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Thursday, December 10, 2015

News from the PA Wilds Artisan Trails- BRANDING

being a part of the branding process
Change is coming to the 'WILDS'. Yesterday's branding forum held at the Elk Country Visitor Center was such a success with member's faces from all over the region including artists, artisans, gallery owners, advisory committee members, etc. in attendance.
The discussions were in depth covering the how and why certain branding strategies will be implemented as we delve into the process through the upcoming months to be carried out over the next 3 years.
Brainstorming was a big part of the day while they wrapped their brains around the 'unique' nature of our membership.

This is SWELL's Greg and Staci's last day exploring and will be heading off to McKean County stopping in Laughing Owl Press, C.J. Spirits, Kinzua Viaduct,. The goal was to give them a well rounded experience including studios, galleries, restaurants, wineries, breweries, visitor's centers and small companies along the trail. The 12.5 county region would have been daunting. 

Such an exciting adventure we have a head of us!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Trying to be Spring here in the Pennsylvania Wilds Region

With another snow storm heading our way last evening, causing the wind to pick up, our little Shasta Compact decided she was ready for Spring throwing off her tarp.  Good thing we put it back on since today is bringing snow.. It is beautiful, but, freakin' eh, I need the warm weather to stick.

     Freakin Eh-  Exclamation. An emphatic interjection expressing the speaker's discontent, frustration, or surprise concerning some circumstance, thing, person, etc.  -taken from Urban Dictionary 

just yesterday early evening
 It was nice to go in to check on the porch furniture cushions, blankets, pillows and all the curtains stored during the Winter months finding all safe and sound though, truly.  After a great big sigh of relief back on went the gray tarp as seen below.
8:00 this morning
I just looked out the living room window, while typing away at this post, seeing a white out laying down a solid blanket of snow on our corner of the county.  Above you see squares of shingles waiting to be a new screen porch roof that will be the next home for my studio finnnnally free from a snow/ice pile.  Just a brief storm though, 66 degrees come Thursday :)  Wild weather!

filmstrip of our 1971 Shasta Compact through the last 4 years

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Life does go on- Realizations of Pennsylvania

September 21st, 2005 a little group was started on FLICKR named Realizations of Pennsylvania.  This group was started by a lovely camera obsessed female who had just joined a super photo sharing community.  As she jumped full swing into artisan jewelry, art councils, PA Wilds hub bub and opening a small gallery in an even smaller town in Pennsylvania, this little group was put on the back burner.
Screen shot from a photo group on Flickr  Realizations of Pennsylvania

Even in my absence it is thriving with almost 10,000 photos.  I was all kinds of excited this morning to see the quality and amounts of photos that continued to be posted by talented photographers.

Pennsylvania is a super photo op, so think about joining in on the photo frenzy ; - ) HERE  We would LOVE to see your realizations!

Realizations of Pennsylania strip

Friday, September 19, 2014

traveling with SDAJ--- show opportunity and downtown in Wellsboro, Pa. Tioga County

Wellsboro is such a gorgeous community, still holding on to their small town main street retail, specialty shoppes and restaurants.
This past weekend my dh and I traveled to Tioga county around 2.5 hours from where we live in Elk County to this lovely town for a small venue.

SDAJ was at the Penn Wells Hotel in Wellsboro, Pa. for a Pennsylvania Wilds Artisan Trails showing for the Pennsylvania Forestry Associations 128th annual dinner--- YES their organization's 128th! 

At this wonderfully preserved Hotel a small sampling of PA Wilds Artisans were invited including  juried artisan Snuffy Destefano of Ridgway, Pa. with his burl bowls and SDAJ.

We also booked a room staying in this lovely landmark.  


taken from the website

The Penn Wells Hotel, built in 1869, is one of Wellsboro’s most historic landmarks. The current building, which was restored in the 1920s, has 73 character-filled guest rooms of varying sizes and types. Our elegant Lobby and Mary Wells Dining Room transport guests to a bygone era where welcoming staff and friendly locals remain the norm. The cozy and inviting full-service Lounge sits adjacent to the Hotel lobby and offers a full selection of classic cocktails, beer and wine. With live music every Friday night, a drink or a bite to eat at the Lounge is a great way to wind down after a busy day of travel, recreation or business.


lobby of the Penn-Wells Hotel sporting two PA Wilds juried artisans from Elk County

My work and hand-created easels used also at trail
stops to showcase jewelry keeping the same feel at each retail space

My husband Herb, Snuffy, Cheryl and I had a great time socializing with the Pennsylvania Forestry Association as well as being invited to dine with them in the Mary Wells dining room and Ta Brant Enos, who is our ombudsman plus keynote speaker for the evening.

