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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Broadcasting Live 'from the bench'

I am going through the process of getting a teaching channel up and running from my studio using Livestream.  I should be good to go in a few weeks after my connection is better suited for wireless out in the studio. 
The plan is to have a scheduled broadcast each week! 
So, look for me :)

Watch live streaming video from stephaniedistler at

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quilting at the Gallery

Quilting Class runner promo pics7

Beginners Quilting Class

instructor Betsy Parrish

April 10, 17, 24 & May 1 6-8pm (4 week course)
Tuesday evenings.

-A table runner constructed out of 3 sampler blocks;

Hand quilted, appliqué and machine pieced Log Cabin patch.

Reproduction Civil war fabrics are included in your kit.

Awesome color combinations and patterns!

During this 4 week workshop you will be taught the basics plus have the ability to revamp or restructure your piece as you learn.

For ages 12 and over

Creating Wire Findings

instructor Stephanie Distler

March 24th 1:00-3:00 pm

Making your own clasps and ear wires, to give your creations a lovely finish.

Future Classes, Call for scheduling:

Floral Arranging with designer Christine Bressler

Asymmetry in bouquets

Wire Art and Bangles (1 night)

How simple wire can become jewelry.

~stones, beads and copper incorporated in wire wrapping

Bead Embroidered Brooches with face cabochons (1 night)

Using felt, beads, embellishments and a back stitch technique

Bead Embroidered Postage Stamp Brooches (1 night)

Using felt, beads, embellishments and a back stitch technique

Miniature Bead Embroidered Muse (2 nights)

Learning bead embroidery on a small art doll

Beaded Quilts on Nature (3 nights)

Woven beaded art on stone for a unique natural sculpture

All Classes held at The Flemish House Art Gallery's 3rd floor studio.

The Flemish House Art Gallery Studio
600 Market Street/JBG
~housed in the Historic Johnsonburg Community Building
on the corner of Bridge and Market Streets off of Rt. 219

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Found Errors in My Blog Life and Beaded Brooch Escapades

Okay I feel very intelligent at the moment for I just figured out where the loading errors were on my blog. There was a remnant left from something I deleted in the HTML codes.

I am off to prepare for my beaded brooch class this evening. I just finished my hand outs and need to bag some bead pretties for the ladies to make their choices from. We have the big room that is very well lit, BIG PLUS!
Here are the stitches we will be covering over 2 nights:
  • Single stitch looks like a little French knot
  • Backstitch the stitch mostly used for outlining and filling in and is very versatile
  • Lazy stitch the satin stitch of the bead world, just make sure you go back through to reinforce this stitch
  • Variations of buttonhole stitch the lovely feather stitch and simple blanket stitch
  • Fringing and variations to give movement
  • Edge finishings picot and netting combos, perhaps peyote
  • Couching nice to include large fibers that will not pull through fabric
  • Boucche stitch a 3 bead stitch that gives lots of texture
  • Tubular peyote encasing a cabochon
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Friday, March 18, 2005

Beaded Brooch class sampler

I am preparing for my beaded brooch class for next week. You all have seen some of my sample pieces during the last month and the last couple weeks I have almost completed a sampler of bead embroidery stitches. It is nothing intricate, I just wanted to inspire my students to try something different.
It includes single stitch, backstitch, couching, boucche, edging techniques, spangling, blanket stitch variations, setting in a cabochon, lazy stitch and cross stitch w/beads.
Crazy quilting is one of my in awe loves and I have wanted to get more into applying that to my freeform bead embroidery work. I feel with the beaded brooches you can have immediate satisfaction in this small piece of texturally stitched wearable art.


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