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Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Signing and Artist Reception at The Flemish House Art Gallery during Art on the EDGE Artisan Trail Event

This coming weekend, during The Art on the EDGE Artisan Trail event, Stephanie Distler and the Flemish House Art Gallery of Johnsonburg, 600 Market Street on the1st floor of the Historic Johnsonburg
Community Center will be participating for the entire weekend's offering a featured artist in the gallery, a book signing plus, local artists in the gallery and out. Friday 3 to 6:30, Saturday 10am to 5pm and then Sunday 11am to 3pm.
*Local author Robert Ford is available on Saturday 1pm to 5pm for a book signing of his new offering Beagle Tales first on Sunbury Press bestseller list for September.
Sunbury Press has released Pastor Bob Ford's humorous and inspirational compilation of stories entitled "Beagle Tales". The book focuses on beagle ownership, rabbit hunting, faith and family. Ford has been attending book signings all over the region and now we have him in his hometown of Johnsonburg where it all started.
from Sunbury Press's website:
Bob Ford has lived all but three years of his life in the hills of Pennsylvania. The three exilic years were spent attending seminary at The Methodist Theological School in Ohio where he lamented the lack of topography that characterizes the central portion of the Buckeye state. He purchased his first beagle for $75 in 1985 with money earned delivering the Erie Sunday Times. This first beagle committed Ford to the company of hounds, and has resulted in a life that has gone to the dogs.

Bob has hunted rabbits and hare throughout the country, ranging from Northern Alabama to the Quebec border, and he is always looking for new places to hunt and new species of rabbits and hare for his hounds to pursue. He is an ordained pastor in the Susquehanna Conference of The United Methodist Church and currently resides in Clearfield County, PA. Ford believes that American-made, double barrel,16 gauge shotguns from the previous century are the best firearms available to the small game hunter, and that few things compare to the sound of a pack of beagles chasing rabbits.
 Artists and events this weekend:
The Flemish House will be featuring Barbara Redmond Kronenwetter's first artshow 'Flights of Fancy'. Kronenwetter's unique perspective is a breath of fresh air that will delight the viewer. Her show will be on display for October and November.
Kronenwetter is a self-taught, self-representing artist from the area. Kronenwetter was a member of Johnsonburg's Gateway Art League, the League was the beginnings of what we now recognize as the Elk County Council on the Arts. Come and join us for her first showing!
Other artists are on display in and out of the gallery during this weekend trail event, refreshments available.
More information can be found at the gallery owners website the event is also listed on facebook under The Flemish House Art Gallery!
Come join us in the ART!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I have bagged MY web

I am an artist on and also committee member for an Artisan Trail called Art on the EDGE.  We also host meet-ups to benefit all involved with the arts in our County and include some art friends in the surrounding counties.  This past session was called 'Show Stoppers and Marketing Basics'  This session focused on tackling art show and festival applications including a database of local shows, what jurors look for from an applicant, as well as setting up a vendor booth that will wow potential buyers.

Topics  also included the basics of marketing artwork successfully using web-based social media, website builders, and other marketing strategies. In addition, Ta Brant from the PA Wilds Artisan Initiative will present a talk on the initiative and how it can benefit regional artists.

Social media is the topic I discussed showing my list of networking sites.  In the Bag the Web site I have only listed the more substantial in my list of many sites I have used throughout the last 10 years.   It was great giving this talk for it made me  really look at my ever growing mass of social sites and break it down to the best or most geared towards my needs to grow as an art business.

The guest speakers included:
Bobbi Mennetti Shaffer on show basics
Marilyn Blackmore director of Art in the Wilds  what shows are looking for
ME Stephanie Distler 'social media'
Ta Brant Pennsylvania Wilds Artisan Initiative
Abbi Peters on setting up a drag and drop website


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