Thursday, December 12, 2013

Team support through ETSY- UPDATE on bracelet promoting

Over a week has passed since promotion of  the Mother/Daughter bracelets on 2 teams through ETSY and the results were well worth the effort with much, much success.  To date 8 sets have been sold, 6 finished and out, 2 sets on the bench with 3 in the planning stages for clients.  I have been generating quite a few sales from the United Kingdom also with the Doctor Who pendants which is fun.
two of last week's sets
package mailing
With getting the word out there on Pinterest, Keep, Wanelo and various other social media platforms, not only has been lucrative but, also creates 'scam' ordering by heavily promoting.  These orders never get passed the conversation/message phase of the process but, are still time consuming and all in all a big fat pain in the butt.
A couple red flags to sort the real from fake are if they signed up that day ;) , feedback and also if they have not favorited any items/shoppes on their profiles.  Most of these time suckers, the bulk of the time, have signed up that same day like I said... although there are exceptions to that rule for my shop has a lot of ETSY first timers, which makes me smile too.

When it comes to time spent on cutting out all those 6" bracelet blanks with filing, sandpapering and steelwooling also to prep them for stamping, it is tons less time consuming which in the long run, tons less expensive for the client.  I find ordering these aluminum blanks in, now also with getting in thicker gauge copper bracelet blanks for personalized bracelet creating choice making...very exciting I know, right ;)  The small shoppes I deal with are all in the USA!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Team Support through ETSY- blasting the web with Mother Daughter Bracelets for the Holiday!

I keep up with 2 very busy teams on ETSY at this time, the WD Team and SociaL Hour.  These teams are truly dedicated keeping the membership clean with shops that concentrate on beautiful photography of their products and also shop owners that want to learn about how to promote on multiple social media sites.  We all have taught each other tons about promoting on sites such as google+, RebelMouse, Twitter, tumblrKeep, Fancy, Wanelo, weheartit, Pinterest and the ins and out of Facebook to name a few :) :)

Promoting at the Moment:  Mother Daughter Bracelets/cuffs

We paste the links to where our items are favorited such as the above links, then our teammates go in and favorite the shop item and then the go off to favorite on other social media sites with the given links.  This is a beautiful thing all working together for our main goal ultimately selling and becoming a successful independent shop. Love the kinship of like minded individuals! 
recent order for a client using a European date format

font styles and symbols
Stacks can be metal-printed in any combination of names, dates, quotes or personal mantras to give a few examples on this 14 gauge aluminum. These cuffs are created from 1100 pure 14 gauge aluminum (food grade, hypoallergenic, tarnish free) so, the wearer never has to worry about a reaction to the piece.
1100 aluminum has a lower chance of skin reaction than sterling silver!
 This listing is a base, where each cuff addition over 3 is eligible for a discount. 

here you can view the quotes or centering mantras with initials and double hearts for a MOM, small daughter and a dd in High School

Three sets are now on the workbench once again for metalstamping fun!
Do you have an ETSY shop!  If so go through the teams and pick one that is right for you and your shop!
enjoy!!!! xoxo

Sunday, December 01, 2013

on the turntable- finally I can spin my vinyl!

I have been playing records since Christmas of 1971 with a gift from my parents of a portable record player like this one below.  The link goes to a shoppe on etsy where I found the image of my now lonnnngggg lost player.  This fab present played many 45's including my first loves The Monkees and other records from my Mom and Dad's stash including Purple People Eater, Monster Mash, Splish Splash and Yakety Yak.

After raiding my Mom's younger sister's collection Smoke on the Water, Little Willie Willie Won't Go Home, Brand New Key, The Lord's Prayer by Sister Janet Meade, The World is Black, the World is White, I think I love you and Joy to the World to name a handful had been added to the pile of go tos.  When my brother Stephan was a few years older, for he was born in 1971, we would sit in the upstairs hallway for hours at night while my Dad was downstairs in his recliner with Barney Miller or Hee Haw as entertainment .
This was right around the time my Mom and Father divorced, I was eight my brother was 3.  My Dad continued to upgrade the players and my record collection as well as my Mom's Mother, for she loved music of all kinds. Playing records was a great way for my brother and I to center ourselves when everyone around us was going insane, to put it mildly.
2 fold up portable players, with the first one grey and the next one bright blue.  The first grey player was of lesser quality and was not long before he purchased the better quality model.  I wish my memory would come back on the brand...
Then around '78 he purchased a jukebox style, Morse Electrophonic,  from G.C. Murphys in our home town that I had been eyeing up for months.  This beauty stood in the main display window just waiting for me for Christmas.  He did get it for Christmas and then Nonny purchased quite a few 8-tracks including Olivia Newton John's Totally Hot.
just like this find from a collector

 One Christmas my Grandmother or Nonny , gave me my first portable cassette recorder with all the accessories including a suction cup type affair to record phone conversations, lol..that was fun.  She also purchased a few cassettes with one being Abbey Road.  The woman was way ahead of the game in a lot of respects with her musical choices, I loved her for that.

The last was a Sear's all-in-one receiver, cassette and turntable purchased Christmas of 1982, which was the last of my childhood players.   Fleetwood Mac LIVE, A Star is Born soundtrack, AC/DC Back in Black, Pat Benatar, Rick Springfield, along with assorted K-tel compilations from that era to name a few filed along side each other under the stereo system. My brother's first flicker of what was to come, in his music career, was made in him after listening to that AC/DC album.   A great little collection of 45s was also collected over the years, treasuring the first choices of  the collection still stored in a psychedelic green cardboard case.

This stayed with me for a few years after we married in 1986 but, once the cassette player froze and the speakers weren't clear sounding anymore, it ended it's life in my Mother's attic. I was without vinyl then for about 8 years when in 1993 I did order a Pioneer turntable with Kenwood components from Crutchfield  including receiver, tape deck and cd changer.  My listening choices were Natalie Merchant, Sarah Mclachlan, Alanis Morrisette and Tracy Chapman being the favorite cds played continually loud enough to be heard outside while gardening, lol.

Music was also pumped outside for Herb and Art festivals at this time throughout the back gardens or Holiday open houses with extra speakers filling the windows or porch depending on the weather.   Of course more event appropriate mixes with lots of Celtic, Hildegard von Bingen or classical choices being played rather than Iron Butterfly or Metallica.
All that CD collecting and listening brought me back needing the warmth and familiarity of classic vinyl discs. Here is the new addition to a long line of what has been:

and an instagram photo from Friday evening after dh connected it to the components.
On the turntable K-tel's Hit Machine from 1976

My husband and I listened for quite a few hours while enjoying Samuel Adam's Winter Lager on this cold evening day after Thanksgiving.
More nights like that to come....


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