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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Trying to be Spring here in the Pennsylvania Wilds Region

With another snow storm heading our way last evening, causing the wind to pick up, our little Shasta Compact decided she was ready for Spring throwing off her tarp.  Good thing we put it back on since today is bringing snow.. It is beautiful, but, freakin' eh, I need the warm weather to stick.

     Freakin Eh-  Exclamation. An emphatic interjection expressing the speaker's discontent, frustration, or surprise concerning some circumstance, thing, person, etc.  -taken from Urban Dictionary 

just yesterday early evening
 It was nice to go in to check on the porch furniture cushions, blankets, pillows and all the curtains stored during the Winter months finding all safe and sound though, truly.  After a great big sigh of relief back on went the gray tarp as seen below.
8:00 this morning
I just looked out the living room window, while typing away at this post, seeing a white out laying down a solid blanket of snow on our corner of the county.  Above you see squares of shingles waiting to be a new screen porch roof that will be the next home for my studio finnnnally free from a snow/ice pile.  Just a brief storm though, 66 degrees come Thursday :)  Wild weather!

filmstrip of our 1971 Shasta Compact through the last 4 years

Friday, November 14, 2014

Simple Recipes- DOUBLE Strength Vanilla Extract

I have not made vanilla extract in over 17 years and totally miss the difference this rich addition to my pantry makes. Baking, coffee drinks and cocktails come to mind initially when thinking of recipes.  
 The oldest daughter found a cool little book, pictured above, at the town book sale- when Larissa volunteered to our library, gifting it to ME of course :)  David P. Butts, lol :)
Keeping your own creations on hand really enhances the cooking/baking experience.  Fresh ground Old Bay Seasoning, Curry spice blends, Chai  whole spices, chili powder and even spicy ketchup are wonderful to pull out cooking something special for friends and family.  

Fair Trade Certified Bourbon vanilla beans, grown in Madagascar, purchased from Frontier Cooperative Herbs in Norway, Iowa were used.  Frontier has been on my radar ever since owning an herb/garden shop in the 90's buying bulk items.  Lavender, rose buds, whole/ground spices, different mustard flours, seeds and bulk teas just to name a few.  Retail treasures for the shoppe  included mortar and pestles, pepper-mills, tea pots, coffee presses and other botanical awesomeness from this great source.  

a split vanilla bean, with all those beautiful pasty seeds, waiting to be scraped
so many seeds!

scraped pods and seeds infusing in white rum are housed now in this fab Absolute Vodka Wild Tea bottle  
after only 4 days of cold steeping

*Shake every few days while infusing

*Topping off with more liquor is the next step when the level starts to go down from being used in cooking.  After a couple times of this the color is going to get lighter, just take a few beans out and replace with new.

The Wild Tea Absolute was super I must say.  Lovely libation HERE for Absolute Ginger Tea with Wild Tea-  enjoy!

camping strip with the 1971 Shasta Compact, Red Bridge @ Kinzua 2011

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shasta Compact and working studio

A view from our bedroom towards the artisan jewelry studio and Claire, a 1971 Shasta Compact.
The addition will come out from the greenhouse window out towards you about 20 ft. and then a few feet deeper than the existing 10'x10' space.
An openhouse is being planned the second weekend in June during the Art on the EDGE, artisan trail event and tour.  The 'Shasta' will be decked out also with a vintage style striped awning which is where the studio will serve refreshments out of along with some Atomic Garden Vintage mid century modern . retro . vintage . reclaimed items. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011


The Shasta is now in the yard finally, where it will be slumbering until Spring. This new location will be quite wonderful for the upcoming Spring camping season and needed renovations. The renovations will include interior and exterior fixes from fan-tastic vent installations to reupholstring and cabinet repairs.

Monday, November 07, 2011

I am not READY....

IMG_0512 by Stephanie Distler
IMG_0512, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
The thought of leaving for the weekend in our tiny vintage mobile cottage, that can be just that a 'cottage' any place in the country, makes me very, very sad. This thought is especially sharp at the moment with our crazy lives not ALLOWING a precious needed getaway.
The Shasta is finding it's way to the backyard where it will be safe and sound tucked in for the winter. I can use her in the Spring for retro style parties and early stacations to get us started ;)
This thought will keep me going anyway, while the snow covers us for months...


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