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Monday, November 11, 2013

making jewelry for my daughter

Our three daughters all have dipped into the jewelry making realm and enjoy making knotted jewelry, especially my 2nd lovely daughter, Thea.  Her work is truly gorgeous and innovative I feel... from her materials used to her knotting style it all draws you in.  She also likes her Mom's designs and asks for certain pieces often. This time, dear Thea wanted a Chakra bracelet.

The 7 chakra stone bracelet wraps around her wrist 3 times but, can also be worn as a necklace..seen below

7 stones utilized are:  Obsidian, Agate, Tigereye, Rose Quartz, Turquoise,  Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst
She decided on these 7 stones above plus in addition to them requested an Opal and Quartz Crystal.  For now, the Quartz Crystal  was incorporated into the piece but, eventually the Opal will be added after one is decided upon.  
Very user friendly piece, blending in with her bracelets beautifully :)  
Glad to be of service daughter dear!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

On the Bench -handmade crimps

Making jewelry from start to finish, using your own components, is a way to put YOUR signature on the pieces coming off table or bench.  Nothing is more relate-able to your potential clients or more fulfilling to you as an artist than handmade closures, beads, earring findings, jumprings, headpins or the like.
 This necklace was made for ME after locating the 6mm leather used as actually I feel another component in the piece, crimped and then a heavy 10 gauge copper wire hammer forged hook attached to various artisan lampwork, wood and glass cane beads linked by wirewrapping.  I feel wearing a design before creating more to offer to potential clients is extremely important working on comfort, wear ability, durability and overall aesthetic.
Since this is mine, the pendant was metalstamped with my signature and then the PA Wilds brand added creating the focus.

Wide shot of materials, tools and  components.  5 & 6mm leather is a beautiful addition in more organic bracelets and necklaces.

An oxidized or natural finish treatment, as seen here on some crimps.  Round nose pliers, small graduated size wrap and tap pliers, side cutters and flat nose or chain nose pliers used to manipulate wire.

16 gauge square and round copper wire, along with 14 gauge round were used for crimps.  The smaller the number the thicker the wire when looking at the gauge size.  The wrapped bead links were done in 20 gauge copper  or 18 depending on hole size for 20 gauge is more suited to double wrap as seen below making some double or single wraps.  I love the look of double wrapping on beads for it adds a relic element especially when oxidized.
In conclusion I love the pieces and will start this line for the Spring adding more metal, attribute words, charms and artisan beads to the overall design having them for sale in the online shoppe and also at Allegheny Outfitters in Warren, Pa. and also Elk County Council on the Art in Ridgway, Pa.  both trail stops not to mention amazing shoppes and galleries.

enjoy, xoxo

Friday, September 02, 2011

New Listings on ETSY

I have been a listing machine putting up many different new items plus, editing other listings with the new options they provide now for the artists and shops. 
It is cool just seems like it still takes forever to list :)  I  have also listed more of the Printed Metal stacked pendants showing the different variations and choices available to you.
here is one of my smaller wrapped wire fern brooches

3 Stacked trio of Silver, Copper and Brass FAMILY Pendant



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