Thursday, June 30, 2005

The 31st Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival

~A bit about the Festival:

The acclaimed Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival offers the best in visual and live performing arts, traditional and fine crafts, cultural heritage activities, humanities, and exciting ethnic foods, providing something for everyone’s tastes and keeping people coming back year after year.
An annual summer celebration, the free Festival takes place at Twin Lakes Park in Greensburg, July 1-4, 2005 from 11am-8pm. Annual attendance is over 100,000.

The mission of the Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival is to present exceptional visual arts, traditional crafts, educational activities and live performing artists to enlighten, entertain and enrich the community, while preserving and demonstrating Pennsylvania’s historical and living cultural heritage.

This is where my body will be for the next 4 days!!!!! Come and look me up and you will get a surprise ;)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I hate disposable cameras..... This would be such a cool picture of Tameryn. What a woman! Posted by Hello

These are shots of my youngest and then my middle women. The eldest is still in Kazakhstan, has been for the last 3 weeks, I miss her too, too much. They love to be apart of it all and I love for them to be. Posted by Hello

Come in, come in... Posted by Hello

again my Auntie Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

This painting is called "Gnarled Poplars in Red" original is 30x22" one of Sean's recent paintings Lovely work....
Posted by Hello

'Gardens of the Soul' pictures

The artist reception for the show 'Gardens of the Soul' was held July 18th, thank you all for attending. It went very well. I had two additions to the showing and brought in my 2 artist friends work Patti Eckstrom and Sean Huntington's.
Pat and my Mother made some delicious finger foods that were extremely tasty, quiches, crab rolls, spreads, cookies, etc. I brought some wine and Patti also added some good cheeses to the mix. Friends and family came to show their support. My Aunt Celia's boys, or rather young men now, were very excited about Gallagher . He was showing next store at the Reg Lenna theatre.Posted by Hello

..... Posted by Hello

My Aunt Celia between Pat's Oak Leaves and The Aspen Quilt. A very unique shot of her, again flash.... Posted by Hello

Here is the front view of a portion of the Reg Lenna complex showing the marquee and the entrance to the Palace Gallery. Posted by Hello

I am named Moss Designs for love of the forest floor. Sean's fiddleheads are just wonderful. Posted by Hello

Here is one of Sean's works. I had him and Pat bring in their work too, for I love it all too, too much. Posted by Hello

I know, I know... I could not find my good camera so, I had to resort in using a disposable. The flash would not work reliably and did not work at all with my display along withc some of Pat's pieces. I was very upset at the resulting shots but, you can see the bones of what I brought and the display. My husband built the shadow boxes, case and vintage pillars for this show. There are 3 neckpieces in the frames and 2 small artdolls in the 5"x5" mirrored boxes. Posted by Hello

This is a shot coming into the front room of the space showing Oksana's paintings. She paints with oils and has a very free brush style.  Posted by Hello

A trio of artists at the Palace LtoR Pat, my Dear Daughter, me and Sean Posted by Hello

Patti Eckstrom Aspen Leaves Quilt. I have been collecting her wonderful work for the past 10 years. This is one of her newest. She is also building a series of framed cut glass pieces. Her work is fabulous! Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 23, 2005

... Posted by Hello

Some more work I did yesterday afternoon. These two chokers are done in red agates, turquoise, tigerseye, lampworking, Aztec Sunstone, amber and Bali silver. I never found my ss wires for the earrings, so off to create more, grinding the ends of, connecting to swirls and off to the tumbler they will go to harden/polish. Posted by Hello

Manayunk Arts Festival

We are leaving for Philly tomorrow about 2-3pm hopefully. I am very disappointed not to have the glass clips to have a wonderful modern display of glass cases for this show. I love the look of those clips and glass. I planned one case to be 18" high for my ArtDolls and jewelry display and the other 3' long one only 12" tall for my quilted stones, brooches,etc. The clips were supposed to be in today and will not be in until next Tuesday. I want to continue a row of displays across and have nothing in reach, for the amount of people who attend I hear is around 500,000.
The area is wonderful with galleries and interesting shoppes, I am very excited! It is only a Saturday/Sunday show and none of the 4 and 5 day shows we have been doing. I pulled most of my gallery display in Jamestown for this show and will have it back there next week. I snapped all sorts of pictures of that show from last Saturday and will show you them when I get back. It was a lovely time with friends and family.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

These 2 rosaries and chaplet were also completed today. I used more ocean jasper, olive jade, red agates and some yellow turquoise. The two crosses are brass, then on the chaplet we have 3 charms and one picture jasper wing. These color combinations are extremely appealing to me at the moment along with the brass. Old English for prayer was 'bede', bead work is an amazing process. Posted by Hello

I am loving this choker created this evening. I went on the screen porch to stretch, took another look at Larissa's teapot color choices with new eyes and decided that is just perfect for the ocean jasper beads I just received from auction. The contrasting blue would be then this wonderful denim lapis faceted nugget I have been holding onto. I filled in the piece with indian sandcast beads with like color thought. Can you see the earthy yellow in one of them, it was the only one on the sandcast strand, I think it makes it all come together Posted by Hello

