Sunday, October 22, 2006

Upcoming Featured Artist for November


Flemish House Art Gallery presents Lynda Pontzer
Show titled Local Places, Local People
Her site:

Born and raised in the verdant countryside and forests of western Pennsylvania, USA, Lynda has been painting and drawing the local people and landscapes since she got her first set of oils at age 13. She started to receive commissioned art work at age 16.

Lynda grew up in a period of "abstract" art but she never deviated from her goal of being one of the finest portrait artists. Pontzer excels at painting portraits from life with a vibrancy and immediacy which is normally lacking in photographs. However, photographs are used when the live model or landscape on location is not possible. Fortunately, Lynda's extensive practice of working from life enables her to breathe "life" into the most mundane of photographs.

Lynda attended the University of Pennsylvania, Mercyhurst College, The Cleveland Institute of Art, and received her Masters in Art and History from the University of Arizona. She broadened her education by living abroad in Scotland, Iran, and Denmark. While in Denmark, Lynda taught portraiture at the University of Roskild. She has traveled much of Europe and bicycled through China and Greece.

Pontzer maintains a teaching and working studio in Pennsylvania. She has received many awards and recently showed her work at the Biannual International Contemporary Art Show in Florence, Italy. Participation in this international event is by invitation only.

We are very excited about having such a brilliant artist in our gallery. I have visited her twice now to organize the show. The last time I took some shots of her studio, home and of course artwork. Perhaps I will show a couple sometime this week.

She will be in gallery for her 'meet the artist' November 18th from 10-4.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Two Viewsof the Treasured Coast by Grover Slater and Gingi Martin

Martin and Slater had spent all March of '06 traveling about Florida to capture it's full splendor.
Not a day would escape them without sketching some landscape or vignette of this beautiful location. A wonderful show was compiled showing all of their most treasured moments.
Slater worked in watercolor and Martin in oils, their work is so well executed.

Artist Meetup for September with Grover and Gingi20
One of Gingi's promises to herself was to capture the manatee. Please click on the pic to see a much larger version to truly appreciate the painting.
Artist Meetup for September with Grover and Gingi7
Her trees were my favorites of her works.
Artist Meetup for September with Grover and Gingi4
A good friend of mine and her son came in to take in the show. Here you see them conversing to Grover in and amongst the showing.
Artist Meetup for September with Grover and Gingi3
They took time to give a very detailed talk on the techniques and inspirations. They also went into the where and how of the paintings.
Artist Meetup for September with Grover and Gingi13
My Mom on the right in black...
Artist Meetup for September with Grover and Gingi14
Artist Meetup for September with Grover and Gingi16
The 'Feed the Arts' committee provided the refreshments, which I am a part of also.
Ridgway Record editor interviewing two of the originators of the committee.
Artist Meetup for September with Grover and Gingi1
The meet-up not only featured the show but, also then I introduced our new Executive Director and Artistic Coordinator to the artists and general public.
Our Director also then introduced me to the group as the originator of the Meet-Ups very wonderfully I might add. I was very, very pleased with the entire event ;)
The next meet-up will be at my gallery The Flemish House Art Gallery/Studio on October 25th at 6:30.


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