Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Post 30 for November

new kitty Delilia Marta Vanilla16 by Stephanie Distler
Delilah Marta Vanilla is her name...she came to us in 2007 after our Marta passed on.
I know, I know and do realize some of you perhaps don't think I kept up with a post a day..but, in my brain I needed to post 30 times this month once for each day in November.

I accomplished what I intended, to wrap myself around ritually posting once again.
I am hoping that this little exercise will increase productivity and eventually substance in posting such things as instruction, techniques, documenting, photography and inspirations.

Thank-you for following my ramblings during November!

What I did for the last day of November....

gift certificate $25 by Stephanie Distler
gift certificate $25, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
Mailed out orders...
created gift certificates...
finished Christmas decorating...
listed on ETSY..
made more rings...
and the everyday drudgery of laundry, cleaning, supper, etc.

Here is one of the scarves that were photographed today also

mustard, ivory and gunmetal soft

I will list a few of them soon on ETSY  :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's up morning glory?

What a wonderful feel good movie that includes not only a fabulous cast but, also extremely talented director and producers. 
Roger Michell was director of movies like Notting Hill and the producers include J.J. Abrams of Lost fame and Bryan Burk also of Bad Robot Productions in which both are involved with so many of my favorite projects. 
The cast is a fantastic blend of actors that play off of each other beautifully including Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum.  If you have not watched it yet and have Netflix, it is streaming now. 
One of my favorite reviews is:   Andrew O'Hehir of Salon described the film as "a brash, lightweight backstage comedy that looks lovely, doesn't insult its audience and uses its stars, both young and old, to terrific effect. 

Love it!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday Promotion

Boston Terriers by Stephanie Distler
Boston Terriers, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.

For Cyber Monday I have a coupon code for customers to use tomorrow on the 28th all day 12am to 12pm.
Please go to my ETSY Shop then at checkout use the code 'cyberfreeshipping' to pay nothing for shipping your items :)

If you are a repeat customer you may also use the code 'holidaygarden' to receive 20% off of your purchases, but, remember only use this coupon if you have shopped with me before.


IMG_1990 by Stephanie Distler
IMG_1990, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.

One of our Thanksgiving holiday traditions is to put together a puzzle :) The girls really enjoyed it as well as dh and it keeps everyone off of video games too what more could one want.
Here I started to put it away...Tameryn was upset, lol.
The girls weren't there when Herb and I put the last piece in so on their on I caught them taking some pieces out to put them back in.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I am Participating in Small Business Saturday TOMORROW :)

Small Business Saturday

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holiday created by American Express, held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. First celebrated on November 27, 2010, it is a counterpart to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which feature big box retail and e-commerce stores respectively. By contrast, Small Business Saturday encourages holiday shoppers to patronize brick and mortar businesses that are small and local.
In 2010 the holiday was promoted by American Express via a nationwide radio and television advertising campaign. That year Amex bought advertising inventory on Facebook, which it in turn gave to its small merchant account holders,  and also gave rebates to new customers to promote the event.
American Express publicized the initiative using social media, advertising, and public relations. At least 41 local politicians and many small business groups in the United States issued proclamations concerning the campaign, which generated more than one million Facebook "like" registrations and nearly 30,000 tweets under the Twitter hashtags #smallbusinesssaturday (which had existed since early 2010) and #smallbizsaturday.
Cinda Baxter, founder of the 3/50 Project, was a national spokesperson for Small Business Saturday. The 3/50 Project encourages consumers to commit to spending $50 of their current monthly budgets with independently owned small businesses they care about.
The Twitter hashtag #SmallBusinessSaturday has existed since early 2010 and was used to promote small businesses on any Saturday (not solely that Saturday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday). The hashtag was used in a manner similar to #FollowFriday to highlight favorite local businesses.

Flemish House Art Gallery and Jewelry Studio
600 Market Street
Johnsonburg, Pa.  15845

I will be open 11 to 4 tomorrow

What did you have for Thanksgiving Dinner?

 Our menu consisted of roast turkey stuffed with aromatics including carrots, celery, thyme and sage, cornbread/sourdough stuffing, mashed potatoes/gravy, apple and bacon oven roasted brussel sprouts, candied sweet potatoes with berbere' spices, coleslaw w/carrots, celery and sunflower seeds, cranberry and the for dessert gooey butter pumpkin cake & apple pie. 
It 'twas a great day filled with the parade, puzzle piecing, the Westminster Dog Show and cooking :)  Later that night our friends from Indiana stopped by until late, late and then today I finally finished the clean-up, lol. 

I hope everyone had a grand turkey day!!


Pretzel Snacking on Thanksgiving

He is such a sweet Cockatiel that needs to be with his family quite a lot during the day. Here he is on the counter with a seed treat before the big meal.
They can eat just about anything we would eat so of course loved his mix of Thanksgiving foods :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Record Blogging Month...