Mary Well's Dining room

I fell in love with a few of the older gentlemen, with their beautiful stories, one could not help it. There were so many knowledgeable and charming individuals to meet and greet throughout the evening, it was a lovely opportunity with sales to boot!

promo mosaic :) :)
That night Herb and I visited a couple late night spots enjoying the locals and a band or two with then still getting up fairly early for breakfast.  The last time the family was here, shopping and sight seeing, the diner was too packed with no seating available.  We lucked out this trip slipping in before church let out allowing us to get a sweet table up front by the grill. Of course you all know that the grill is where all the action takes place.

breakfast at the Wellsboro Diner
Being a very visual person myself, I can not imagine preparing food tickets by listening to the wait staff reading each one to me one after the other.  I truly don't think she made any mistakes using this method, funstuff.

to the point menu, simple, a few of their own specialties 

from where we were sitting by the front door
flannel clad locals at the counter

from the back of diner
love finding parts of our past or grandparent's past especially, still holding their own
* I found her and family last Sunday at the
on one of her many WILDS seeking weekend traveling destinations

More buyer's markets and artisan venue opportunities will continue to be available through out the region. 

 Follow the WILD'S events and such on the PA Wilds Artisan Trail

 PA Wilds Artisan's Facebook Page 

and PA Wild's Resource Center  

If you are lucky enough to see Ta out and about, she is very approachable and loves to chat about our artisans and the Trail's goings on. 

Saturday, February 01, 2014

local restaurants- Marlo's Place

With a smidgen of Spring in the air this morning, while running errands, it was the perfect reason to revisit a local eatery for breakfast.  We have not been to Marlo's Place since probably the early 90's.  I can remember how flavorful and homey that bowl of chicken rivel soup was and could definitely tell the stock was made from a roasted chicken, which added such depth to the flavors in every spoonful.  I don't know why it took until this morning to come back for some more!
They buy 97.3% fresh not frozen lean ground chuck from Pfaff's market in St. Marys (keeping it local) for all of their burgers, I can't wait to sample the Marilyn Burger made with Swiss cheese, sweet caramelized grilled onions on a 1/4 pounder .
Marlo's also has homemade soups daily, fresh cut fries, hand dipped fish fries, homemade sloppy joes and freshly made coleslaw/macaroni salad just to touch on a few tasteful selections.
Very nice full menu filled with loads of Marlo's personal family recipes as well as your typical restaurant fare.  I had a super sweet conversation with the owner's daughter in-law finding out about weekly events such as a Prime Rib buffet on Saturdays, Seafood buffet on Fridays and Spaghetti and meatballs Thursday.  On occasion an omelette station is also enjoyed, during the weekend, by locals where custom omelettes are prepared just for them such as Philly steak or bacon cheeseburger picks, yummmm.  I wonder if they could whip up a ham, broccoli and cheddar or perhaps roasted red peppers, spinach, pesto, feta, olives and some of that ham steak they offer in one?
view from the table towards the door, back dining area

As always being able to order a pancake in place of toast is a huge ++++ for me and then when she kindly made me aware that they offer ham STEAK and not a processed rolled ham, I was in heaven.  The ham was very, very good as were the home-fries with onions, my choice.  At this time of the year we start to crave ham, with Easter over the horizon, just like we start craving roasted turkey by mid-September.  The Corelle dishes instantly plugged me into meals sitting around the supper table at Grandmother Stump's, which was a warm fuzzy...  They do offer home made sausage  at select times during the week, but, the frozen patties will do in a pinch.
As we were leaving I shot this off the kitchen not realizing a couple friends were also having breakfast at the back table :)  It was the perfect time to catch up on some St. Mary's happenings.
some of the frontage before we headed out
They have been open for 25 years and we can see them being open for another glorious 25+ more.  We will make this one of our many favorite food destinations from now on!

