Friday, May 20, 2011

birdie bliss

Today was a day to plant the vegetable garden and play with our cockatiel Pretzel.


I have some colanders and pans hanging above the sink. The bird was tired of the window sill, so he decided to climb up on the Asian strainer to watch the outside bird feeders. A few chopsticks later and we have a great little play area when one needs to unload the dishwasher ;)

Friday, May 13, 2011

using the space

The space flows very nicely and has made some commissions come together quicker and with less work involved especially in trying to locate materials and tools ;)



Some of the book collection along with a sketch pad. I love my retro radio :)

other side of that bench with lilacs on sill, wire, etc. Remember those are just temp shelves, dh is building some when time permits.
Great corner to do some light polishing or stringing for now. I am picking up a small bench polisher/grinder tomorrow. If you look to the back of the bench towards the window you see a tube cutter, hand drill, brass mandrels my Father had made for me and other odds and ends.
closer shot of the bench corner...

I just finished a MOM piece with hand cut SS hearts and crystals. The wood scrap has been a pre stamp surface used to help prevent spacing errors. The wood helps especially when the price of silver has been through the roof to not waste material.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

more on studio with photos


My studio is really coming along now here you see the 'stump', workbench and bead board cupboard which holds tons of tools like dapping sets, disc cutter, hammers and other necessities needed in the space.
The greenhouse window adds a sense of space plus more shelving which is where all of my letter and symbol stamps are living at the moment.


I was going to use the blue bench for a temporary jewelers bench but, it just was not happening for me. The bench is probably going to be where my torch will live for now though until I start living in the space to see what works and doesn't. I chose a work table I found at a house sale last summer. The table is the perfect height with even a pre-drilled hole on the left corner to screw down a small brass anvil my Father gave me years back. It will do until my dh makes a true bench fitting in that area including the large crescent cut-out for the bench pin, apron type drawer for filings and another drawer for all of my immediate tools like pliers, files, etc.
The primitive shelves on top of the blue bench are going on the walls here as soon as dh can get to it..what is that :)
Kiln on the zinc garden table.


Work space for now. I still have more tools to bring home today from the gallery in town. It is so very nice to have everything gathered in one workable space which will make it tons easier putting together all the new works in my brain.
Under the table sets a crate with old mags my Grandmother save forever from 1965 for needcrafts. One of them is setting on the table, I am loving the graphics, ideas and color combinations. It is amazing how popular art or crafts of any given generation cycle back up to the present with continuing to do so. I will take more photos of these too cool publications as I go through them in the next few weeks.
I also have a huge box of candlemaking things including tons of molds to trade or sell that were my Grandmother's if anyone is interested, just let me know :)

So what do you think? I am loving having more room than I did behind the display case at my gallery and do realize when I want to invest in grinders/polishers, rolling mills and whatever very large equipment I need in the next stage of my journey is going to be a tight squeeze..but, I will work out a solution. The stool needs upholstered which will drive me crazy until it happens ;)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Studio Organizing

It has been since November that I added a kiln and torch to the mix of tools in the studio and finally am now able to get the space workable. The walls are lined with benches and tables along with a bead board cupboard and center stump for when a good hammering is called for :)
The building is only giving me a 10'x10' studio which is actually a comfortable space except for a wishful sink and extra outlets.
We are replacing the door with a wooden one that has a window and great hardware and putting a small porch off of the front between the peach trees. I can't wait to set some brightly colored Adirondack chairs under the porch roof, they are actually coming off my house porch ;) The chairs are kiwi, tangerine and them!!!
Perhaps in a couple years a small addition will be built where the greenhouse window is now at such time a sink and heavy equipment station can be added ;)


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