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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Networking in the Pennsylvania Wilds and Home Vignette Thursday Resurrected

IMG_1414 by Stephanie Distler
IMG_1414, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
Kim Gates Flick joined me in my home for an intense social networking session including most of what I have bagged on Bag the Web.
She brought me a beautiful dried flower spray and Strawberry syrup from her home. Thank-you once again Kim you are so very thoughtful .
Kim now has a facebook artisan page :)
vignette I will be starting Pa. Wilds Artisan Interviews monthly and since her process is very intense I will interview her quarterly to detail her work for this incredible artist follows the seasons. Her interview will debut the series.
Back in October of 2005 I started a group on called Home Vignettes Thursday.  Since it is Thursday I have created this collection including the dried spray from my guest and of course the Strawberry syrup that she gifted.  I tend to take advantage of natural lighting for my vignette shots but, 7pm isn't going to allow that ;)
Hopefully the filters on Picnik give it depth.


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