Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What is on your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday
Today on the bench, typeset and tools readied for upcoming Doctor Who textured and printed copper pendants.
I find an old polishing cloth works best to cushion a steel anvil more so than those rubber blocks. When using a rubber block during metal printing you don't get a good dead blow surface which causes the hammer and stamp to bounce for an unclear or double image.

Group Description

Every Wednesday or a Wednesday that you happen to remember post to your blog or another social networking venue that you frequent, a photo of what is on it for that day and link back to this group.
You might want to describe what you are making or not it is up to you :) Just call it 'What is on Your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday' and you are good to go.
This group will be a collection of those photos which we all need and love for I am hungry for all the eye candy I can gather up. 
pizza baked in a cast iron skillet last night for supper...  HINT : don't use a pizza cutter while still in pan...grrrrr My poor perfectly seasoned 'ERIE' Griswold skillet :(

Monday, September 09, 2013

easy cold tea infusions and herb gardens

When heading to the studio or out for the day I find it is so crazy easy to take a couple tea bags, fresh herbs, organic sugar, water and ice into a straight sided wide mouth mason jar and have a refreshing cold infusion of herbs and tea.
1. Celestial Seasonings peach tea, sliced ginger root, orange mint, sage, lavender  2. black tea & orange mint  3. Celestial Seasonings Blueberry, lavender and thyme
Stainless steel straws are pretty terrific, being perfect on a hot day, retaining all that cool iciness on your lips :) These mason jars fit in cup holders for on the go enjoyment just watch your teeth when driving tee hee :P
a few herbs, thyme, sweet marjoram and rosemary, kept close for easy snipping
parsley, tarragon, sage, lavender and thyme at the ready
More are in the back garden off of the kitchen for teas, cooking and bouquet making as well as an orange mint patch off the front stoop when creating a fusion.  I have used mints in drinks forever such as orange mint or apple mint crushed in with drink mixes for a picnic or just walking by the blue balsam mint grabbing a leaf to chew while heading to meet with a client in the studio.  My daughters/guests absolutely love apple mint crushed in with a good lemonade mix for a very tasty pitcher.  There are still patches of spearmint, peppermint, blue balsam, orange, apple and pineapple mints coming up here and there left from when I had an herb shoppe back in the 90's.  Lemon balm surrounds the front porch as well as the studio for brushing passed those fragrant path herbs and Rugosa roses line the old hemlock fence facing Church Street adding fragrance and beauty to the space.
Rugosa roses have fairly large fruit or hips to make jellies and are very fragrant along the hemlock fence

instagram catches from the Spring

off the back porch toward studio

getting started

chives and lemon balm border
what would you put in your cold infusion?

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Traveling with SDAJ- to Pennsylvania Wilds Trail Stops

Sending Stephanie Distler Artisan Jewelry into a Trail Stop near you! 

Cameron County Artisan Center I have started finally getting work to them after over a year of promising.  Tina does a beautiful job with the chamber and gallery.  She started  the gallery in 2008 bringing a much needed PA Wilds Trail Stop to Cameron County.

the limited edition PA Wilds branded copper pendants at Cameron County Artisan Center collection 2 numbers 10 thru 19

 SDAJ is on the road again working to put jewelry in 'Wilds' trail stops that are a good fit aiming for at least 5 to possibly 10 galleries, shoppes and visitor centers by the holidays. 
One of the best trail stops for artists in the 12.5 county region is the Elk County Council on the Arts .  I have had work there since around 2003 when the main focus for me was improvisational bead embroidery creating artdolls, brooches and pendants with seed beads and fiber embellishing.
artdolls and silver jewelry back in 2004 in a little show at Crook Farm, Bradford, Pa.

At ECCOTA I have my recent line of Pennsylvania Wild's branded copper pendants available now and will in the upcoming weeks bring in more of my recent pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Their facebook page is here filled with all sorts of awesomeness!!!!
the beautiful frontage of ECCOTA showing off it's brand new awning, hoot, hoot!!!!!

collection 2 numbers 1 thru 9 @ ECCOTA
Alleghany Outfitters in Warren, Pa. is another Trail Stop outlet where my line of active ready pieces will be available soon!  AO showcases many juried PA Wilds Artisans in their beautiful shoppe and gallery.
front of the fab Allegheny Outfitters
Their facebook page is packed full of absolutely stunning photos that they shoot along the Allegheny River.
here is one ♥

Saturday, September 07, 2013

in a hurry for sushi

So much in a hurry that I just grabbed what I had including organic carrots, cucumber & pepper from the garden and cream cheese.   The simplified California roll was born.  A little this and that all came together with light soy, pickled ginger, toasted sesame, fresh mint & basil and a sauce from sour cream, hoisin sauce and sesame oil. 
A small rice cooker makes enough sushi rice for 4 rolls.  I don't like them as thick cutting them to half the thickness, spreading them out on a large plate and then a good shake of toasted sesame seeds. 
California roll lunch
2 rolls that day and then the next and yes, I smile through the morning coffee thinking about another big plate of seaweedy, sesame, fresh, creamy, layered goodness bite after bite on day two.  It is not perfect but, certainly does fill that need in a hurry!
new listing copper fibula scarf pin

Thursday, September 05, 2013

On the Bench -setting up a typeset when printing with sheet metal

Setting up a typeset, when metal printing, is the best way not to waste sheet metal by making a crazy mistake while stamping. Here I have used the top wooden lid of another letter stamp set to arrange the different fonts. I also stamp out the saying/quote/names before to make absolutely sure the letters chosen work with the thought/design or even with especially the lowercase letters making sure the b, d, h, p etc. are the b, d, h, p or even y It is important also to check for the aesthetic by stamping on a piece of scrap wood with your leather mallet seeing if it all works together. There are about 3 scrap pieces of wood floating around the studio (I will get a pic later) for this reason so I don't stamp on the benches in studio.
setting up a typeset for PA Wilds woodland pendants 'Wild about the PA WILDS'

group shot showing tools used

signing and branding with custom created metal stamps
centering and measuring with then marking with a Sharpie and a metal ruler

Sunday, September 01, 2013

On the Road Studio: 2013 PA Wilds Partner Update

On the Road Studio: 2013 PA Wilds Partner Update: If you ever wondered what I mean when I write about, talk about or present the PA Wilds brand on my work  her...

 The new Pennsylvania Wilds artisan website will be launched this month!  Sooooo excited!


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