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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday and also her oldest daughter Ellimena Rai's.  They can go through life celebrating their birthdays together no matter where they end up in the world at any given time that connection is there.
Larissa, 2005, the year before she attended film school +Full Sail University  in Florida with our lovely Marta watching on.
Ellimena loving the pool  while visiting Gramma and Grampa Summer 2013
They are alike in many ways, including their appearance, mannerisms, passions and drive to learn something different each and every day on this earth.   From a very young age Larissa collected books along with starting a logging system to keep inventory of all her stacks contained in that small bedroom of hers. Elly's wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up!  How super is that!!  Larissa continues the learning process with her daughter at every turn with now being employed at the town's beautiful historical library it is even more magical.  Yes!  Her passion for books is now her much beloved career choice!

Happy birthday to Larissa and Ellimena Rai!  May your day be filled with glorious happenings.  xoxo


warm weather strip 1. Tameryn and Pretzel 2. porch lit up w/edison lights 3. Elly playing porch ponies at Grammas 4. fried green tomatoes 5. dock up East Branch Dam 6. Winnebago early summer camping and 7. Spring bouquet

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Whirl Wind of a Christmas

Christmas, one of the most anticipated times of the year, was gone in an instant.  December itself, with each passing day, left us with that feeling of where did the week go?  Yes, yes.. Being adults, we don't pay attention to the details of our day to day lives, which contributes to this phenomenon, lol.
It was definitely a merry Christmas.
We went that little extra this year since our Daughter and her family were coming in.  She has not spent Christmas at home for 7 years and now along with her fab self has 2 beautiful daughters adding to the mix.  The addition of little people always adds that extra awesomeness!  
Alice and Elly 
This was Alice's first trip to Pennsylvania.

Alice Jane and her Mom

Prepping for Christmas with some cold smoked cheese and pepperoni

An open house was held for Christmas Eve.

Friends and family Christmas Eve

Princess Elly and Kallie Christmas Eve

Christmas morning stockings

Christmas night @ my Mom's opening gifts
Finishing kitchen trim/new bathroom and laundry doors, baking cookies and cooking supper together when they first arrived from Illinois

Celebrating at my Father's for his birthday.
Around the house.
new trim- wonderful gift from the husband

wall tree with decorations the daughters made through the years

a favorite paper cutter! 

doors and trim finished- yes

A sweet gift from my eldest, Larissa-  a camper bank under the pot holder kitchen tree, for saving money towards summer camping trips.

Christmas Eve- dh and I  :)

Another year under our belts!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Small Things: Elly and the crazy little pug she is missing

During the Summer, when the oldest Grandchild comes to visit, is a such a super special time.  Lots of Elly time on the big porch are a give in. Porch time includes bringing out toys from when our girls were growing up to all day just kickin' it snuggled in the hammock.  Legos, Tinker Toys, wood blocks, Lincoln Logs, old Disney story cassettes and my youngest's horse collection to name a few her favorites.  On this day she was especially missing her pug, Potato.  
Yayyyy for Pugs with wagging tongues!
Creating a 'mini me' with this little bean bag pup was a no-brainer for you can't miss Potato's leathery weathered tongue each and every time you come upon him morning, noon or night there it is, lol.
Awhile back, at a Church sale, a stack of Woolrich samples made it into my sewing stash.  That reddish stripe, on the Hudson Bay blanket samples, was a perfect match.
Just a quick outline with a Sharpie marker on that stripe and cut--- we were ready to sew.  After coming up through a seam on his underside with thread, turning under the the felt edge to then place against the right hand side of the mouth and a few quick stitches he is her beloved Potato.  Before going back down through to tie the thread off, a baseball stitch was then bordered around giving more play-ability to the piece plus a realistic appearance to that tongue.

swinging after puzzles with ME

I am baffled... where did this Summer go!!!

What small creative projects have you come up with lately?


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