I was curious this morning if November 2011 would be the month with the most posts but, as I looked through, September 2005 held the record with 84 posts. 
These posts talked about beadart, Grimm's, my lovely daughters,  my eldest dd's felting, doing shows with Pat, Kara's Tree People, Fall shows, Vignette Thursdays, Self-Portrait Tuesdays, etc.
Larissa, Thea and Thea's friend Nicki keeping busy at a  show a friend and I were doing at The Forest Nook in Cook Forest during the Fall.


Monday, November 21, 2011

:) Trust me, I'm the Doctor

treasury dr. who by Stephanie Distler
treasury dr. who, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
I was just treasured in this cool collection by a fellow Etsian  .
Love it!!
Thanks, Heather D.

new rings

IMG_1740 by Stephanie Distler
IMG_1740, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
18 gauge sterling silver sheet riveted with square 16 gauge brass wire and a bark texture hammered in.
A couple loved a copper ring I created a while back and then requested 2 in silver with the brass.
Love the look :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Today's Holiday Openhouse at The Flemish House Art Gallery

IMG_1774 by Stephanie Distler
IMG_1774, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
We have Stacie Leske's Pottery displayed all through the gallery, new artisan leather work for the season and Pat Eckstrom will have many new excited framed botanicals added to set-up in the gallery.

Come and see the new designs fresh off the bench also!
Little gifts are awaiting to be tucked in your purchases along with discounts on selected items.
See you today 1pm to 6:30pm!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday Openhouse and PA Wilds Artisan Initiative

ridgway record christmas openhouse
In the are all 3 articles on Holiday Openhouse with The Flemish House Art Gallery and Jewelry Studio and the Historic Johnsonburg Community Center, PA Wilds Artisan Initiative jurying session and one of the new artists from that session Stacie Johnson Leske.
ridgway record artisan trail ridgway record Stacie Leske
Pick up today's Ridgway Record for the scoop ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quotes on Copper

Quotes on Copper by Stephanie Distler
Quotes on Copper, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
I love metalprinting and have fallen in love with these wonderful quotes from books and movies.
David Tennant, the 10th Doctor Who, is one of our favorites and I love Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice..who doesn't, lol. Matthew Macfadyen is a perfect Mr. Darcy present, just wrap him up and put him under my holiday tree!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Openhouse THIS Sunday the 20th

November 20th, Sunday 1pm to 6:30pm
600 Market Street, Johnsonburg, Pa  15845
in the Historic Johnsonburg Community Center
 I opened the gallery up in 2006.  This photo is from Christmas Openhouse 2006 with Linda Pontzer as the feature, the jewelry I was turning out were asymmetrical large stone/glass beaded designs, beaded figure sculptures w/a fiber base and bead embroidered felt brooches and I was also 'focused' on food vignette style photography. 

The gallery has gone through quite a few changes in the last 5 years, for instance, initially every two months a new featured artist filled the entire wall space, I was not yet a PA Wilds Trail stop, my studio was on the 3rd floor and I had Stitch and Bitch gatherings on Thursday mornings at 10.

The gallery now has permanent artists with a wall section for features, I am a PA Wilds Trail stop and juried artist, the work studio is in my home garden and I am centric on metalsmithing with cold connections, torch work and fusing.

The gallery played host to 20 featured artists and 4 themed shows during the last 5 years covering many mediums including oils, watercolors, mosaics, photography, beadart, ACEOs and wood carvings.
New Projects:
I have plans on putting together an artisan jewelry show in the gallery with several fabulous bead artists, metalsmiths and mixed media artists.
 I want to see more classes in gallery and at my home studio to share the wonderful happiness we jewelry artisans all have found in creating from beginner to advanced levels given by different artisans including myself.

November gallery for Lynda Show finished49
a photo of the nook in 2006, this lovely little spot now is home to a sitting area composed of an antique sofa and a lovely hand carved chair donate from the Cotters of St. Marys. 

November gallery for Lynda Show finished54
~enter via 2006
me in the lady's mantle
I hope you enjoyed our little flashback

Treasured in a Geekery Collection

geekery treasury
Treasurys are marvelous ways on ETSY to get your name out there with making new friends and creating artist clients relationships.  Molly of MollysMuses is a very, very prolific treasury creator compiling very artful and thought provoking collections.

I will write more on treasurys soon!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving Organizing

thanksgiving 2005 by Stephanie Distler
thanksgiving 2005, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
Here is a photo from 2005's Thanksgiving. The kitchen is a jumble of foods being prepared and hors d'oeuvres being set out for guests.
The table setting for that year was Jackson China  and Ironstone restaurantware.
The menu:  that awesome Jamie Oliver Turkey and stuffing recipe, baked brussel sprouts with bacon and apples, lemon asparagus and of course mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry and coleslaw. 
My Mother, Claude and Thea 

My oldest daughter Larissa was still home, Claude was still alive, Tameryn was 5 and Thea was 13. 

