Thursday, August 24, 2006

Steven Jacob's Meet-Up at ECCOTA

Artist MeetUp August15
Steven Jacobs sitting being interviewed by local papers

An article from the Ridgway Record from yesterday's paper by Jake Perryman:

Rising independent filmmaking star returns to area
Wednesday, August 23, 2006 2:42 PM EDT

Johnsonburg native Steven Jacobs was on hand Tuesday night for a trailer viewing, question and answer session and reception at this months Elk County Council on the Arts Â?Artist Meet-up.Â?

Jacobs, a current Florida resident, is currently on a publicity tour promoting his films Â?AnatomiaÂ? and Â?e.,Â? both slated for completion in the near future.

Jacobs said of the event, Â?its really a re-introduction of me in this area.Â? He added, Â?most people don't know what I did in high school, not what I've done in the meantime.Â? He noted he was, Â?interested to see the reaction,Â? to his work in the area he is from. He pointed it's, Â?wonderful coming back to this.Â?

Jacobs presented trailers and film sequences from both films he is currently promoting including a six-minute trailer of Â?e.Â? set to music and the debut of the trailer to the film Â?Anatomia.Â? The Â?AnatomiaÂ? trailer, said Jacobs, hasn't even been presented to the cast and will debut on his Web site,, on Friday. He said of Â?Anatomia,Â? Â?it's a pretty exciting project.Â?

Jacobs is a producer, director and writer for Stargazer Filmworks in addition to taking duties as head of development. The independent production company out of Pompano, Fla., said Jacobs, focuses on small budget/high art projects.

Jacobs noted that anyone wanting help in the independent film world can reach him through the Stargazer Web site. He pointed out he would, Â?respond to anyone and be happy to give advice.Â?

Jacobs said he hopes to return to the area after touring the film festival circuit to give a full viewing of his two films.

Refreshments for the event were provided by the Johnsonburg Community Trust in support of a Johnsonburg artist, noted community trust members on hand.

The pre event
Artist MeetUp August6
flowers from my gardens---
Artist MeetUp August7
A corner sat up for Steven as with a small theater style setting
Artist MeetUp August14
Steven being interviewed by the Courier Express and the Bradford Era
Artist MeetUp August17
Artist MeetUp August15
lovely refreshments by the 'Trust'
Artist MeetUp August21
Our Mayor, Borough Manager and Community Trust member Barb Whitehouse
Artist MeetUp August23
Into the process
Artist MeetUp August29

Artist MeetUp August30
My dd made a grand entrance
Artist MeetUp August35
Steven Jacobs and ECCOTA Board Member Maureen
Artist MeetUp August36
Artist MeetUp August38
New Artistic Coordinator and Director Steven Jacobs
Artist MeetUp August42
New gallery artist Colton along with Nicki and my dd striking a Charlie's Angel pose
Artist MeetUp August43
It was a wonderful Meet-Up that has started a series of future gatherings for 'media arts' in Elk County. Steven will join us once again before the end of '06 for 3 presentations of his films hopefully with one in Johnsonburg, Ridgway and a larger venue in Pittsburgh at an independent theater.
This knowledgeable and talented artist will definately continue on to larger things in his film career. We are excited to have been there at the beginning!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Independent Film Director tonight at Art's Council

I have promoted and promoted our meet-up tonight featuring Steven Jacobs.
Interviews with local papers and WKBI are scheduled during the course of today along with getting a mini theater in the Gallery for his trailers and clips. We will see a trailer from his newest movie Anatomia that not even the actors have seen as of yet! It will be a very exciting Meet-Up with tons of pictures to follow over the next week on my blog and the ECCOTA Myspace

Elk County Council on the Arts

Artist Meetup 'Media Arts'

Held in the ECCOTA Gallery on 237 Main Street Ridgway, Pa. 15853

Tuesday August 22, 2006 6pm

Featuring Steven Jacobs


Featuring Independent Film Director Steven Jacobs in the Gallery to show clips from his films and a question and answer session

Independent Film Director Steven Jacobs, a Johnsonburg native, will make Ridgway one of the stops on his current publicity tour. Jacobs is a writer, director and producer with Stargazer Filmworks, an independent production company located in Pompano, FL, which focuses on small budget/high art projects. Considered a rising star in the independent film world, Jacobs says, “I promise to make only movies that matter, to do important work.” The public is invited to meet Jacobs and view samples of his work on Tuesday, Aug. 22 at 6 PM at the Elk County Council on the Arts Gallery. Please come to meet the artist and learn more about his fascinating work. To learn more about Steve Jacobs and his films, visit his website, www.

