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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Until next year

This past Summer was a bugs busy season.  As always the porch gives us a place to land and come back to center with a book or quick chat with a friend.
This year's annual combos in pots were salmon geraniums, sweet purple Allysum, Profusion White Zinnias and sprigs of  Purple Wondering Jew starts from last year.  Potted herbs are a necessary part of the porch experience too.  Five different varieties of Lavender were divided up among each pot of annuals also with Prostrate Rosemary, Thyme, Pot Marjoram, Berggarten Sage, Pineapple Sage and Lemon Verbena in separate pots.

Having a morning coffee behind the curtain :)

Rabbit Foot Fern

Setting up during Arts Fest in June at Elk Country Visitor Center
There were a few shows this year that I found myself at with my artisan jewelry business.  Pennsylvania Wilds Arts Fest, LH JAMS Jazz & art Festival and The PA Wilds Art Invitational at Lynn Hall were wonderful local shows and all The Wilds Cooperative of PA related.

She is such a Spider Monkey
Until next year!

Friday, June 06, 2014

This Year's Porch

I have been obsessing ever since purchasing Behr Deckover a month back for our wrap around porch.  It is a fairly new product, just coming on the market last year, so the negative reviews did not start rolling in until after we purchased 2-5 gallon buckets for the over 600 square foot of porch.
 Decided to just go for it starting with the porch 'stuff' move out in the back.  Here shot from the screen porch.
Shot from the studio towards the garden.  Lol, I don't know...just found it cool to have it all on the lawn.
Cutting in and filling large cracks or screw holes.  Tameryn and Thea did quite a bit of painting, especially Tameryn. Those railings were painted also from a sage green to a bright, clean white.  A pressure washer worked out great too for all the steps in this process including washing all that old vinyl siding from the mid 80's.  
 First coat after letting it dry and then the second 4-6 hours later.  It was a beautiful day to paint, painting until 9 pm.
The curing takes 72 hours before any major walking and also decorating of course.  It rained 2 days later making the paint seem spongy to me, dh said I was over obsessing to just move everything on if I wanted.... I did wait until later that day to start with putting on the Reversible Rugs, letting it dry a bit more and then the rest of what you see.

2013 showing a brown stain used originally and sage green railings.  The stain did last for quite sometime painting it in 2010 with only some chipping on the ends after the railing edge.  
The Desert Sand really brightened up the space, which was a welcome change from that dark brown shown here.

This morning's sun casting some great shadows on the newly painted decking boards.  The anti-gravity chairs seen here are for this summer's camping trips but, can live here for now for I am rather enjoying this more modern arrangement.
 Larger view from steps that lead to the back garden with my 4 year Bay tree and brightly painted Adirondack chairs.
After cleaning out and organizing a spare bedroom for the Granddaughter's summer visit, this outdoor checker set, my Mom bought the girls quite a few years back was found.  Hoot, hoot!
 Morning shots this am.  We wanted to have it all finished for Elly's visit this month.  She does love that hammock, porch swing, the hummingbird feeders and bright green Adirondack chair where she eats her mint chip ice cream during those super summer visits with the Grandparents.

We will see how the Behr Deckover withstands us and our Pennsylvania winters.  Fingers crossed....X
What is on your porch?   I love the quaint sign I just saw on Pinterest that goes, 

Here in the South we don't hide crazy... We parade it on the front porch and give it a sweet tea.  

Monday, February 18, 2013


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