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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Garden Studio- Getting Started on Paper

Out growing a dedicated studio is frustrating but, also rewarding.  The rewarding part comes from all the knowledge gained over the years, that then also leads back to lack of space with equipment and bench tools gained, filling in the small space... making it crazy frustrating to work in.

November 2013 was the last blog update about the space and where we were heading. and are super when experimenting with rearranging your room and identifying stations

A free design program from was used to help out with space allowance and placement with worktables, benches, etc. and then for labeling.  I don't know about you but, I am very visual.

The conversation area set up, on the right of the plans, will be a nice touch for now but, is also interchangeable depending on event or need.  The patio is definitely an exciting detail bridging from studio to garden, with it also being a great seasonal addition.   You can see on the left a little entryway by the sink that is street side allowing clients a separate entry and bottom of plans where the door to our kitchen  leads also to the downstairs bathroom area.

This floor plan accommodates students and events from the PA Wilds Artisan Trail and other events that I missed out on the last few years due to a smaller studio which makes me sad...

"Good things come to those who wait" 
according to Heinz and Guinness : - )

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Garden Studio- January Studio Tour 2014

Components at the ready for upcoming work along with Wubber pliers, kiln and storage area.
Some oxidized components, some freshly cut, hammered, wrapped, stamped or in the planning stages with a pattern drawn in using a Sharpie.
No DVD playing today since it is really, really chilly in the studio and would be difficult manipulating small wire.  Shelves of books, packaging ribbon, chains, thick leather cord, dvds, colored Sharpies, wire, boxed hang tags and trail stop display sample on this bench.
Long view of the left workbench, under greenhouse window with fibula safety style pins being prepped, bracelets being deburred, solid brass bracelet mandrel and tumbler at the ready.  Top right dapping set, jumpring cutter set, disc cutter, Lortone tumbler, knife sharpening stone, jumpring coil maker attached to window frame, letter/symbol stamps on glass shelves, aluminum vintage camping storage set for beads and project I am working on or traveling with, solid brass mandrel, etc.
Top view of said above bench giving a size reference for the little Wolf Belt Sander attached to Flexshaft and bench.  If you look closely next to the tumbler you will spy a super house sale find I made over the Summer which is a knife sharpening stone.  It is just like the one my Father owns that I always would someday like to own, now I do.  I have had in my collection of stuff a sweet little brass brush, you see on top and a small brass oil can, on the left, that makes a perfect 3 piece set for knife/tool sharpening.
Sweet little Wolf Belt Sander to be attached to Flexshaft style motors here on the same bench, attached to the piece of oak my dh screwed into the underside.  So far I have created fibula pin points, deburred blanks and cleaned up some old knives with this beautifully made little piece of workbench tool I had to have for my bench arsenal.
Wubber pliers, pendant typeset, maker's mark and PA Wilds branding stamps, steel anvil, cooper hammer and cross pein hammer are in the shot
A sneak peek of a new design being developed @ SDAJ based on an idea created out of my need to have a centering piece with me at all times that is tangible.  Each thread is linked to a loss, worry or expectation that needs to be expended as it is worked by my fingers until gone.
The circular pattern is a visual for working to center with the proverb, this too shall pass, as a mantra.  These will be available in the online shop soon!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Etsy- Coupons starting at SDAJ

Hoot, hoot holiday coupons are starting up at SDAJ!!! Type in coupon code HOLIDAYSHOPPING at check out in and receive 20% off on orders $50 or more. As an added bonus repeat customers get free domestic shipping also!

great time to order custom sets as in this special request for a client wanting 3 pieces built around tumbling media
close up of the tumbling media and wrapped copper bracelet

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Mom's are quite Fabulous!

Mother's day is on it's way Sunday May 12th. I am taking orders for made to order Mother's/Family Pendants until April 22nd this year. A lovely coupon is also available online in my ETSY shoppe for all MOM style pendants. All you need to do is use coupon code 'FAMILYPENDANTS' @ checkout and you will get an automatic 10% off of your order.

Many styles are available for that perfect fit between Mom and design.  It is a process between client and artist to come to a point that the artist starts to bring all of the elements together connecting the dots between palette and style of the person involved making a cohesive piece. Lots of back and forth, lol.. by email, discussing in the studio or on the phone developing the work with the vision between jewelry artisan and client.  Orders need to be made and paid for by April 22nd.

