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Friday, May 03, 2013

Some pre-plant action on the porch for Spring

The beginning of the week, with all the beautiful weather, I started rearranging the main bones of the porch, the furniture.  As the gathering areas of both front and back of the wraparound started making themselves known, my head was deciding what was missing or rather what I have wanted since I was a little girl...a hammock jumped at me.
I found the perfect one on Amazon @ a really fab price.  This Brazilian style choice is a 2 person, 400 lb limit and is portable (for camping enjoyment, lol) I ordered on Tuesday, it arrived the next day since I use Amazon Prime with free shipping.  Our wonderful hammock found it's place next to the gardens with a potted Bay tree, hummingbird feeder, handhewn rough bench my Father made and wicker loveseat.
I have been searching outside curtain options on line and found a great idea using painter's drop cloths here on Pinterest.  We will put up pipe on just this section creating a private area.  My youngest daughter and her friend have been reading or just visiting on it since it came on Wednesday with me giving it a go yesterday for a book break, bird watching, daydreaming etc.  I highly recommend it and feel it is such a good deal for such a fabulous hammock.  Here is the link on Amazon.
Shot from the steps towards the front where you see the Adirondack chairs that are soon getting repainted for it has been awhile :)
Front section showing corner swing.  This swing was my great-great aunt Wilda Lowry's of Clarion Road.  She always had this on her front porch until the porch was hit by a truck mid 80s I think, where it then lived in my Grandmother's basement until I rescued it.  There are a few seat slats needing to be replace but, overall it is a fabulous addition.
Front side totally changed, for last year all of the wicker was located here creating a large seating area where this year pieces of that set are spread out throughout the space.  I wanted a receiving area of sorts by the front door.  To accomplish this a primitive bench will serve as shelving adding height along with this drop leaf table holding mason bail jar candles.  The garden cart will be loaded with aromatics & herbs catching afternoon sun all summer you see it here with it's rust peaking through the white paint in the front corner.  Herbs and such make me smile :)  What herbs can't you live without?
The cart will be brimming with scented geraniums, lemon verbena, patchouli, rosemary, lady lavender, cuban oregano and potted marjoram just to name a few.
Rosemary for 'remembrance' .... hopefully helping me to keep track of my KEYS ;)
Little Elly can enjoy lunch here or legos when she visits her Gramma Stephanie...this makes me smile too :)  HOOT, HOOT!!!
The plants, pillows, rugs and other 'stuff' makes any outdoor space.  This year I am thinking nasturtiums and strawberries for the 11 hanging baskets and also the row of McCoy pots that contain a little collection of succulents on a bench probably the other end for the big garden cart and wicker chair replaced the bench this year.
I still am contemplating a few other additions like perhaps a mirror here above the drop leaf table.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shasta Compact and working studio

A view from our bedroom towards the artisan jewelry studio and Claire, a 1971 Shasta Compact.
The addition will come out from the greenhouse window out towards you about 20 ft. and then a few feet deeper than the existing 10'x10' space.
An openhouse is being planned the second weekend in June during the Art on the EDGE, artisan trail event and tour.  The 'Shasta' will be decked out also with a vintage style striped awning which is where the studio will serve refreshments out of along with some Atomic Garden Vintage mid century modern . retro . vintage . reclaimed items. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Studio Tour

corner with workbench and tools by Stephanie Distler
left corner of the working studio with pliers, dapping set, disc cutter, sheet metal, hammer collection, anvils, etc.  I am not that excited about the Dremel and can't wait to invest in a Foredom hand drill.
I have closed up the gallery as of February 1st in preparation for opening up my own studio and shop in the gardens at our home. An addition is in the planning stages with being completed by the end of May, is what dh is telling me anyway. I believe him though for I know that he is quite frightened with all the gallery 'stuff' that is now hanging about our home.  He made room for the larger pieces such as the antique furniture and display pieces including a fab, very large, case for the jewelry and the gorgeous horse hair couch and carved velvet chairs.   
more organized 'stuff' everywhere
beading section and wirewrapping along with a dvd goodstuff

I still have space to move about and not pull my hair out trying to be organized even though I have been adding more to the mix from the gallery.  Here is the set from the beginning if you want to see it a bit more spare.

This is a portion of the semi-precious and Czech beads stash for future work

I can come in during the day to work getting lost until my youngest comes home from school.  It is a dream come true having it all at home and will have to pinch myself all the time when the addition is finished and actually out my back door.  What is really going to blow my mind is having 'Claire' our vintage travel trailer as part of the experience also combined with the working studio, artisan jewelry and fiberware shop and her, our Shasta Compact, to sell atomic vintage from or lunches when openhouses or receptions are scheduled.

HOOT, HOOT!!!!! :) :) :)

butterfly bracelet
Yesterday I also assembled this bracelet more on the way along with quotes and riveted rings.


cat and new find

Sunday, November 13, 2011


The Shasta is now in the yard finally, where it will be slumbering until Spring. This new location will be quite wonderful for the upcoming Spring camping season and needed renovations. The renovations will include interior and exterior fixes from fan-tastic vent installations to reupholstring and cabinet repairs.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Peppermint Geranium Love


At one time I sold scented geraniums but, now I am at the mercy of what our area provides for I am not special ordering them.A good friend, who has an herb shop, did share some cuttings with me late Spring and they finally are rooting.I still need a rose geranium...any one out there want to be so kind.I have Mabel Grey(lemon), Fair Ellen(woodsy) and an Apple scented :)Many different variaties of Herbs also.


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