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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Don't ask why my Mother dressed me up as a flower child and then commenced on taking photos of me outside in December.  Am I making a proclamation in the first B&W dunno but, it is a fun none the less.  That wig sparks a memory of being itchy, that vest is something I am pretty sure my Mom kept in her closet perhaps wearing the night prior and I especially did not enjoy wearing those thick opaque stockings.   I always loved this set of photos, there are quite a few more actually!
TBT and 4 almost 5 years old me, December 1970 at my Grandmother Redmond's, on Mill Street, Johnsonburg, a few months before my Brother was born in February.

I love the middle choices-  Aluminum, Aurora Red, Misted Yellow, Sangria and instead of Mauve Mist the Radiant Orchid would slide in next.  I can see pairs of earrings intertwined with these colors in  stones, artisan beads, oxidized copper and sterling silver in a very organic way. 

What have you already picked up for the season not realizing these were THE colors?

Tameryn, youngest of ours, her Winter jacket could fit in along side Radiant Orchid or some of those long sleeved t-shirts I  ordered a few weeks back for myself.
Pantone Fall 2014 Fashion Color Report


TBT strip LEFT to RIGHT:  Tameryn/Marta, Stephan, Sevin, Thea/Larissa, Savana/Tameryn and me around 2005


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