Monday, September 18, 2006

Finished Gallery Space Yaaaay !!!!

Come see what we have done!
You may be able to see the lettering on the windows....
Lamp loaned out by lovely director of the Building as well as the carpet.
From the entrance:
Gallery set-up :)
We had a wonderful turn out during the sneak peek on Saturday!!
Gallery set-up :)
I love this artful cubby!
We are looking for library style high narrow tables for all of the cases instead of my cloth draped 2x4 folding ones.
Gallery set-up :)
Oak table and chairs are original pieces from the Community House est. 1920.
You also see one of Lynda Pontzer's beautiful oils bottom right.
Gallery set-up :)

Gallery set-up :)

Prepping for Gallery Sneak Peek Saturday the 16th

through the entrance
done painting, getting ready for arranging
We have very, very large windows that will get lettered by Kennedy Signs of St. Marys Saturday morning
done painting, getting ready for arranging
This cubby is just wonderful and will serve a display and wrapping/check out
The side cubby
This space was originally the water authority office and accepted payments at this lovely oak teller window.
done painting, getting ready for arranging

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Getting ready for Gallery Sneak Peek on Saturday the 16th

We have painted, scrubbed, taken out *stuff*, to make room, and brought in displays for the last 2 weeks in preparation for a showing this Saturday. The space is looking just beautiful! I have Kennedy Signs coming in today to letter the windows and my partner and I will be working tonight on a sign board for outside along with other details to prepare the space. Tomorrow ECCOTA Executive Director Andi Willis is bringing a sampling from the Ridgway Gallery to get a presence in Johnsonburg. She also came by Monday for a tour of the building by our building manager Christine Bressler. Chris has been there for 20 years and is such a wealth of history. On Monday Chris also brought out some pictures that I had not seen of the building through the years of events and such. Too much fun I am having with the space and learning all about this once thriving town.
A book was written some time back about our history that I have to purchase yet from the Elk County Historical Society with all sorts of information. A very talented artist from here had done the sketches and I will eventually have her in the gallery when I do a round up of artists from town.

Monday, September 04, 2006

I finally have a name for the gallery

I made some postcards for our sneak peak on the 16th of September
front of postcard for the Flemish House Gallery

the back with a bit of building history
back of postcard for the Flemish House Gallery
The name came from a combination of two thoughts:
  1. that it was built as a community house in the nouveau living styles of New York City for the town as a total fitness, cultural and gathering center.
  2. the brick is laid out in a Flemish brick pattern on the outside of the structure


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