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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

For the love of a good SOFTIE

After Sunday Breakfast with friends and hearing about how Nancy is all about gearing her muse towards sewing, my urge to design a line of Softies or Stuffies has begun again.  I don't know if 'line' is the best word choice, maybe yearly birth or the sporadic softie project or the perfect alignment of stars softie, lol.
Back in 1999 when I started beading ArtDolls these lovely stuffies kept coming up when searching for different stitch techniques, across the web for bead embroidery, until I became obsessed with creating my own style.
2006 to 2010  starting top left:
  • Machine pieced w/glass eye and felt eye structure doll 
  • Simple poodles machine pieced
  • Simple squared elephant made from my oldest daughter light blue corduroy pants and Eeyore inspired tale
  •  Pincushion w/vintage buttons and embroidery floss
  • Pieced, machine stitched raggedy Ann, inspired rag doll
  • The last doll machine pieced body, upcycled jeans, pieced, hand sewn felt coat with bead and thread embroidery and ultra suede face that was Prisma pencil sketched.  The hair was a collection of fibers resembling Johnny Depp at the time :) :)
A team effort between machine work, dry felting, embroidery and hand stitching were used not in all work but, most.
little birds sewn from a pattern on HERE and this is the designer Michael Fulkerson in Philadelphia

Here is a handful of softie fabness that caught my eye in 2006 and are still going strong today with their creativity:

  1. LoobyLu
  2. Wee Wonderfuls
  3. Mimi Kirchner
  4. Hillary Lang
  5. Look What I Can Do
  6. Merwing
  7. Three Green Apples
  8. Molly Chicken
  9. Wee Folk Studio
  10. Oh Albatros 

Yes, yes, yes, I frequented these sights over and over years back and revisit now and again still


First machine sewing project March 2007

Friday, July 18, 2014

Small Things: Elly and the crazy little pug she is missing

During the Summer, when the oldest Grandchild comes to visit, is a such a super special time.  Lots of Elly time on the big porch are a give in. Porch time includes bringing out toys from when our girls were growing up to all day just kickin' it snuggled in the hammock.  Legos, Tinker Toys, wood blocks, Lincoln Logs, old Disney story cassettes and my youngest's horse collection to name a few her favorites.  On this day she was especially missing her pug, Potato.  
Yayyyy for Pugs with wagging tongues!
Creating a 'mini me' with this little bean bag pup was a no-brainer for you can't miss Potato's leathery weathered tongue each and every time you come upon him morning, noon or night there it is, lol.
Awhile back, at a Church sale, a stack of Woolrich samples made it into my sewing stash.  That reddish stripe, on the Hudson Bay blanket samples, was a perfect match.
Just a quick outline with a Sharpie marker on that stripe and cut--- we were ready to sew.  After coming up through a seam on his underside with thread, turning under the the felt edge to then place against the right hand side of the mouth and a few quick stitches he is her beloved Potato.  Before going back down through to tie the thread off, a baseball stitch was then bordered around giving more play-ability to the piece plus a realistic appearance to that tongue.

swinging after puzzles with ME

I am baffled... where did this Summer go!!!

What small creative projects have you come up with lately?


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