Saturday, May 16, 2009

ACEO artist from Indonesia at The Flemish House Art Gallery

Artist Vantiani is participating in a 3 month showing at the gallery with her fab
cards! We met and chatted on ETSY chat last month. When I told her about my recent featured show she was excited so, I invited her in the mix. She is very talented and being truly well received at the gallery this week.
I have a great and talented friend visiting today who loves collage and assemblage work and also has taught a class at the gallery. I cannot wait for her to see this show!

Please visit Vantiani's blog Vanilla Vain where she talks about her art and inspirations

Monday, May 04, 2009

faces and donut pendants in the Gallery


Day trip to Hector Falls with supper thrown in and porch paint decision making

Hector Falls by Ludlow, Pa.

Sunday was a spectacular Spring day with finally picking up my porch paint and taking a hike with my girls and dh. We of course went with stain, the colors 'russet' for the floor and 'eucalyptus' for the railings and framing. I am planning on staining the fence and the lattice bottom skirting insets about the same color but, they will have totally diff outcomes since the fence is probably 5 yrs. old & the lattice insets will be new, lol.

Hector Falls by Ludlow, Pa.

Hector Falls by Ludlow, Pa.

Hector Falls by Ludlow, Pa.

We ate at Applebee's in Warren, Pa. with the girls getting Chicken Fajita and planks/fries then dh and I taking advantage of the 2 for $20 deal with 2 7 oz. steaks. I ordered mine medium rare with a baked potato and dh medium w/fries...
I hate being that person that complains but, when you get a plate with 1/2" of water and your medium rare is stewed from the potato water on the plate you get a bit pissy. Why would you boil a BAKED potato? Does that make any sense, lol...
They were nice and replaced it with a chicken lime dish, blah, blah... I hate chain restaurants anyway. There is an awesome place on the back roads that we wanted to try out but, the girls wanted to do the Applebee thing.

The Falls were wonderful! We walked 2 miles in and then 2 uphill out so, 4 altogether but, it was truly well worth it. Here is some about Hector Falls:
We plan on doing more waterfalls this summer as well as hiking with the girls. I can't spend all of my time working on art and the gallery :)


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