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Monday, November 11, 2013

kitchen herbs- 2013 window sill

herb collection this year:  Bay, pot Marjoram, Sage, Lavender/Thyme and Parsley... with Rosemary living on the counter across
Every year some herbs make it to the kitchen window sill, at the ready for cooking or teas.  I really chopped at the 3 year old Bay tree, trying to sculpt the branches into more of a standard form and also trimmed back others.
a lone Sage leaf was added to a cold brewed Constant Comment tea bag floating in my fave water's studio beverage :)
Making infusions of fresh herbs, cold water, tea bags and spices is crazy simple.  Great drinks to wake you up or for relaxation or at the ready with those Winter rescues from the porch or garden!

Monday, September 09, 2013

easy cold tea infusions and herb gardens

When heading to the studio or out for the day I find it is so crazy easy to take a couple tea bags, fresh herbs, organic sugar, water and ice into a straight sided wide mouth mason jar and have a refreshing cold infusion of herbs and tea.
1. Celestial Seasonings peach tea, sliced ginger root, orange mint, sage, lavender  2. black tea & orange mint  3. Celestial Seasonings Blueberry, lavender and thyme
Stainless steel straws are pretty terrific, being perfect on a hot day, retaining all that cool iciness on your lips :) These mason jars fit in cup holders for on the go enjoyment just watch your teeth when driving tee hee :P
a few herbs, thyme, sweet marjoram and rosemary, kept close for easy snipping
parsley, tarragon, sage, lavender and thyme at the ready
More are in the back garden off of the kitchen for teas, cooking and bouquet making as well as an orange mint patch off the front stoop when creating a fusion.  I have used mints in drinks forever such as orange mint or apple mint crushed in with drink mixes for a picnic or just walking by the blue balsam mint grabbing a leaf to chew while heading to meet with a client in the studio.  My daughters/guests absolutely love apple mint crushed in with a good lemonade mix for a very tasty pitcher.  There are still patches of spearmint, peppermint, blue balsam, orange, apple and pineapple mints coming up here and there left from when I had an herb shoppe back in the 90's.  Lemon balm surrounds the front porch as well as the studio for brushing passed those fragrant path herbs and Rugosa roses line the old hemlock fence facing Church Street adding fragrance and beauty to the space.
Rugosa roses have fairly large fruit or hips to make jellies and are very fragrant along the hemlock fence

instagram catches from the Spring

off the back porch toward studio

getting started

chives and lemon balm border
what would you put in your cold infusion?

Friday, May 03, 2013

Some pre-plant action on the porch for Spring

The beginning of the week, with all the beautiful weather, I started rearranging the main bones of the porch, the furniture.  As the gathering areas of both front and back of the wraparound started making themselves known, my head was deciding what was missing or rather what I have wanted since I was a little girl...a hammock jumped at me.
I found the perfect one on Amazon @ a really fab price.  This Brazilian style choice is a 2 person, 400 lb limit and is portable (for camping enjoyment, lol) I ordered on Tuesday, it arrived the next day since I use Amazon Prime with free shipping.  Our wonderful hammock found it's place next to the gardens with a potted Bay tree, hummingbird feeder, handhewn rough bench my Father made and wicker loveseat.
I have been searching outside curtain options on line and found a great idea using painter's drop cloths here on Pinterest.  We will put up pipe on just this section creating a private area.  My youngest daughter and her friend have been reading or just visiting on it since it came on Wednesday with me giving it a go yesterday for a book break, bird watching, daydreaming etc.  I highly recommend it and feel it is such a good deal for such a fabulous hammock.  Here is the link on Amazon.
Shot from the steps towards the front where you see the Adirondack chairs that are soon getting repainted for it has been awhile :)
Front section showing corner swing.  This swing was my great-great aunt Wilda Lowry's of Clarion Road.  She always had this on her front porch until the porch was hit by a truck mid 80s I think, where it then lived in my Grandmother's basement until I rescued it.  There are a few seat slats needing to be replace but, overall it is a fabulous addition.
Front side totally changed, for last year all of the wicker was located here creating a large seating area where this year pieces of that set are spread out throughout the space.  I wanted a receiving area of sorts by the front door.  To accomplish this a primitive bench will serve as shelving adding height along with this drop leaf table holding mason bail jar candles.  The garden cart will be loaded with aromatics & herbs catching afternoon sun all summer you see it here with it's rust peaking through the white paint in the front corner.  Herbs and such make me smile :)  What herbs can't you live without?
The cart will be brimming with scented geraniums, lemon verbena, patchouli, rosemary, lady lavender, cuban oregano and potted marjoram just to name a few.
Rosemary for 'remembrance' .... hopefully helping me to keep track of my KEYS ;)
Little Elly can enjoy lunch here or legos when she visits her Gramma Stephanie...this makes me smile too :)  HOOT, HOOT!!!
The plants, pillows, rugs and other 'stuff' makes any outdoor space.  This year I am thinking nasturtiums and strawberries for the 11 hanging baskets and also the row of McCoy pots that contain a little collection of succulents on a bench probably the other end for the big garden cart and wicker chair replaced the bench this year.
I still am contemplating a few other additions like perhaps a mirror here above the drop leaf table.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday night quiche

Real men do eat or rather devour quiche with uncured organic bacon, saute peppers and onions, mozzarella, swiss, jack, cheddar, fresh basil, tomatoes, and a lovely flakey crust. I love making extra to have in the fridge also for my youngest daughter to just grab after school for a quick snack. I don't follow any specific recipe I have used leftovers as well as crust less. Recently Panko crumbs made it on the bottom of a glass 13x9 buttered glass pan the the cheeses, veggies, herbs, etc. and finally pouring an egg, milk or sour-cream whisked mix over top for a crust less variety. It was quite good for we love the Panko. The kicker is always Wegman's uncured organic bacon once you have this bacon you will not go back to that over salty cheaper type....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Peppermint Geranium Love


At one time I sold scented geraniums but, now I am at the mercy of what our area provides for I am not special ordering them.A good friend, who has an herb shop, did share some cuttings with me late Spring and they finally are rooting.I still need a rose geranium...any one out there want to be so kind.I have Mabel Grey(lemon), Fair Ellen(woodsy) and an Apple scented :)Many different variaties of Herbs also.


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