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Sunday, November 23, 2014

What do they say about old dogs?

I am always amazed at the simple things in life one of those being my husband, loving shrimp now after 28 years of marriage.  The man hates soup in any form and can bring me to tears with his pretty strong protests, but, now enjoys this firm, flavorful yet bouncy morsel.

The Japanese phrase 'Puri-Puri' (POOR-ee POOR-ee) describes the texture or mouth feel when prepared perfectly.

Our Sunday day trip was to Altoona after a wonderful breakfast with gracious friends at their home of buckwheat pancakes and strata.  The Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice coffee was a bonus :)  We were heading out around 1:00 then with a bottle jack from Harbor Freight, that is actually needed to complete the jeweler's hydraulic press set-up, on the list as well as picking up groceries for Thanksgiving being THIS coming Thursday.

What is on your menu for the holiday?  Sweet Potato Pie is the only new addition the rest is Thanksgiving dinner as usual.  Brined Turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, cranberry, dried corn, buttered peas, rolls and pies-  same old, same old.   I would not have it any other way, nothing like a house filled with those aromas and the leftovers.

Do you have the perfect brine?  Or stuffing recipe to share?  What makes your spread your very own?


Boyer's candy factory in Altoona, Pa. Is a favorite stop while there with DH buying 5 lbs of imperfect peanut butter cups every time.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Boot Hunt

I have been on a boot hunt all winter long and had yet to find that perfect pair.  The perfect pair is something to just slip on as I head to the studio or run errands.  I thought I found them but, no, no...if there was a zipper that would have been fabulous for the top was toooo narrow.  If I would have read the reviews I would not have ordered and had to find a UPS drop off for them today.

Here is what I went with after much debate of course the Sorel 1964:
I have Amazon Prime so they will be at my door tomorrow, tomorrow ;)
The forecast is pretty nasty for the next couple days and I need to get out of the house exploring the countryside, I do, I do, I really do....
 I loved my ducks from years ago just tossing them last year and have not found a decent replacement.
I think turquoise or aqua laces are needed though, maybe even a dark teal.....



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