Last evening was our monthly Elk County Council on the Arts meeting. It went very well and as always a very enjoyable group. The Summer's End Festival was discussed and here is the newly printed up brochures for the event. I am taking a pile to Manayunk for passing about this weekend. The tours of the historical homes of Ridgway are amazing as is the Festival. Posted by Hello

Yesterday I pounded up some 20 pair of my freestyle hand hammered ss earrings. I misplaced my stash of earwires I made last week, arggghhhhh! Today I am stringing prayer pieces from olive jade, red agates and freshwater pearls. The bronze crosses I purchased from the Rosary Workshop are so very fitting along with some ocean jasper for accent. I will put up pics later today or tomorrow morning of the rosary style necklaces. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Linguistic Profile

I did not want to put yet another addition to my sidebar so, here is something cool I found on Natural Dye Journal. She is so very into her work and has taken it to a whole other level in fiberart. I love her site!

Your Linguistic Profile:

75% General American English
15% Yankee
5% Dixie
5% Midwestern
0% Upper Midwestern

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Monday, June 20, 2005


Artists are very diverse in style, technique and drive. I am always floored by the depth of work from artists. Bonnie of Dakini Dreams has a quote on her page which says, "The secret of life is in art" by Oscar Wilde. Think about it there is art all around us even in the smallest of places, one does not have to peer far. We can find art in the way a flower blooms, a bead reflects or a single word. Art is all around us in all that we do and say. We just have to look at the world through *opened* eyes.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Cindy aka faeriebeader Posted by Hello

A loss in the bead art world

I went on one of my newly joined forums called beaded_art_dolls on Yahoo and started to read through a couple of the new posts. Ellen from beadart on delphi was discussing one of the forum members from there in the past tense. I continued to read through and realized it was Cindy aka faeriebeader. Here is a little from BeadArt that explains:
Cindy McCornack has been a member of Bead Art Forum since the very first year the forum was formed. She has been a valuable source of inspiration, support and love for all of the Bead Art family. A few years ago, Cindy was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, a type of lung cancer. The cancer was stage 4 at diagnosis, and spread to other organs.
On June 16, 2005, Cindy died of her cancer at 6:00 AM. She was a dear friend, and her loss will be felt.

I felt at such a loss for words with this news. This wonderful forum has been running auctions to donate money for her and just had one for a new laptop. She was a wonderful person and I have enjoyed reading her posts for the past 4 years. I may not have had much input on the forum but, have often thought of her through her trials and joys.
Her work is magic

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I am HOME!

We arrived yesterday morning about 3am from Pittsburgh. It took longer than I thought to break down my booth. We had an interesting time from arrival 'til leaving. When we arrived we ended up needing towed then to sign up on Smallmen Street, unloading at the point and back to the Hotel in Greentree. I guess the gas was bad but, it was insane for a time. There was shuttle service from the Hotel everyday and breakfast every morning there also. Each day was extremely hot with 100% humidity and in a plastic canopy sometimes it can be torture. It really was not that bad with the hot, you get used to it after the first day. I ran into a few artists that I new from the Wilkes-Barre show in May and was glad to see them.
My neighbor was Mary Lois Verilla "The Lady Who Paints Pittsburgh", I love her! She is so sweet and a true person, very honest,
There were tons of Jewelry artists, potters, painters, etc. a lovely assortment.
I will journal more later, time to go pick up my youngest from school.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Three River's Art Festival

I am heading to Pittsburgh tomorrow around 3pm and will not be home again until Monday the 13th. It is supposed to thunderstorm all 6 days! Can you imagine that! We are coming prepared not just with weights, new canopy and a series of new plastic containers but, also me with all of my seed beads, wool roving, brooch materials and tons of artdoll forms. This way I will atleast be productive in my portable studio, ;), in all the rain. Please pray for sunny weather my friends, for I really need to recoup expenses.
I am also feeling very bad about not being here to send off my Larissa to Kazakhstan on that Monday. I made her a little momento pouch to keep with her along with a mantra about listening to her inner voice. I am so very afraid for her innocent body over in a strange country with all the distention they are experiencing at the moment. I will also be at the Westmoreland show when she returns, :(. My Lou has been bugging me to go to Allegretto's for pie all week for a small Mother Daughter escape so, tomorrow we are going before I leave. She has been extremely busy with graduating last Friday, Kazakhstan and getting prepared to leave for Full Sail in Florida for Film study. OH MY.....................hmmmmmmmmmmmm......... I will miss her too, too much to even breath.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Showing the backs of my smaller dolls using a dry felting technique to embellish. I really love the way the sunflower felted out. We have a summer garden, tea garden and forest floor themed trio going on.... Posted by Hello
I am in the process of making shadow boxes for all of my ArtDolls, they need a home, ;) We are using cherry and the fronts will open also. The one for my 'Blue Mermaid' will be 8"Wx9"Lx5.75"D and the others are much smaller, 5" square/3"D Posted by Hello


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