Monday, February 28, 2005

A small sampling of Brenda's work. I traded her one of my ArtDoll forms for one of her small lidded boxes. Improvisational bead embroidery feel like mini mosaics in figural form, you have to love the similarities in richness of color, textures and the light play on a piece. I cannot wait to see her version of a beaded artdoll!!!! Posted by Hello

Very Talented Mosaic Artist

WOW!!! My booth was next to Brenda Nicklas of Laughing Dog Mosaics last weekend at the Rendezvous.
Brenda is an extremely talented mosaic artist who started out as a painter.
You can see the influence painting has had on her glass work in
the movement of her mosaics. She gives life to her work with shards
of glass and grout to create one of a kind pieces that stun and delight.
She also includes the picassiette style of mosaic art in her work.
Here are a few links for this type of art
Valerie Carmet writes: 1900-1964 French graveyard worker
Raymond Isidor left behind him a masterpiece and started a new
form of Artistic expression. Baptized by a journalist Pique-assiette,
French for "scavenger" later spelled Picassiette, Isidor decorated
his entire house by covering all of the walls with broken plates,
glass shards and much more.
Valeries's site is
~I am so pleased to have met such a talented artist in Brenda Nicklas
and look forward to future endeavors from this gifted artist.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Triskelion Symbol

Here is the back where I chose to backstitch a triskelion.
It has three spheres which symbolize land, sea and water.
Three aspects contained in all things or objects, which in
turn are everflowing outward and always returning to the point of
origin. Natural coral 4mm rounds and 11 seeds are being
used. Posted by Hello

I have returned from the show! We had a very nice time with all of the artists and attendees. I worked on Fall encasing her face in tubular peyote and started embellishing the body. I am still not sure if this doll is male of female. It has not hit me, usually does by now. Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 24, 2005

I am finally going to start working on my bendhi season series again. Two of the faces came from Celti on BeadArt and the other two are the negatives of the ones she created that I made. Aren't they different with the two having a reverse image and then the inverted ones. I am starting again with the Fall, for I really enjoy working with earthtones. Posted by Hello

Carvers in Ridgway!!!! Posted by Hello

Finishing *True* doll

I am trying a different approach in making this small artdoll. Instead of embellishing a stuffed form I will complete her in 3 steps: beading the front, then stuffing and sewing up the body with a 3 bead picot stitch. The stuffing will include lavender and my medieval spice and resin blend incorporated with the poly.
Many bead artists have their own preferred ways for figural making. This option does let you have more control over the whole process of beading/embellishing.
She will be traveling with me to the Rendezvous in Ridgway .

My good friend has breast cancer and I am creating a comforting doll for her. She was just diagnosed last week and has started her treatments. The *true* symbolizes her inner power. I pray all will be okay...She has been a very important part of my life for 10 years. She is counting on her art to pull her through the ups and downs for the next 8 months of doctors and hospitals. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Chainsaw Rendezvous this Friday and Saturday

I will be displaying this Friday and Saturday here on the 25th and 26th at the Ridgway Firehall.
I have 3 new ArtDolls completed for show and many new earrings, neckpieces, silverlinked work, bracelets, rosaries/chaplets and brooches.
The Rendezvous is an international event!!
I am also going to be teaching a class at ECCOTA in March. Here is the link:
~I have in mind more ornate WILD embroidery with very different beads to add visual impact to your piece.
We will cover stitches that I have not shown in previous classes along with your basics to get started.
As always there will be beads and the like for sale seperately.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Don't they make a pair!!! They took along time to complete, oh my goodness. These were a round robin that me and my Kentucky friend tossed back and forth for quite sometime. For those not familiar with a RR, what happens is the participants take turns working on the doll and then pass them to the next person. Well, we did it amongst the 2 of us, it was great fun...shorter wait sometimes, lol...sorry my friend Posted by Hello

Monday, February 21, 2005

Another finished small Mermaid using antique pearl sequins and abalone fish scales on her tale. Her name is Thetis Silver Foot, the Mother of Achilles. Of course tons of detail lost in the scan...She came together so beautifully, I am extremely happy with the play of materials. Posted by Hello

A 2-1/2" doll completed, her theme is growth/renewal. I am not happy with my scanner and 3 dimensional work. The tear drop beads on her head are so crystal clear and so many other beads that I add to her for texture/light effect are lost in the scan. The face did not turn out too horribly... Posted by Hello

Almost finished with this brooch. I used backstitching, tubular peyote, fringing, bocche stitch and then connecting the backing with a 3 bead picot. The bulk of the seed beads are 11's, some 8's and then the 4x4's around the face cab. I am going to attach a silver dragon fly to embellish her bottom. Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Here are the brooches I have been working on along with the 2 shapes that are up soon. The Illuminated medieval style S is of course for *Me*. More of the postage stamp shape ones will be made up first before the mermaid and goddess shapes. Posted by Hello

My Brother is going to be a RockStar!

Here is his website
They won a battle of the bands last night! The band is part of Emergenza
Gotta love that!!!

Here are earlier brooches using my face cabochons Posted by Hello

A picture of me in my booth August "04 Posted by Hello

Recent work

I am working on brooch samples for an upcoming class at ECCOTA this weekend. Playing around with some ideas and recreating a couple postage stamp pins from Megan Noel's site . I have found my niche with bead embroidery. It lets you just be your creative self, the muses just take over, lol...
I have just posted the styles I have been working up...


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