Thanksgiving 2005 Larissa and Tameryn
Larissa and Tameryn playing games during that day

Sunday, November 13, 2011


The Shasta is now in the yard finally, where it will be slumbering until Spring. This new location will be quite wonderful for the upcoming Spring camping season and needed renovations. The renovations will include interior and exterior fixes from fan-tastic vent installations to reupholstring and cabinet repairs.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I have been loving making treasurys on Etsy lately, actually just started treasuring with in the last month or so compiling from random searches and also the wonderful teams I am in. 
The latest is a Christmas hodge podge titled Hitting the Mark.
I included a wonderful jelly, pickle and relish assortment from Ellipsis Books and More in my treasured Christmas goodies. They are as beautiful as the most perfect stones and beads I use in my designs! 


Friday, November 11, 2011

Gala Attending for a Superb Evening

Did you know that your Gala ticket includes.... open bar from 7-8, $10 in betting chips, unlimited Casino Punch, a Gala glass that's yours to keep, live music by J Mac +1 AND you'll be supporting the arts in Elk County.
So did you purchase your ticket yet?    

 They're still available in the ECCOTA Gallery or at the door Saturday Night, 11/12.

Can't make it you say? Then considering making a donation-  make a secure donation via PayPal

LINK to the FB event page.
Eccota Gala in Johnsonburg 2010
last year in Johnsonburg, 2010 with a friendly game of horseracing

Christmas Openhouse and Home Vignette Thursday

Home Vignette Thursday
Home Vignette Thursday:  Christmas 2010 taken on pie safe, you see my kitchen tree covered in antique, vintage and retro potholders, terrariums and a corduroy elephant which was created from my eldest dd baby blue pants she wore in middle school.  I wish I had time to make more of these nostalgic stuffies :(

With the Holidays pretty much here the work is coming everyday with metalstamped and forged pendants, bracelets, tiered neckpieces, earrings and rrrrrrrings. New works along with artisan favorites are being created at a crazeeee pace.  Orders are also being filled and sent out all over the country with sweet  sentiments to my dear clients in all forms.  A return customer coupon was sent out in the recent newsletter.  If you were missed just contact me.
A Christmas Openhouse is being planned for November 20th at the Flemish House Art Gallery and Jewelry Studio 1pm to 6:30pm.  There will be artist displays featuring artists from all over the region, new artisan jewelry and Patricia Eckstrom's new framed mixed media work.  Eckstrom is setting up in gallery for that day!
A new pottery artists is joining the mix in the gallery Stacie Johnson Leske!  This artist has just been juried into the PA Wilds Artisan Trail!! I am so excited to carry her gorgeous and delicate work in the gallery :)

November gallery for Lynda Show finished5
A look at the gallery from 2006 with a more traditional gallery featuring Artist Linda Pontzer where she filled the entire space.  I now feature over a dozen artists with a designated space for the feature. 
Pete Winklbauer at the Flemish House Art Gallery and Jewelry Studio April 2011
Another photo with feature Pete Winklbauer in the newer layout of the gallery around April 2011.   The set-up is geared more towards a single feature in this area and then regional along with PA Wilds juried artisans filling the other spaces on a regular bases with change outs seasonally.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

What is on your Jeweler's bench Wednesday

Guess what is on the 'stump' today :)
I am getting ready to assemble more bracelets, attach my sig on the sigless, texture the phases of the moon big and small on 3 tier necklaces and make more family pendants.

I love the larger crosspeen and ballpeen hammers for texturing they work out beautifully. I am not sure what the other is or rather it's correct type but, it gives a wonderful crinkled paper effect on the metal surface.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Pennsylvania Wilds Artisan Initiative Joins the Ranks of Etsy Teams

A group of us went to the powers at be on the PA Wilds Artisan Trail Initiative and to the Team Etsy Coordinator asking about developing a team for 'us' juried artists and it was a YES.   The PA Wilds Artisan Trail etsy street team also has a facebook page to gather juried artists from the 12.5 county region known as the PA Wilds. So we now have a facebook page and an etsy team to promote handmade in the 'Wilds'.
Below you will find the slideshow Ombudsman Ta Brant Enos created to further explain the Initiative. 
Highly skilled artisans juried into the PA Wilds Artisan Trail in rural northcentral Pennsylvania setting up at an artshow near YOU!
The Region includes these counties: Warren, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Forest, Elk, Cameron, Clinton, Lycoming, Clarion, Jefferson, Clearfield and Center.
Are you an artist in these counties?  If so you can read more on becoming a juried artist @

To learn more about ETSY you can go to the about page . 

I can't wait to meet more like minded artists with a passion to bring quality to the region and beyond!

