Friday, September 30, 2005

25 things about *ME*

I have been posting tons of pictures lately but, not really wordy posts. I am trying to get my thoughts together to make work for upcoming shows this Fall and Winter and needed to become reacquainted with myself.
  1. all about the nasal, have to smell everything
  2. texture too, cannot keep my fingers off stuff
  3. love tea but, lately coffee
  4. still not a purest, cream and sugar please
  5. too many collections going on at any given moment
  6. trying to become more austere in my decorating
  7. my Sony Cybershot DSC-H1 is my new obsession
  8. fresh herbs rule
  9. always cry in Gladiator
  10. in Titanic
  11. in The Secret Garden, blah, blah, blah...
  12. my girls come first
  13. hate but, love winter
  14. wish a lived in a warmer climate all year long
  15. my upstairs is very, very messy
  16. and it drives me insane
  17. morning person
  18. still have not had that retro party but, keep suggesting it time and time again, complete with fondue
  19. too, too many fondue pots...10 now I think
  20. just discovering the beauty of the me at 39
  21. I read reference books over fiction
  22. love images, which entails being on the computer too much
  23. I find my husbands balding head very attractive
  24. too many stacks of books, everywhere
  25. always thinking about the next project

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Home Vignette Thursday

Home Vignette Thursday
Originally uploaded by mossnbeads.

Blue Girl and Ironstone rest on my livingroom mantel just staring and sitting. I love this oil painting that my Great Uncle did, many years ago. I inherited this piece along with many sketches, from his sister, my Grandmother.

She also was very much the artist.

Come visit at

Lou's felted pillows

Lou's felted pillows
Originally uploaded by mossnbeads.

DD has been on a felting binge with pillows and embelllishing. I love her new work!

Larissa is making these felted accent pillows now. They are the real deal, everything about them is handcrafted felt from her hands.

So color rich!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Originally uploaded by mossnbeads.
This is a pile of work that needs to be completed today 3 necklaces, lariat and some custom orders. Please send me productive vibes....
Yesterday I heard confirmation that the large package was received safe and sound. I was so afraid something would happen to damage the work, or it would get lost, or the weather...etc. etc.
I packed it up extra special with not only her purchased pieces but, loads of extras for her wonderful self.


Originally uploaded by mossnbeads.
She had to have the real Grimm's fairy tales, just to see what it is all about. Pretty interesting stuff I must say. This one is called the Willful Child. Lots of death and carnage, crazy stuff.... Can you imagine, back in the day, the thoughts that went through those little one's minds?

Kara's Tree People

Kara's Tree People
Originally uploaded by mossnbeads.
These are part of my Larissa's art collection. She has that Tolkien love in her choices. I am hoping the artist will have more done for the OpenHouse we will be having in October.

Bee Chatting

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My Bee does love to send messages to our friend in Indiana. They may only be *audibles* but hey, she puts forth effort, lol...

Nasty trash Boy

I am so sorry for getting in the trash.....again........ Mom
He is such an attentive loving Border Collie in that he is not destructive or nippy. But, every now and then he just starts to tweak about needing to get in the garbage. We have him on a diet, for he is a bit of a Kielbasa, food is his drug of choice and I forgot to tie the bag...Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 25, 2005

A little fire newt had a photo shoot yesterday. Aren't they beautiful in all their vivid orange. Posted by Picasa

I found this on a wonderful quilt artist

Your Hidden Talent
Your natural talent is interpersonal relations and dealing with people.You communicate well and are able to bring disparate groups together.Your calming presence helps everything go more smoothly.People crave your praise and complements.

ARTISAN'S MARKET Kane Pa. October 8th

My next event! Kane is promoting an artisan's market in October 8th, a first for the FRESH committee. Posted by Picasa

Forest Nook Fall Festival

The show yesterday was in Cook Forest State Park at the Forest Nook Restaurant and shoppe. Here is a pic of the shoppe where we were next to. Such a gorgeous day in Pennsylvania! Larissa, Pat and I again together for this one. Friends of mine from town are involved with this restaurant venture. They asked it I would be interested in being the featured artist for the day, in their first of many fall shows to come. A local radio station came to broadcast the event. They have some fantastic ideas on how to better the area's artisan scene. Posted by Picasa

Display was not too bad without the case.. Posted by Picasa

Larissa is teaching classes at ECCOTA on freeform knitting. Here is a scarf just completed on Nicki. It wraps around a few times, for it is very long. Sunrise to Sunset is the thought. She loves this piece and insisted on modeling it throughout the day. Posted by Picasa

My display minus the glass case! I forgot the brackets for the glass, just made do. I am always afraid with the stones and dolls and the picking up aspect of. It was not too bad with customers. Posted by Picasa

I left the sides open at this show. Again a shot of Pat's work.. Posted by Picasa

Thea found herself a knitting corner.. Posted by Picasa

We had a wonderful corner area off of the canopy to create in. Here sits Lou, Thea and Nicki(relation of the owners) Posted by Picasa

teaching Thea's friend, Nicki, to dry felt embellish artdolls... Posted by Picasa

needle felting necessities Posted by Picasa

It was an absolutely beautiful fall experience! Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 23, 2005

Package sent

Just sent out a huge collection of my work! Thetis Silverfoot Mermaid, Growth ArtDoll, Tea Garden Muse, 'Felicity' Beaded Quilt on Nature Series, custom bracelets and face beads. Three of my most favorite pieces are going to a collector, who loves my work! What a gift to give an artist, thank you! You have a few special gifts in and amongst, enjoy....
Hopefully it does not get caught up in all this crazy weather. .....

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Home Vignettes Thursday

Home Vignettes' Thursday contribution. Bottles, sunrise/sunset scarf, beads and Pat aRt combined Posted by Picasa

Posting *stuff*

I cannot believe it has been Tuesday since my last post for, I have been an insane posting person lately. I am getting a very large package together for a collector and getting some other custom orders ready. There is a show this weekend where I am being featured, it is a new restaurant called 'The Forest Nook' in Cooks Forest. I have invited my dd and friend Miss Pat to go along for the day. It should be just gorgeous in and amongst the park and fall foliage. It is a beautiful area!
I love Flickr and started another group called Realizations in Pennsylvania
So many good photo ops in the area. Photo walks with some Pa. locals would be great eventually. I have eldest dd hooked!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Monday, September 19, 2005

Summer's End Show pics

Summers End...what a great beginning pic for the show. This is one of Pat's wonderful paper cuttings to set the pace for this journaling . Posted by Picasa

All the days essentials chair, cards, water, etc. Prepared for all that the fest is going to bring. Posted by Picasa

The french walls from Trimline are fantastic in displaying heavy artwork. Some of these tiled pieces are quite heavy, a very good test on the fabric. Don't they look great. Posted by Picasa

Lou discussing her purchase of a Beatles wall hanging with dear friend Pat. I really like my new glass displays! They are so welcoming to *stuff*. Posted by Picasa

A welcoming row of artists and crafters. This year we had many talented artisans and entertainment for all to enjoy. Posted by Picasa


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