Friday, June 23, 2006

Custom work

Brown Agate lentils are spaced with vintage seeds, Czech, Serpentine and a fabulous faceted topaz colored Depression glass vintage button used for a toggle.

A year or more back I purchased some vintage and antique buttons from a good friend who bought out a woman who prior had bought out an old mercantile. The buy was filled with buttons from Germany, the Depression, retro colorful geometric shapes and Mother of Pearl fish, ducks, hearts, sequins, etc. If you ever looked at the artdoll I did and sold to a collector in Pittsburgh you saw the abalone shell fish scales and Mother of Pearl sequins of her tale.

I am working on a dry felted small mermaid at the moment with these elements embellished in. I am very pleased with the life she is taking on ;) Perhaps I will get a pic up with her red felted hair and lovely swirls....

Evening Glow in June

June evening sky6
Such a gorgeous evening we had with the pink glow. My youngest is so in tune with special moments and *camera* that she was not happy until I took a few images. Life is so rich at this time with summer finally here, the beauty of my gardens, friends and my talented Daughter coming in for the 4th from film school. Life is good ;)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Set love

custom face cab order16
Originally uploaded by mossnbeads.
I love sets of anything ;) These custom sets of face cabochons are too fun with all the personalities.
I just listed two on ETSY as custom orders for a contact from myspace.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Pictures from Artist Meet-Up Thursday, June 15th

June Artist Meet-Up14

The meet-up went wonderfully with many ECCOTA artists, my friends, board members and the general public attending. Jamie Phipps, our director, was very supportive and helpful.. Thank-you again Jamie ;)
An open air artist market was discussed, 'Artist Saturdays', SummersEnd Festival, Soup Benefit for charity, artist liaisons, demos, media arts, possibilities of walking photography studies, readings at the gazebo, plein air groups, etc. I so loved networking with everyone!
Thank-you all for your attendance and ideas!!!
June Artist Meet-Up3
Jake from the Ridgway Record conversing ;) My lovely friends Sean Huntington and Pat Eckstrom
June Artist Meet-Up16
Artists Bobbi Ann Shaffer of Dubois and Sandy Laughner of Johnsonburg
June Artist Meet-Up20
ECCOTA board president discussing getting bowls made for the soup benefit
June Artist Meet-Up19
Jamie and an artist
June Artist Meet-Up25
I brought some of my work for that evening
June Artist Meet-Up8
June Artist Meet-Up9

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Artist Meet Up article in Ridgway Record June 13th, 2006

Originally uploaded by mossnbeads.
They did a truly nice write up on the artist Meet Up I organized for today in the Gallery at the Elk County Council on the Arts in Ridgway, Pa. on Main Street.


Thursday, June 15th, 2006


ECCOTA Gallery

For the networking possibilities with area artists and ECCOTA ;)

Please come to join in on a very relaxed mixer type of atmosphere....

Copper muse pendants for sale on ETSY

Reach to the Stars with your Labradorite Star and Quartz combination wrapped in copper wire in a pendant style Muse.

Muses for Gardeners, Artists, Travelers, etc. Shaped from copperwire, hammering and stone/bead choices to create these wonderful naturally inspired pendants.

Faux leather string included

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Moth find

T Ball first game16
Yesterday was my youngest daughter's first T-Ball game and sitting on a picnic table next to us was this gorgeous moth. It was as big as my fist practically...
Such a beautiful thing with the soft green colors and the fun antenna.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Mixing with the Artists

I have organized an artist Meet-Up at or local art's council, Elk County Council on the Arts.
I am very excited to see what will happen on Thursday!
If you are from the area and interested please RSVP me or just stop by on Thursday, June 15th at 7pm.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Second Saturday Arts and Antique Market on the Strip in Pittsburgh

It is nice having a show and being back all in one day by 7:30. We also were able to have supper in Brookville and still be back at that time. It was a bit windy but, overall a beautiful day on the 'Strip'.
Pat Eckstrom came along also with her beautiful framed pieces. I kept the display simple with not using the 1/4" glass and clip combos or my time consuming TrimLine canopy.
Second Saturday Arts&Antiques Market on the Strip
Second Saturday Arts&Antiques Market on the Strip
Second Saturday Arts&Antiques Market on the Strip
Second Saturday Arts&Antiques Market on the Strip

Friday, June 09, 2006

New Handbag binge


Inside my wonderfully put together new A4 Messenger Bag from ... The woman is genius!
I love this thing! Everything fits perfectly in the pockets perfection!
-There are 3 details that make this purse spectacular:
1. the 2 pockets under the flap for instant grabbing of my biz cards and check book
2. key fob on fast release hook
3. cell phone pouch w/hook
okay we must tell more ;)
4. larger zipper pocket on the inside for postcards and biz notepad
5. 2 pockets inside for my calendar, calculator, notepad, other checkbooks, large wooden comb, etc.
6. fits sketchpads, large camera, a selection of Altoids, magazine, promos, fliers, make-up bag, large wallet (believe it or not ALL at once)

Readying for tomorrow's show in Pittsburgh on the Strip

Tomorrow is the Second Saturday Arts&Antique Market in Pittsburgh on the Strip. Twill be my first venture there and kinda curious so see what the outcome for us will be. Pat, DH and I are leaving this Saturday in the morning about 3:30 to allow set-up and sign up by 7:30. It is about a 2-1/2 hours trip, not bad.
Hours are 9-3
Here is an article that I found when I googled:
On the Strip with the Arts&Antique Market
Perhaps, possibly, maybe ...... I will see you tomorrow

Monday, June 05, 2006

Swirl Closures for sale now in the Shoppe

Findings are, of course, a necessary ending to all of our beautiful necklaces and bracelets.
My design is very easy to manipulate and looks great on everything including lampwork, semi-precious,felted beads, seedbead weaving, etc. etc.
These recent styles are made from 12 and 14 gauge tinned copper and natural copper which are then hammered for hardness.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Memorial Day Celebrating

WOW so very hot for our Holiday gathering. You can see in these pics all of us just puddling in our seats. I don't mind the heat truly. My Mother was being dipped in h-e-l-l according to her for the entire day......
The menu consisted of center cut pork chops, leek sausage, peppers and onions, dogs, mac salad, baked 'hot' beans, pumpkin stuff, cheeses, dips, etc. DH made some bar peanut butter chocolate chip bar cookies(actually a double cookie recipe but, it was too hot to bake them all day long, lol).
~friend Pat, Tameryn and my Brother
Memorial Day
~Me and the Bee
Me and the Bee on Memorial Day '06
~The dipped Mother
My Mother and dh
~Too sweet
Feathers for the Bee on Memorial Day 06
The eldest is still in film school and the middle was busy off with marching band engagements if you were wondering about *the missing*....
Two of Larissa's good friends came over also for the day, funstuff..


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