Filling up the Shoppe

with the perfect Valentine's day gifts for your perfect person @ Stephanie Distler Artisan Jewelry

Monday, January 27, 2014

local restaurants- Rose's Hilltop Diner

HOURS (via facebook) :
phone   (814) 834-4492

24716 Bennetts Valley Hwy
WeedvillePA 15668                 Directions

We got a late start on a well needed day out last Friday at 11am. for Rose's Hilltop Diner in Saint Marys, Pa. Route 255.  Watching Vampire Diaries until 3am., the night before, will do this to you every time, guilty pleasure.  My choices were of the breakfast kind including steak and eggs, fresh cut homefries and a sweet potato pancake in place of toast.  Dear husband chose a lunch platter of cheeseburger with bacon and fries, very good.  Home cooking with comfort food, plus some surprises thrown in is a simple way to describe this little diner.
I would love to have dinner there some evening, just never drive through at that time.

Know matter how packed this small diner is, it seems you can always find a table or at least not wait very long for one.  Rose's still has a diner style counter, as you can see below, small window tables for two diners, up front by the register are also available.  Family style tables in the back dining area with one booth and 3 booths along the front by the counter are also available for seating.  

As far as the menu goes it is a beautiful thing with your everyday foods prepared just the way you like and then great specialty items such as "Paige's Pimpkin' Mix" (1/2 order of Sausage gravy, 5 biscuits, 2 eggs, 2 links, 2 strips, homefries and toast) and the "Trash Plate" which is one of our favorites.
I love their sweet potato pancakes with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon mixture, steak medium rare, home-fries w/sauteed onions and peppers and then of course eggs sunny side up all served on platters reminiscent of Fiestaware.  
A big plus for Rose's is being able to swap out the toast choice for a pancake!!! 
That does get me all kinds of excited to tell you the truth.  There are not many breakfast joints that will.. I totally do not quite comprehend this.. perhaps it is a control issue ; - )
Husband was pretty happy with his hamburger with french fries and pickle slices.  The burger was sandwiched between a nicely toasted bun, american cheese, bacon, onion, tomato and ketchup.  In the above shot you can see how the man loads it all up with black pepper until the tomato slice has pretty much disappeared.
sweet potato pancakes with loads of a melted butter mix of cinnamon and brown sugar
usually a trio of colored bell peppers, this morning just the plain ol' green with large wedges of sweet onions
Heading off to Altoona for the day, needing yoga pants and comfortable shirts is on the list along with a few shirts for the husband.  Just good to get out for a bit, this weather has been record breaking with the cold temperatures and hard to get out for a good walk.

Rose's Hilltop Diner is a definite great comfort food destination in the PA Wilds section of Pennsylvania.  If you are heading to see the Elk in Benezette give it a go!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Team Support through ETSY- blasting the web with Mother Daughter Bracelets for the Holiday!

I keep up with 2 very busy teams on ETSY at this time, the WD Team and SociaL Hour.  These teams are truly dedicated keeping the membership clean with shops that concentrate on beautiful photography of their products and also shop owners that want to learn about how to promote on multiple social media sites.  We all have taught each other tons about promoting on sites such as google+, RebelMouse, Twitter, tumblrKeep, Fancy, Wanelo, weheartit, Pinterest and the ins and out of Facebook to name a few :) :)

Promoting at the Moment:  Mother Daughter Bracelets/cuffs

We paste the links to where our items are favorited such as the above links, then our teammates go in and favorite the shop item and then the go off to favorite on other social media sites with the given links.  This is a beautiful thing all working together for our main goal ultimately selling and becoming a successful independent shop. Love the kinship of like minded individuals! 
recent order for a client using a European date format

font styles and symbols
Stacks can be metal-printed in any combination of names, dates, quotes or personal mantras to give a few examples on this 14 gauge aluminum. These cuffs are created from 1100 pure 14 gauge aluminum (food grade, hypoallergenic, tarnish free) so, the wearer never has to worry about a reaction to the piece.
1100 aluminum has a lower chance of skin reaction than sterling silver!
 This listing is a base, where each cuff addition over 3 is eligible for a discount. 

here you can view the quotes or centering mantras with initials and double hearts for a MOM, small daughter and a dd in High School

Three sets are now on the workbench once again for metalstamping fun!
Do you have an ETSY shop!  If so go through the teams and pick one that is right for you and your shop!
enjoy!!!! xoxo


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