Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Garden Studio in August

I find more and more that I am setting up little corners to get me motivated especially this month for it has been extremely busy in other areas of my life.  The MOM and FAMILY pendants have been a staple as well as the button rings and anklets. I am making new lines of brooches and jewelry to celebrate Fall and the upcoming Holidays with more pieces gearing towards color, texture and statement that I am very excited about.

 The greenhouse window is perfect for not only the light it gives but, also spots of color. 
window collection in studio
cubes of stone, diochoric ferns, purple die, shells and
vintage beads in and amoungst a small line of vintage
pop bottles

marbles and buttons above the soldering bench

radio in studio
daisy chain and a retro radio next to a book

antique, vintage and clay marbles
found glass  marbles from the vegetable garden along with clay
in the greenhouse window

knotted heart
One of my newest Celtic Heart necklaces on it's way
to the Gallery soon!

My website has also gone through some upgrades the last week and will continue to be revamped through the month of September and October so check back often ;)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I have bagged MY web

I am an artist on and also committee member for an Artisan Trail called Art on the EDGE.  We also host meet-ups to benefit all involved with the arts in our County and include some art friends in the surrounding counties.  This past session was called 'Show Stoppers and Marketing Basics'  This session focused on tackling art show and festival applications including a database of local shows, what jurors look for from an applicant, as well as setting up a vendor booth that will wow potential buyers.

Topics  also included the basics of marketing artwork successfully using web-based social media, website builders, and other marketing strategies. In addition, Ta Brant from the PA Wilds Artisan Initiative will present a talk on the initiative and how it can benefit regional artists.

Social media is the topic I discussed showing my list of networking sites.  In the Bag the Web site I have only listed the more substantial in my list of many sites I have used throughout the last 10 years.   It was great giving this talk for it made me  really look at my ever growing mass of social sites and break it down to the best or most geared towards my needs to grow as an art business.

The guest speakers included:
Bobbi Mennetti Shaffer on show basics
Marilyn Blackmore director of Art in the Wilds  what shows are looking for
ME Stephanie Distler 'social media'
Ta Brant Pennsylvania Wilds Artisan Initiative
Abbi Peters on setting up a drag and drop website

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Visiting the RV Hall of Fame

In July my husband and I went to pick up our Grandbaby, Elli, in Illinois and enroute back after her 2 week visit in Pennsylvania where she stayed with us we stopped with her at the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana www.rvhalloffame.org

We had a wonderful time viewing and exploring the 70 Vintage Travel Trailers along with the modern RVS starting with the hand builts of 1913. They were amazing the way homebuilders took avantage of every inch customizing the cabinetry perfectly to house all of your camping wants and needs.

The grand baby was perfect as always eventually taking a nap in her buggy :) I took away some amazing ideas for my own 'Shasta' as well as the NEED for a Yellowstone 1950's trailer. The 2 doors with round windows is a killer as well as the inside layout including the dividing wall, perfect kitchen and bright aluminum skin. I could do amazing things with this model, love it, love it. I see there is a Yellowstone on Tin Can Tourist's classifieds totally redone from the inside skin to perfection.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recent Taste of the Arts Participation

Taste of the Arts was a great show! The show is just 10 minutes from my house and a nice way to touch base with friends, local artists and new clients. I sold quite a few anklets and vintage/retro button rings during the course of the day along with a few higher end necklaces making it a pretty fair success.

I was next to a very talented photographer Molly Welpott

We had a fab time comparing notes on our social media networking and our love of Pinterest. Here is a link to all of my boards and pins on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/ontheroadstudio/

My good friend Bobbi was also there as a vendor as well as organizing the event for she is the artistic coordinator at our local Arts Council. Bobbi also makes artisan jewelry! Her work is pretty amazing :) http://www.etsy.com/shop/bobbishaffer



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