest!!

Orange is too fun! She brought this great clutch for my Thea. Posted by Picasa
I absolutely love wool felt! Here is a tea cozy that is for a gorgeous blue and white teapot she gifted the family. Posted by Picasa
more presents from our guest, a wonderful trivet for the tea pot and perhaps glass case/cell phone holder Posted by Picasa

All is Well

They arrived this morning about 1:30 at our High School, for a simple snack, before going off to their host families. They were exhausted and really did not care for eating, just getting settled in. Pa. is 10 hours ahead of Kazakhstan and with the 22-24 hour plain ride, I probably will not be seeing her for a few more hours if not all day into the early evening.
I am going to prepare roasted chicken, candied carrots, parselied potatoes and a good salad w/snippits of greens and herbs/flowers tossed in. Larissa ate a lot of horse while there, along with a cucumber, tomato, cornflake salad with mayo dressing, stews, mutton, pancakes with ground meat, sausage and mashed potato breakfasts, warm yogurt and fresh fruit.
The group is off today for their first Wal-Mart experience after all are up and fed so, I guess she won't be sleeping much longer, I just woke her up ;), funstuff....

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Kazakhstan Student Exchange Tonight

Nelufar is coming late tonight to live in this hectic household for 3 weeks. This will be very interesting , for, she is used to 3 full sit down meals a day(no pork) and a very rigid schedule of doing. My biggest gift to her will be to show her a proper American household of leftovers and doing for oneself. I am sure all will be just fine and she will adapt to our *casual* ways, lol...
I am looking forward to having her. We sat up my youngest's room with little gifties and pretty ivy bedding, curtains and embellishments.
On the 26th I will be hosting a luncheon for about 35-40 students and teachers in my Gardens. Larissa wants to give them squishy Wonder Bread peanut butter/jelly and Mac-N-Cheese ;) I think I will go a couple steps up from that.
Back to straightening and organizing my home. What makes it difficult to get DD to help, is she just received the new Harry Potter today, too much competition with the 'Half Blood Prince'!!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lentil loss

I really wanted this set but, they ended up going for much more. Earthy/natural tones are my favorite and the new lentil shapes are really appealing. One even had an 'S', ;) Posted by Picasa

Random Acts of Beadwork

some recent purchases from Janice at Posted by Picasa

Lampworking wants and desires

I have been obsessed with the need to create my own flameworked/lampworked beads for the last 2 years. It is not just the truth of what my own glass beads would bring to my designs but, just the overwhelming need to work with the torch and glass rods to create a one of a kind piece of sculpture. I love the faux stone look and also encased boro beads, WOW is all I can say. I need to do this!!!!!!
Yesterday I filled my shopping cart at with all the necessary tools, love tools, for my fulfillment. A kiln, HH torch kit, fiber blanket and a recommended video was placed in my cart and has not left the cart. My total is $1,114.85..... not bad to fill that empty spot in my soul but, I am still not sure on the torch choice, HH or a "Minor Burner" torch. There is an excellent thread on about the HH and all its wonders where, I have been paging through.
I wanna play all Winter long on getting my studio arranged with my new love.
I bid on quite a few auctions on new lampwork recently, some gorgeous stuff. I cannot wait to put my own color combinations and style into a piece!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Goodbye to my Arthurian ArtDoll

This Arthurian doll is going out today to a collector in Greensburg. I just have to finish her booklet/story. My experiments with asymmetry on fringing is nicely shown here, for the one side is woven and the other fringed. She is going to be hard to send off.... Posted by Picasa

I am naming him 'Deep Burning Love' I had a wonderful color combination that came to me in twilight sleep in reds, browns and earthy, deep golden yellow/orange and started this piece during the Westmoreland show. The back is going to be covered in this palette fully with swirls. I have been embellishing with a dry felting technique on my figures lately. I love the result!  Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 11, 2005

Westmoreland Show shots

Westmoreland booth display. We stayed at a Diocese in Greensburg and really enjoyed ourselves. I did not get TV on purpose so we would have an excuse to walk about the grounds. A full breakfast was prepared in the dining area every morning by our request. The Priests had a private space that was just lovely in the adjacent room. Posted by Picasa

Here I am at the Westmoreland Show last weekend. It was a fantastic show in sales and contacts. I met some great people. We thought that we could leave early Thursday morning to save on a night of lodging but, ended up lost and a bit late, not good. I hate being rushed. The woman incharge is the sister of a woman I met at Manayunk! I loved it! The crowd was absolutely awesome in the understanding of bead art and most all of my thought behind my pieces. Great Show!!! Posted by Picasa

My Neighbor at Westmoreland

One of my neighbors was Dave Cook from Bedford, Pa. He had the most creative of the clothing booths I saw. His wife, Heidi, designs and creates the pieces and then he "Krinkle Dyes" them with the most innovative contrasting color combinations. He is a color guru! To contact Dave and Heidi email them at for -Mythos Clothing and Textiles- or chance upon them either in NYC area or on their tour about the US.
Hello Naomi! Posted by Picasa

Here I am strolling down the path below me along the lake. Quite a few artists from a was with in Wilkes-Barre and Three Rivers were at this show also. Posted by Picasa

Some of the booths had ponds in the backs of their booths, it was beautiful. I had many a dragonfly in my display. Posted by Picasa

A view on the 4th of July from my booth front in Westmoreland Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 09, 2005

I met Rachel Isaac at the Manayunk show also. She stumbled into my booth and commented how personal my work is. I loved that, for my work is a personal exploration of thought and style. My white mother of pearl mermaid she described as a piece to be buried with, an heirloom. Her work consisted of pressed plant materials to create an organic collage in frames using moldings from Italy. Her work is beautifully executed extremely vibrate in color and contrast. We had to own something from each others collections Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 07, 2005

I just developed my pictures from the Manayunk show the weekend of June 25th and 26th Posted by Picasa

framed pic of work Posted by Picasa

the next day with pinks in the palette some earthtones Posted by Picasa

face display, doll kits, bookmarks, cards and email list Posted by Picasa

case with a selection of dolls, rosary style necklaces and beaded quilts on nature series. Posted by Picasa


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