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Monday, December 29, 2014

LIST Monday

  1. I love your jewelry Laura Jane Bouton HERE of LjB Jewelry out of Massachusetts 
  2. Drink a better cocktail in 2015
  3. Mid Century Modern will someday take over my home.  Love Uncle Atom!
  4. The perfect grilled scallops over pasta.  Isn't she a hoot ;-)
  5. How old is your vintage mason jar HERE
  6. Jeweler's bench overlooking the gardens coming UP.  The husband tells me by Spring.
  7. 2015 new plant and flower varieties 
  8. Herb of the YEAR 2015
  9. Okay- time for Summer
  10. A worldly breakfast HERE


a few shots from the last few months

Monday, November 17, 2014

List Monday

Sizerville State Park Fall Festival 2014 on a beautiful afternoon through the pine needles

 List Monday-

  1.   Earrings Every Day Hoot, hoot!!
  2. How many fab items can be made with paper?  
  3. Let it go with Tiny Buddha
  4. Christmas CANDY recipes
  5. Hand lettering is a favorite of mine
  6. Scarf knotting 2014
  7. The Ultimate Beer Lover's Happy Hour, a veggie delight
  8. Warming up with some Mexican Hot Chocolate
  9. Men all in line Mimi Kirchner
  10. Surviving the Holidays SIMPLY


Beauty in the simple things

Monday, November 10, 2014

List Monday

Westline Inn- Westline, Pa. this October passed with the girls and US.  Their first experience @ this fab establishment

Monday's List

1.  Hey moss head- just found out about Marimos on Confessions of a Blueberry Bandit's BLOG
2.  I really need to make salted caramels
3.. bottling up some extra strength vanilla extract for Holiday baking and libations
4.  Maureen Cracknell Handmade has such amazing fabrics at her finger tips.  In love with her                 arrow sketch pillows!
5.  Omunchi-  Cravings Justified.  Eating and Music!!!!!
6.  I want to smash things arbor press
7.  A fellow friend and blogger capturing the seasons perfectly with her magnificent photography
8.  Joy the Baker revamped her BLOG
9.  Speaking of Joy, this sounds divine for the sweet potato side on our day of Thanks :)
10.Mark Bittman's new cookbook on cooking fffffast
11.Fresh is best Eight O'clock Coffee, a national treasure
12.Happy Mango Beads

warm tones in the round

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I List- Vitamix on the counter!

Vitamix Creations TURBO 64 oz. 15-in-1 Blender w/32oz. Dry Container and 3 recipe books
I cannot count the times one of these crazy powerful blenders was in my brain while preparing different recipes.  Now that it is occupying a pretty big space on my counter even more uses come to mind.  A starter list of 10 reasons I could not go any longer without a Vitamix are below.  Bare with me, I am a just a little excited.

  1. fresh veggie/fruit smoothies
  2. green smoothies  with loads of kale and spinach 
  3. frozen libations like a frozen peach margarita with fresh goodness
  4. nut butters especially pistachio, yummmm
  5. Ginger beer type of concoctions sounds like the way this summer is going to swing, perhaps adding vodka here and there ;)
  6. make coconut butter with unsweetened shaved coconut
  7. make fresh coconut milk made from water and unsweetened shaved coconut
  8. make fresh nut milks using toasted sesame seeds and raw almonds
  9. grind coffee beans for pressing coffee with the French Press that is sitting around on the counter too 
  10. grind wheat berries for baking breads and such
green smoothie with spinach, 1 carrot, 1 oranges, apple, cucumber, honey, ice and hemp protein 
wild berry smoothie with yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries,  honey, organic milk and ice
Yes, I could not wait until the next shopping trip to pick up the sesame seeds, unsweetened coconut, agave, stevia, raw almonds, cacao powder and flaxseeds.  So to start checking off the LIST, ordering from Amazon today for delivery on Friday was the way a rolled this morning.  Amazon Prime is excellent that way, with groceries arriving at my door in 2 days or less sometimes.  

Stevia is an excellent way to reduce blood pressure, which is pretty spectacular, when it comes to my husband's issues these past couple years.  I also love that many wonderful for you vegetables, fruits, supplements, yogurt, etc. can be blended into a tasty drink for my family each and everyday without complaint.  Yes, they ask for them all day long with even my picky man enjoying a bright green frothy mix daily including a few drops of Stevia to sweeten the mix to help reduce blood pressure YAAAAY :) :)

cold tea infusion- here jasmine green tea and Celestial Seasonings 'peach' for the liquid in yesterday's green smoothie lunch
On Friday I will have a go at sesame milk for sesame, honey and banana smoothies.  What do you think?  Sounds good to me!!  
This summer a blended theme garden is going to be planted including parsley, basil, mint, cilantro, cucumbers, tomatoes and celery come to mind.  I can't wait until it is porch sitting weather...where the HEY is the warmth..crazy Pennsylvania weather!!!!!

What is in your blender? 
Find me on Instagram and please share your creations @hammeredandbent

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I List- there for I am

  1. why does social media have to be so tempting
  2. talking cat with attitude is pretty GREAT
  3. why oh why do you have to be so crazy expensive, you fabulous tool you
  4. seeing things I have not in forever...through linkedwithin and outbrain
  5. drinking coffee from a diner in a fab mug is the best
  6. Grey is the new orange, for love of a comfy cardigan
  7. I crave fresh air
  8. pasta and garlic prepared anyway
  9. the beauty of food as a subject, such a willing model
  10. a Small Business Saturday cool shopping destination Shop quality, shop small
  11. Alton Brown keeps moving on up, so very classy from head to toe
  12. sounds like a perfect addition for the Thanksgiving table, in-place of humdrum coleslaw 
Take a gander over to the left, adventuring through the blogroll, seeing such inspiration around us on the web!  

Boy, oh boy have I missed having a blogroll on here!  >>>>>>


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