Please Join Us!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I am getting a working studio in town along with another artist friend of mine, Kara of Kara Creations . We will have a studio space in the 'ladies parlor' of the 3rd floor and then a gallery/class space on the first floor.
This building was built as a gift for the Community of Johnsonburg by the Hyde-Murphy Company for our Paper Mill early 1900's. It was a gorgeous building in it's day with a full gymnasium, pool w/lion's head fountains and diving board, 2nd floor track above the gym, ladies parlor, billiard room and grand ballroom all on it's 3rd floor.

The Hyde-Murphy Company was started in 1866 as the Ridgway Sash and Door Company. In addition to specializing in the building of company towns, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the Company was known for the fine woodworking craftsmanship it provided to homes, schools, colleges, churches, and public buildings.

Included among the number of stately and well-known public buildings for which they provided paneling and other fine woodwork are: the U.S. Congress, U.S. Supreme Court, the Pentagon, and the Smithsonian Institute. Many older stately homes in Ridway, Pennsylvania, have interiors built by the Hyde-Murphy Company. Hyde-Murphy ceased operations in 1961.

taken from:

I will include more information and side notes about the history of this grand building in a later post with also our plans of our venture.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Second Saturday Art and Antique Market

I will be in Pittsburgh, Pa. once again for the 2nd Saturday Art and Antique Market
Where: the corner of 30th and Penn Avenue on the Strip
from: 9 to 3

June's Market with Pat and I-
Second Saturday Arts&Antiques Market on the Strip

It will be the 3 of us for tomorrow Sean, Pat and I...funstuff
I left the van packed except for my art and jewelry so, loading will be easy enough.
More garden muses will be made all day for I sold the last one last evening right off of me...;)
Copper muse pendants for sale on ETSY
See you there!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Show pictures from yesterday ;)

Chautauqua Institute Miller Tower Show7
The day was fabulous in more that just weather and surroundings, which were outstanding on their own. An art show on the water....
All of my copper muses went as well as some very nice pieces.
Sean had turned Pat and I on to this show...thank-you friend Sean!

Pat's work in the front and then Sean and I in the background
Chautauqua Institute Miller Tower Show11

All of the artists were set around the perimeter of this circle of trees, right before the Miller Bell Tower.
Chautauqua Institute Miller Tower Show3

Chautauqua Institute Miller Tower Show9

I purchased new table coverings that I truly love! It feels good not to get lost in the sea of ivory of the old.
Chautauqua Institute Miller Tower Show12

The afterglow dining at the 'Italian Fisherman' in Bemus Point, NY
Pat and Sean partaking in a $14.00 slice o'cake...carrot and chocolate
Chautauqua Institute Miller Tower Show20

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tomorrow show at the Chautauqua Institute in NY

This is going to be a fun show!

I will be at the Chautauqua Institute Sunday, August 6th at the Miller Bell Tower

From: 12-4
an excerpt out of Wikipedia

If you need directions email me

Maine Finds from good friend and creating

A dear friend of mine just came back from a trip to Maine. She stopped at her usual bead store to find these Artistic Jasper tulip beads. Aren't they gorgeous? Love them.....
I paired them up with Amazonite leaf pendant drops also from said shoppe. Some 4mm Riverstone beads were used as fill and then a new ss toggle set.
Artistic Jasper Tulip Bead Pieces3
Artistic Jasper Tulip Bead Pieces2
Artistic Jasper Tulip Bead Pieces8

A couple sets of matching earrings were created and a bracelet w/Amazonite faceted drum beads(you can see at the top of pics) and another leaf pendant will be chain linked.
Ocean jasper earrings are in the process of as well as bracelet....

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Armature being constructed for an Artemis and Oliver sculpture

A collector has requested a commission piece of her beloved cats, Artemis and Oliver.
Artemis was beloved by his dear friend Oliver and is missed every day of Ollie's life.
You can see the submissive Ollie wrapping his body around, mentor Arti.
A copper pole with be crafted with a wire mouse dangling for the two friends always.
This is what you see on the right hand side above Oliver's head.

It is funny that my cat, Marta has decided she wants to be in the photo also.. Marta has been following me around for the last month, wanting to be involved in all that I do.


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