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Monday, February 29, 2016

Double Birthday Month

February 2005 was this blog's creation and also the year I took a big step as an artist with opening up an online shop, starting a photo crazy Flickr account and posted for the first time here.   At this point the work was mainly improvisational bead embroidery with some stringing to fill the booth with color and texture at art festivals. During this month I sat up at one of the early Chainsaw Rendezvous in Ridgway, Pennsylvania next to a very talented mosaic artist Brenda Nicklas.  Nicklas was at the threshold of her artisan business too.  We had an amazing time comparing notes during this local show,  making a trade and revealing our future hopes & dreams.  The next year we were juried into The Pennsylvania Wilds Artisan Trail to become part of the original members, it's origins started with us!

I have enjoyed this sweet Picassiette style box through the years placing a youngest daughter's tooth, my Grandmother's and my pocket watch lovingly inside.
One of Brenda Nicklas' smalls owner of Laughing Dog Mosaics
beaded work from past days 

*oh yes and I turned 50 this month, more on that later :) 

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

my birthday

my birthday by Stephanie Distler
my birthday, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
Today I turned 47 my dh was being very patient with my occasional outbursts. He made a wonderful supper of roast beef and veggies along with Pistachio crumb cake slathered in cooked vanilla frosting.
This cake was my Grandfather Stump's favorite birthday cake recipes. When 14 I started copying family recipes down in book form mostly from the two Grandmothers. This makes me happy to have a small collection from these two strong, sometimes head strong women :)
my birthday
my birthday
getting ready for the oven with lots of  olive oil, garlic, rosemary, potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, sea salt and cracked black pepper
my birthday
on the table
my birthday
well used recipe for Pistachio Cake from Gramma Stump's sister originally

my birthday
my birthday
while we were eating a good friend dropped off some gifties, she is sooo good at getting the perfect  'stuffs'
my birthday
my birthday
youngest dd checking out the posies :) :)

enjoy, xoxo


daily photo challenge entry:
2/4/2013 'childhood memory' - my brother died in June of this year, today he would have been 42. He played D & D since he was in grade school with a core group of friends that stayed the core group his whole life. The game also brought in some very special kindred spirits along the way adding to this beautiful mix of friends. Today was the perfect theme for this very thoughtful day.

Today was a crazy busy day taking my middle daughter to her 3 appointments before driving her back to college.  A good friend did the driving while we chatted and remembered my brother Stephan along the way which was very nice.  Did some shopping after the dropping off of the dd and then appetizers at TGI Fridays (Jack Daniel's Sesame Chicken and Potstickers).  I was surprised at Barnes and Noble's metalwork and bead book selection or lack of rather, especially what they did not have in magazines also.  I have been looking for a good metalwork magazine for quite sometime and have yet to find one...
On the way back the roads were terrible but, her little Subaru handled the drive great with only a little swerving right before my Father's house.
We were coming down the street to my house when 5 deer ran in front of the car into the neighbor's yard which is pretty rare when we live on a pretty populated street and section of town.
I am glad we were busy for most of the day to keep my mind moving.  The day started off with me bitching at my brother and still continued off and on that day but, also my dd and I listening to his favorite music on the way to and from her appointments celebrating his life.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Superbowl Sunday 2007

06 birth celebrating42 by Stephanie Distler
Thea 2007
In 2007 the Superbowl fell on my 40th birthday, my oldest daughter Larissa had not started college yet and Tameryn was 5. Here you see my Thea, then 15, bringing a red velvet birthday cake for her Mom that the 3 of them made. Larissa was also working at The Red Fern in St. Marys where we had a fabulous birthday brunch with all of us that day also.

Red Fern
Tameryn showing off a lost tooth and dh at the Red Fern

Red Fern
Chef Charles brought me some brunchy birthday cake

06 birth celebrating
lol ... look at those glasses ;)
Today for our football extravaganza dh made a wonderful lunch to start the day off and then later we will have a relaxing Sunday and then I will throw together fun foods to go with our football watching.  To be honest this is the only time during the season we watch it ;)  The girls have fun!

Sunday breakfast
Sunday breakfast

We try to have a special Sunday breakfast or brunch every week for it is the small things that are important, those special moments in life that make us happy. ~enjoy, xoxo

Friday, February 01, 2013

Staying Focused for my Birthday Month

For the month of February everyday there will be a post on the BLOG talking about new tools, techniques, jewelry listings, photography challenge posts, PA Wilds updates with ETSY team progress and so on. Whatever falls out of my head will be on the blog which could be very, very scary actually.

I did not take part in the November National Writing Month challenge and missed it basically.

I need to keep focused and posting everyday helps!

shop photos jan 27
finishing up grinding down the cut sharp edges of to be Dr. Who quote pendants on the bench.

enjoy, xoxo


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