Saturday, March 18, 2006

Florida Heading

drybrushlou (Small)

We are heading to Florida tomorrow to take eldest daughter for her school adventure! I am very excited for her but, just so sad in her being extremely far away. My goodness she has been my constant companion and confidant for 19 years. She started setting up at shows with me when she was all but 7 making potholders and beaded animals. Such an adorable little love and very business oriented at this young age, too sweet..... We are having a huge going away party for her today with anyone who has touched her life; teachers, friends, family, SSEP students, neighbors, etc. etc. etc. It will be a hoot to see how I will shuffle everyone in the two average sized rooms downstairs of my home. The weather just could not hold out with 65, it is a freezing 30 now here in Pa. brrrrrrrrrrrrrr........... So, utilizing my screen porch is not an option, ;).
An RV will be taking the 7 of us tomorrow with dh and db taking turns at the wheel.
The next few days will be the weaning away, which is why I am thankful for the driving time allotted for this task of *weaning the Mom away from the child*

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Display Examples

There was a post on the ETSY forums this morning about examples of Jewelry displays and here is my reply:

I did an artist openhouse in the Fall at a friends:
BradfordArtistOpenhouse0578 (Small)
BradfordArtistOpenhouse052 (Small)

A show in Pittsburgh and small wooden dh made cases:
display examples

without cases, because I did not bring my clips and had to make do:
display examples

A quick thrown together jury shot with said glass cases:
display examples

A show in September with them set-up in my Trim-Line:
display examples
display examples

I enjoy playing with my display, just have fun...

I am really trying to simplify and to be more austere but, there are some display pieces I just cannot bear to be without, ;) For instance these ornate plaster frames, vintage hankies, table coverings, old wooden ironing board(used from everything to money area to creating to dining), McCoy vases, leaf dishes and found large stones for texture and display.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Etsy offerings

Retro 50's inspired double stranded bracelet
Amazonite facet coin necklace
chunky toggle style bracelet
Aztec Button
Aztec Button Back view
Double Stranded Bracelet w/Hill Tribe Silver leaves and assorted semi-precious stones
Barrel Turquoise and Hammered Swirl w/ lampwork

This is a sampling of new items plus, pieces that will be there by tonight!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

March 11th Special on Lampwork Earrings

Funky lampwork of deep yellow and reddish orange combine w/SS large artist made earrwires hammered and tumbled for strength-
These oh too fun lampwork beads are annealed for durability and long wear.

Just for the day $35.00 to $25.00 on my Lampwork w/hand created SS hooks and free shipping. A nice little surprise will be included with.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Card Design for Upcomings


I am very pleased with the new design!
My main focus this time in was my shoppe and keeping it simple. On the back contains all of the contact information.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Marta kitty

My Marta kitty
Originally uploaded by mossnbeads.
I did not remember this picture of my lovely little Marta and just found it. Isn't she so sweet. It was on a sunny afternoon last summer while we were on one of our sits of creating on the screen porch.

Contempory ArtDoll newness

Last year at the Three River's Artshow I started a fiber embellished piece and have been working on him here and there not knowing exactly what direction I would take. I feel he wants to be simple with only concentrating on the stitching of a monochromatic palette. He will be covered entirely in size 15's back and front.

contempory fiber embellished

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Chainsaw Rendezvous at the Grounds and Carvers

Photo taken by artist Shay Payne
Photo taken by artist Shay Payne
Photo taken by artist Shay Payne
Photo taken by artist Shay Payne
Photo taken by artist Shay Payne

Friday, March 03, 2006

Chainsaw Rendezvous Photos of Show Last Weekend

We had such a wonderful time together on that freezing Friday and Saturday show. It was definitely a *craftshow* but, still some lovely work was to be found. A few artists came in from ECCOTA as well as our grouping including Sean, Pat, Kara, Larissa, Shay and I to partake. We were a little disappointed but, still enjoyed ourselves. Another artist, Beth Ann, was next to us with her beautiful hand painted feathers framed up, she was so sweet and fun. What a lovely person to have in the mix for 2 days. A woman all the way from Michigan with her photography, who's significant other was involved with the Rendezvous and a carver was new/ interesting for the show. I did not do too bad and probably will partake again next year for it is a good way to start the show year.
Sean sold a very lovely unframed piece. I love his work! I cannot wait until he does up one of his beautiful Fiddle Head Ferns once again for I desire one, baaaaaaadly.
DH, Sean and I went to see Venus Freak on Friday night. Jamie was phenomenal!!!!! I was so very impressed with her range and song line up. The entire band had such a stage presence.
LOVED THEM! Sean stayed at the Distler chalet for the evening, where our Border *Sevin* kept him up all night with his late night dreaming, lol...
When the Show was finished Saturday at 4 we all went to dinner at a local place called The Daily Grind. Tom, that weekend, started a buffet and I guess will continue now during the weekends. It was nice to have an afterglow.
Pat and I then gathered at my home for some good conversation. We discussed getting her set up on the net with an ETSY shoppe and blog for her work discussing. She is a very talented artist and could go far with her work for it is unique and wonderfully executed.
I also think that I have our little group of talented artisans agreeing to join and take some of their work to the Elk County Council on the Arts.

Chainsaw Rendezvous Show 0620

Chainsaw Rendezvous Show 0614

Chainsaw Rendezvous Show 0630 (Small)

Chainsaw Rendezvous Show 0629 (Small)

Chainsaw Rendezvous Show 067

Chainsaw Rendezvous Show 0633 (Small)

Chainsaw Rendezvous Show Pat's gorgeous fish and my Amazonite piece

Chainsaw Rendezvous Show

Chainsaw Rendezvous Show

Chainsaw Rendezvous Show

Thursday, March 02, 2006


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