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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Five Years + Revisited

Many art friends and their open houses, shows, experimenting and beads later here is a revisit between 2005 and 2010.
1. opera length commission with handmade beads/faces and semi-precious beads 2.  forged and folded copper hearts 3. hand sewn original felt butterfly pin 4. Sterling Silver hammered earrings  5.  Petrified Wood necklace house in Bradford  7.  herb tea 8.  BeadArt doll embroidered and dry felted
Focus has changed but, I feel my design push is still the same with palette and texture.  I miss working with felt and seed beads on art dolls and brooches but, the metal is part of my life.  Perhaps my obsessing about what my focus was is affecting moving forward with more intricate metal work.

What was your break through?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Studio Tour

corner with workbench and tools by Stephanie Distler
left corner of the working studio with pliers, dapping set, disc cutter, sheet metal, hammer collection, anvils, etc.  I am not that excited about the Dremel and can't wait to invest in a Foredom hand drill.
I have closed up the gallery as of February 1st in preparation for opening up my own studio and shop in the gardens at our home. An addition is in the planning stages with being completed by the end of May, is what dh is telling me anyway. I believe him though for I know that he is quite frightened with all the gallery 'stuff' that is now hanging about our home.  He made room for the larger pieces such as the antique furniture and display pieces including a fab, very large, case for the jewelry and the gorgeous horse hair couch and carved velvet chairs.   
more organized 'stuff' everywhere
beading section and wirewrapping along with a dvd goodstuff

I still have space to move about and not pull my hair out trying to be organized even though I have been adding more to the mix from the gallery.  Here is the set from the beginning if you want to see it a bit more spare.

This is a portion of the semi-precious and Czech beads stash for future work

I can come in during the day to work getting lost until my youngest comes home from school.  It is a dream come true having it all at home and will have to pinch myself all the time when the addition is finished and actually out my back door.  What is really going to blow my mind is having 'Claire' our vintage travel trailer as part of the experience also combined with the working studio, artisan jewelry and fiberware shop and her, our Shasta Compact, to sell atomic vintage from or lunches when openhouses or receptions are scheduled.

HOOT, HOOT!!!!! :) :) :)

butterfly bracelet
Yesterday I also assembled this bracelet more on the way along with quotes and riveted rings.


cat and new find

Sunday, September 07, 2008

New Rings

DSC09897, originally uploaded by mossnbeads.

Look at all the pretty little finger dressings :)
Digging into my button stash brought all sorts of pretties for any soiree about town or country, lol.....

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Another Treasury :)

I am included in another treasury by a wonderful artist from ETSY.
and in this one
Thank-you all!
I need to get busy and create more of these wonderful brooches.
What is better than lettering and beading, and then the combination, oh my....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Creating a Custom Order

A lovely collector of mine has requested a lariat with dragonflies and botanicals. I have set up some pics for her to help in palette and stone choices. Here you see Labradorite, Red Agate stars, boro lampwork, Serpentine Crosses, Yellow Turquoise, River Stone 4mm....Love this
I love this face with the handcarving.
  lariat creating
Giving her the option for perhaps an opera length necklace style.
lariat ideas for collector
Too fun with all the textures, palette and stone choices.
stone ideas

Friday, March 18, 2005

Beaded Brooch class sampler

I am preparing for my beaded brooch class for next week. You all have seen some of my sample pieces during the last month and the last couple weeks I have almost completed a sampler of bead embroidery stitches. It is nothing intricate, I just wanted to inspire my students to try something different.
It includes single stitch, backstitch, couching, boucche, edging techniques, spangling, blanket stitch variations, setting in a cabochon, lazy stitch and cross stitch w/beads.
Crazy quilting is one of my in awe loves and I have wanted to get more into applying that to my freeform bead embroidery work. I feel with the beaded brooches you can have immediate satisfaction in this small piece of texturally stitched wearable art.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Finished lopsided heart! All edged and ready to be worn. Look at all the different red seeds placed to add texture and effect. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Don't they make a pair!!! They took along time to complete, oh my goodness. These were a round robin that me and my Kentucky friend tossed back and forth for quite sometime. For those not familiar with a RR, what happens is the participants take turns working on the doll and then pass them to the next person. Well, we did it amongst the 2 of us, it was great fun...shorter wait sometimes, lol...sorry my friend Posted by Hello

Monday, February 21, 2005

A 2-1/2" doll completed, her theme is growth/renewal. I am not happy with my scanner and 3 dimensional work. The tear drop beads on her head are so crystal clear and so many other beads that I add to her for texture/light effect are lost in the scan. The face did not turn out too horribly... Posted by Hello

Almost finished with this brooch. I used backstitching, tubular peyote, fringing, bocche stitch and then connecting the backing with a 3 bead picot. The bulk of the seed beads are 11's, some 8's and then the 4x4's around the face cab. I am going to attach a silver dragon fly to embellish her bottom. Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Here are the brooches I have been working on along with the 2 shapes that are up soon. The Illuminated medieval style S is of course for *Me*. More of the postage stamp shape ones will be made up first before the mermaid and goddess shapes. Posted by Hello


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