Wednesday, June 13, 2012

loving dutch oven cooking

IMG_3410 by Stephanie Distler
here we are getting the oven temperature to 450 degrees with more coals on top and less on the bottom equaling about 8 on bottom and 12 on top of the lid.  We did use some off of the campfire as needed and also made another chimney full.  The coals last a good 25 minutes then replace as needed with turning the lid a quarter turn opposite the bottom part of the oven keeping the baking even with NO hot spots.
On our last camping trip we spent 4 nights at Twin Lakes with the cold and rain first weekend in June but, in between the storms and rain drops we made some delicious dishes. The glamping was not so glamorous for National Glamping weekend during our stay ;)
During our time out it was still wonderful to get away and try out our dutch oven set-up and new kitchen configuration.
dh starting the charcoal in the starter which is fabulous by the way and very efficient 

We ended up making 2 fresh dough pizzas one with mushrooms/pepperoni and the other onions/pepperoni.  The whole process is so simple and amazingly good that we are thinking of many ways to use this method camping and our home outside kitchen!

my youngest where you can see all the cast iron hiding during a long spell of rainnnnnn.  We bought a new hotplate also which came in handy of course ;)

We did not have our new Marti's Awnings awning during this trip but, will on our next in which I think we will be going to Clear Creek State Park which is an absolutely gorgeous park to debut in.


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