Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Brooches for SALE on ETSY just listed

I just listed these 3 created brooches on

close ups
close ups

New bead embroidered heart brooches

Two of these will go on my Indie shop, www.stephaniedistler.etsy.com and the other to a collector.
The contrast between the deep reds and the chartreuse felt is very nice.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Faces for sale on ETSY

I have an assortment of faces for sale on www.stephaniedistler.etsy.com of all colors and types. Just let me know what you are interested in. I love making faces! Lovely little personalities...

faces on ETSY for sale
faces on ETSY for sale
faces may 05
cropped faces for etsy

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Stash adventuring

My girls love to go through my stashes. Sometimes it is aprons and then perhaps vintage table clothes another.
My youngest discovered these fascinating bits of useful fabric that are *hankies* the other day and had a grand time.
Too sweet making a quilt of her finds.
hankies and the Bee
She now grabs another handful to sort through each day. Yesterday she grabbed some crochet embellished treasures to lovingly enjoy....
I love my girls, they are just too cool!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Home Vignettes Thursday 'Fragment of Self'

Thursday Vignette

Many fragments of who I am in this weeks vignette
Mother, Artist, wife, sister, daughter, friend, bullhead, cook, gardener, collector....

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Finished Faces Lariat

face lariat full view

Finally completed and it is going out today or tomorrow. I will miss it! More will have to be built that is all, ;).
I now can start 2 other custom pieces one is a sculpture set in memoriam and the other a LOVE brooch. The memoriam set will take some time to complete so, the two forms I will design for now but, the brooch will be done immediately.
I have 2 shows coming up and need to work like a fiend on larger pieces that take forever to finish. The brooches and hammered ss spiral earrings went over extremely well as well as my quilted stones on nature series and felt embellished muses.
I love doing it all! funstuff....

Monday, January 23, 2006

Beady Eye Candy

I was checking out my Bead Artists Who Blog webring the other day and all I can say is AMAZING. There are some extremely talented women on here including everything from doll artists, lampwork artisans, freeform bead weavers, embellishers/quilters, fiber artists, stringers, dyers, instructors, shop owners, etc. They all have one thing in common, some aspect of their art has beads involved in the design.
It is ideal to have a pool of this kind to use as inspiration and resources. Thank you women for becoming apart of my endeavor!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Space *space*

My Eldest dd talked me into my space. It is really fun for networking with artists and the like. I like the set-up and am having tons of fun.
Here is my URL http://www.myspace.com/stephaniedistler
Nick Drake is one of my creating inspirational boxed sets.
Love him...
Nick Drake

The music networking is fabulous..very cool there too
Look me up!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lariat sampling

Lariat sampling
Originally uploaded by mossnbeads.
Here is a peek at a lariat with 5 faces built into the design. It is a custom order that is finally coming together. Semi-precious stones including labradorite stars, quartz crystal and ocean jasper make up the strand.
All that is left to do is a bit of fringe work and some freeform bead weaving.
I don't know how I will part with this piece....
It has inspired a series of work in the near future.

Home Vignettes Thursday 'Fragment of Self'

This week we have an arrangement of pictures in my living area. These are some of my treasured pieces from my oh so treasured friends.
The theme for the month of January is 'Fragment of Self'. My friends are such a part of my life in many ways. I find them very inspiring to me and my daughters. I love collecting their art for it blankets me at times when needed.
Home Vignettes Thursday

For more of an explanation into what is what, please go to my flickr image

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I am finally able to start uploading once again for MY COMPUTER IS FIXED!!! It took him 3 hours and he needed to go very deep into my system to get some files that have been in since November sometime. My error message is done shutting down my browser constantly and the parasitic activity is cleared up. He just amazes me with his abilities and knowledge of computers. Thank-you, thank-you thank-you...you wonderful man!

We keep handmade farm implements, walking sticks and what nots on ceiling ladders in the living room. Meat hooks hold baskets used in gathering, transporting and food serving.

Friday, January 13, 2006


I have winfixer spyware on my system..what a pain! So...we are trying not to be on too much and shutting down the system inbetween.
I will not be on too much the next couple of days but, my computer wonderman is making a house call tomorrow to fix me up.
In the meantime my Jerusalem Artichokes from last Fall.
Love these things...

Flower Quiz

I found this quiz on Wendcat Knits
She has a wonderful creatively put out there site. Expect to spend some time poking about.
Hey! I am a Lily.. I miss my gardens :(

You are a Lily:

You are graceful, gentle, calm, and pure and
perhaps a little shy (though your shyness is
part of your charm). You are a very honorable
person who always wants to do the right thing.
Your calm attitude has a soothing effect on

Symbolism: The lily has long been used as a symbol
of majesty, honor, chastity, and purity of

Which Flower are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Present from Eldest Daughter for Christmas

This is an inspiring book on freeform sculpting in stitches. Great color combinations, textures and imagery to get the creative block down.
Present from eldest for Christmas called Stitch Magic
Sample pages:
inside sample
Present from eldest for Christmas called Stitch Magic
Present from eldest for Christmas called Stitch Magic
Present from eldest for Christmas called Stitch Magic
ISBN 1-889682-04-7
Thank-you my Lou!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

English dish and custard topping

A centurys old recipe from England that my eldest has been wanting to try for a few years now called Spotted Dick. It is very good! Lou loves Jamie Oliver. Her and a good friend were going through the PVR and all the Oliver Twists the other night.
Her Father and I were away for the evening so, when we arrived home she had this treat waiting for us.
She made a custard sauce instead of Golden Syrup for the topping.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Great sub that my eldest made

Great sub that my eldest made
Originally uploaded by mossnbeads.
I had dd bring home some subs from work mine was a club w/cukes, tomatoes, sweet peppers, provolone, spinach, red onion, olives and poppy seed dressing....too good!
It is fun that they put sandwich artist on their pins!

Putting Christmas Away

Putting Christmas Away
Originally uploaded by mossnbeads.
It was so sad to put Christmas back in the attic away for another year.... or am I just being silly, lol..

Personal Home Vignette Thursday

A personal array of items including a Christmas present from my Mother, a loved collection of beads, a gift from an artist at a show, my fave necklace, an upcoming piece and my lovely eldest daughter(now 18) then 18 mos.
She will be leaving me in March, 24 hours south of her adoring Sisters, loving friends, devoted family and bereaved Mom.
My first born...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Self Portrait Tuesday
Originally uploaded by mossnbeads.
Personal History is the theme for January.
The flickr pic pool is here:
Such wonderful concept!
Thanks Kath!

Gift from Wonderful Friend Pat

pats stainglass color study quilt3
pats stainglass color study quilt10
Here is a fabulous framed color study of handmade tiles, in a quilt form, along with a layering effect on the back using stained glass. We gifted on New Years Eve. I felt so blessed to receive such a present. Her work is exquisite!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Years!

We had such a magical New Years Eve celebration with friends and family.
Here is some of what I wore that night:
new years necklace2


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