Thursday, February 28, 2013


shenanigans by Stephanie Distler
shenanigans, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
From the 11th Doctor Who, season 6, episode 6, Beautiful word.....shenanigans just one of the quotes fresh off the bench this week that will be listed soon!
18 gauge copper cut to have a faux paper appearance created with hammer and oxidation.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

PA Wilds Artisan Trail Etsy Street Team

I just put some html in my blog sidebar to celebrate our ETSY Street Team earlier tonight.  Look at all the talent we have in the 'Wilds' of Pennsylvania!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shasta Compact and working studio

A view from our bedroom towards the artisan jewelry studio and Claire, a 1971 Shasta Compact.
The addition will come out from the greenhouse window out towards you about 20 ft. and then a few feet deeper than the existing 10'x10' space.
An openhouse is being planned the second weekend in June during the Art on the EDGE, artisan trail event and tour.  The 'Shasta' will be decked out also with a vintage style striped awning which is where the studio will serve refreshments out of along with some Atomic Garden Vintage mid century modern . retro . vintage . reclaimed items. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday Openhouse and PA Wilds Artisan Initiative

ridgway record christmas openhouse
In the are all 3 articles on Holiday Openhouse with The Flemish House Art Gallery and Jewelry Studio and the Historic Johnsonburg Community Center, PA Wilds Artisan Initiative jurying session and one of the new artists from that session Stacie Johnson Leske.
ridgway record artisan trail ridgway record Stacie Leske
Pick up today's Ridgway Record for the scoop ;)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Pennsylvania Wilds Artisan Initiative Joins the Ranks of Etsy Teams

A group of us went to the powers at be on the PA Wilds Artisan Trail Initiative and to the Team Etsy Coordinator asking about developing a team for 'us' juried artists and it was a YES.   The PA Wilds Artisan Trail etsy street team also has a facebook page to gather juried artists from the 12.5 county region known as the PA Wilds. So we now have a facebook page and an etsy team to promote handmade in the 'Wilds'.
Below you will find the slideshow Ombudsman Ta Brant Enos created to further explain the Initiative. 
Highly skilled artisans juried into the PA Wilds Artisan Trail in rural northcentral Pennsylvania setting up at an artshow near YOU!
The Region includes these counties: Warren, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Forest, Elk, Cameron, Clinton, Lycoming, Clarion, Jefferson, Clearfield and Center.
Are you an artist in these counties?  If so you can read more on becoming a juried artist @

To learn more about ETSY you can go to the about page . 

I can't wait to meet more like minded artists with a passion to bring quality to the region and beyond!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Keeping it simple with Branding

counter in gallery with packages by Stephanie Distler
counter in gallery with packages, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
here you see my earring cards and a couple packages to be mailed out with
the PA Wilds tags, the kraft boxes, ribbon and one of my business cards peek-
ing out.
tags drying I have been working on a consistant branding in the gallery and basically where ever my designs can be purchased from shows to other galleries/shoppes. I factor in also the branding used on juried PA Wilds Artisans which includes me. These hangtags are tan, brown, and burnt sienna with the Elk and keystone worked into the logo.
So what I did was to purchase white tags and the large Manila tags from an office supply web business with plans on tea dyeing the lot of them.  The process was simple,  with just making an extra strong pot of English Breakfast tea and then letting the tags infuse in their tea bath for for about 5 to 6 hours.  The English Breakfast is what I recommend for it keeps the rich brown tones and does not then turn that horrible reddish hue.

Next was adding more stamps to my collection with another size of my signature fern and one with the website and tag line. 
counter tags
All of the tags turned out beautifully taking on the perfect color to play nice with the PA Wild's hangtags, kraft paper boxes, my business card and also the props in the gallery.
fern tags in dish

Friday, November 04, 2011

New Collection

The components are coming together to develop a new Holiday line which includes wrapped bracelets and necklaces using chunky glass and stones, lovely quoted jewelry, riveted layered pendants and mixed media bracelets. Everything is textured and antiqued to show loads of detail.
More, more, more to come :)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Networking in the Pennsylvania Wilds and Home Vignette Thursday Resurrected

IMG_1414 by Stephanie Distler
IMG_1414, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
Kim Gates Flick joined me in my home for an intense social networking session including most of what I have bagged on Bag the Web.
She brought me a beautiful dried flower spray and Strawberry syrup from her home. Thank-you once again Kim you are so very thoughtful .
Kim now has a facebook artisan page :)
vignette I will be starting Pa. Wilds Artisan Interviews monthly and since her process is very intense I will interview her quarterly to detail her work for this incredible artist follows the seasons. Her interview will debut the series.
Back in October of 2005 I started a group on called Home Vignettes Thursday.  Since it is Thursday I have created this collection including the dried spray from my guest and of course the Strawberry syrup that she gifted.  I tend to take advantage of natural lighting for my vignette shots but, 7pm isn't going to allow that ;)
Hopefully the filters on Picnik give it depth.


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