Sunday, September 16, 2012

Special Occasion Pendant

This fab pendant signifies all of those important dates throughout your life and a Swarovski Crystal for the month of each event on an enclosed handmade Copper donut. Polished Copper and Sterling Silver discs stamped just for you. Different finishes can be applied as well as domed or convex shapes. enjoy, xoxo

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

mid week wish

I need to be here ;)
I have not posted about our summer camping trips so here is our last one where we spent 7 days in July at Twin Lakes. It was a very relaxing trip with some rain but, mostly sun.
It is only 20 minutes from home allowing
the back and forth to work, etc.
Lots of night time fire sitting, dutch oven cooking, reading, music, friends and family visits.
Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was excellent also :) :) Loved it!!

simple things

simple things by Stephanie Distler
simple things, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.

Thankful for the simple things. A vintage Tang pitcher, 4 Red Rose tea bags and 2 hours for cold brewed iced tea. What more could you want ;)

writing/sketching toolbox

Here is a recent kit I created in a metal red toolbox from an estate sale found locally which includes all that I need for sketching, calligraphy and journal.
It has been traveling with me the last 2 months and perfect for camping trips or on the road. Inside I have a collection of drawing pencils, Pilot Parallel calligraphy pens, micron pens, gels, quills and Sharpies.
I am working using a high contrast of black at this time adding that grey here and there to break it up with Prismacolor pencils taking the back seat but, I would love to add a small watercolor travel set at some point to the mix with my journal and sketchbook work. Here is a highly rated one from Sakura.
enjoy, xoxo


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