Monday, November 07, 2011

I am not READY....

IMG_0512 by Stephanie Distler
IMG_0512, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
The thought of leaving for the weekend in our tiny vintage mobile cottage, that can be just that a 'cottage' any place in the country, makes me very, very sad. This thought is especially sharp at the moment with our crazy lives not ALLOWING a precious needed getaway.
The Shasta is finding it's way to the backyard where it will be safe and sound tucked in for the winter. I can use her in the Spring for retro style parties and early stacations to get us started ;)
This thought will keep me going anyway, while the snow covers us for months...

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Brussels sprouts w/apples&bacon

Brussel Sprouts w/apples and bacon
2 pounds cleaned sprouts(deleaf, destem ends and cut in half for ease in cooking)
a good toss in olive oil, salt and pepper
about 6 strips of bacon cut up
2 cooking apples peeled and diced
I toss sprouts in olive oil and then top with apples and bacon.
Place in an aluminum foil covered dish for about 1-1/2 hours
325 degree
The roasting adds an entire other dimension to them of mellow sweetness

I really, really love brussel sprouts roasted!!!!
I am definitely making these for Thanksgiving this year for it has been forever and a day since the last time they were on my table.

Keeping it simple with Branding

counter in gallery with packages by Stephanie Distler
counter in gallery with packages, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
here you see my earring cards and a couple packages to be mailed out with
the PA Wilds tags, the kraft boxes, ribbon and one of my business cards peek-
ing out.
tags drying I have been working on a consistant branding in the gallery and basically where ever my designs can be purchased from shows to other galleries/shoppes. I factor in also the branding used on juried PA Wilds Artisans which includes me. These hangtags are tan, brown, and burnt sienna with the Elk and keystone worked into the logo.
So what I did was to purchase white tags and the large Manila tags from an office supply web business with plans on tea dyeing the lot of them.  The process was simple,  with just making an extra strong pot of English Breakfast tea and then letting the tags infuse in their tea bath for for about 5 to 6 hours.  The English Breakfast is what I recommend for it keeps the rich brown tones and does not then turn that horrible reddish hue.

Next was adding more stamps to my collection with another size of my signature fern and one with the website and tag line. 
counter tags
All of the tags turned out beautifully taking on the perfect color to play nice with the PA Wild's hangtags, kraft paper boxes, my business card and also the props in the gallery.
fern tags in dish

Friday, November 04, 2011

New Collection

The components are coming together to develop a new Holiday line which includes wrapped bracelets and necklaces using chunky glass and stones, lovely quoted jewelry, riveted layered pendants and mixed media bracelets. Everything is textured and antiqued to show loads of detail.
More, more, more to come :)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Networking in the Pennsylvania Wilds and Home Vignette Thursday Resurrected

IMG_1414 by Stephanie Distler
IMG_1414, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
Kim Gates Flick joined me in my home for an intense social networking session including most of what I have bagged on Bag the Web.
She brought me a beautiful dried flower spray and Strawberry syrup from her home. Thank-you once again Kim you are so very thoughtful .
Kim now has a facebook artisan page :)
vignette I will be starting Pa. Wilds Artisan Interviews monthly and since her process is very intense I will interview her quarterly to detail her work for this incredible artist follows the seasons. Her interview will debut the series.
Back in October of 2005 I started a group on called Home Vignettes Thursday.  Since it is Thursday I have created this collection including the dried spray from my guest and of course the Strawberry syrup that she gifted.  I tend to take advantage of natural lighting for my vignette shots but, 7pm isn't going to allow that ;)
Hopefully the filters on Picnik give it depth.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

What is on Your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday

Today on the bench is what I cut, hammered and textured, filed, printed and wrapped this morning. These copper components were then put in to tumble for a few hours with a squirt of Dawn dishsoap, warm water to cover and steel shot.
The tumbling works beautifully for polishing, smoothing out rough edges and work hardening the metal, in this case copper.
What parts you see through the bubbles are going to be made into stone and chain bracelets, MOM pendants, earrings and neckpieces.  Some of these will be antiqued using liver of sulphur while others left to patina naturally into coppers lovely multi layered verdigris. 
I can't wait to start!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

First of 30 Posts

I am going to play a part in National Novel Writing Month in which I will write a  post everyday whether interesting or  mundane for 30 days.  I am loving the idea of a challenge excepting it gladly for there has been quite a few post ideas in my brain forever and this is a great chance to put them down.  The actual challenge is for novelists to complete a 50,000 word novel but....I am pretend participating in my section of the literary world with blog posts :) 
Techniques from the bench, Pa. Wilds Artisan interviews, treasury's, ETSY team news,  recipes, regional photography,  gallery events/features, new jewelry, What's on my bench Wednesday shots and Vignette Thursdays will be resurrected just to name a few subjects to be covered.

see you tomorrow ;)


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