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Sunday, January 14, 2018

connecting through our passion, tools

When young my brother and I spent a lot of our childhood in Dad's woodworking shop on Rose Street. While he was crafting crazy cool pieces from his collection of hand tools (the Roy Underhill way) we played at woodworking.  We did this by planing on scrap lumber.  The sensation of that beautifully restored hand-tool, gliding through our hand picked collection of scraps, felt akin to a knife through cheese.  This action of planing while listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival developed our love of working with our hands, me eventually falling in love with the metal arts while my younger brother Stephan a career as a chef and musician.

a toolbox in his current workshop

a large treasured toolbox from his Father

here is a new addition on the shaving horse which holds smalls, such as this piece of treenware

love this large chisel resting on the shaving horse 

LOOK at those handles and customized hatchet.  The outer tools were my focus and then he placed the spoke shave  between the two.  Perfect.
 The above photos were taken during this past Christmas holiday.  The shop is located now in the basement of his farmhouse where a root cellar, laundry area and some lighted indoor shelves (holding vegetable and decorative plants for the upcoming gardening season} all share space. 

My Dad gifted me this year the beautiful chubby hammer above on the stump bench, a gorgeous French cobbler's hammer positioned on the anvil and a little hammer were both from a few year's back.  Each of them married beautifully to lovely hewn wooden handles.  Look at the brass ferrule on my most recent present back on the stump bench.

Wedges added to hold the heads in place

Do you hear the angels singing, haha.  Sunshine streaming in the studio, on the stump, this bright freezing January afternoon. 

"Brass makes it richer",  states the 'artist' :)

My Dad, his lovely wife Jeanette and her oldest grandchild, William after a delicious meal of Clam Chowder, fresh baked rolls and baked Camembert cheese in phyllo. It was a lovely time with family.

Christmas Day 2017, my Father and I in his kitchen. 
I find myself taking photos of the metal's studio more than making jewelry at times  Creating is the important part, from maker spaces showing where it all takes place, to the tangible work hammered out.  
Where ever your studio is I am sure your heart is permanently placed,  in that glorious space, where your soul sings along with the angels.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Stephan and I Winter 1976.  I remember that orange NERF football!  I see Stephan's little t-shirt peeking and my pocket sticking out, of course, lol.  

This was also the country's Bicentennial with schools across the nation celebrating in different ways.   I will never forget my polyester red, white and blue dress, a pair of light purple acrylic knit stockings and a red and white gingham check bonnet I had to wear with little royal blue ribbons to look geeky patriotic.  
Mr. Turzanski was our 5th grade teacher and an eccentric little fellow.  We all loved him!  His favorite saying was diarrhea of the mouth, which made us laugh every time- fecal reference and 5th graders, perfect match.  He had diarrhea of smoking for the cigarette smoke odor that wafted from our tests was unprecedented among smokers and probably most of our parents smoked.  This could have also been the fact that our scores at times were also unprecedented and not in the way he wanted-  the man was also a screamer :)

Commercials from October 18th with all sorts of  memorable snippets transporting you to 1976 with me today. Let's all travel back to a time of  pop rocks and Slime, both were introduced this year also.
HERE is a crazy list of Fun Facts, TV shows taken from this page below.

TV shows that year:
1. Happy Days (ABC)
2. Laverne & Shirley (ABC)
3. M*A*S*H (CBS)
4. Charlie's Angels (ABC)
5. The Big Event (NBC)
6. The Six Million Dollar Man (ABC)
7. Baretta (ABC)
8. One Day at a Time (CBS)
9. Three's Company (ABC)
10. All in the Family (CBS)

Murphy's Department store sold records which were downtown, I know crazy.   Begged and begged for the 45 Saturday Night by The Bay City Rollers, he finally gave in.

P.S.  Anyone that is not from Johnsonburg, PA, all the wonderful retail stores that were here, aren't anymore, very, very sad.  Let's take a moment for the death of small town America......... sob

“‎The simple truth is that you can understand a town. You can know and love and hate it. You can blame it, resent it, and nothing changes. In the end, you're just another part of it.”
― Brenna Yovanoff


my daughters 2x2

Thursday, April 11, 2013

waste not, want not...

Rearranging my studio creating a more practical work space was the objective last week.  The custom orders have been a constant here with the small work space closing in tighter and tighter.   I finally convinced the dh to put a shelf on the one side wall here clearing out inventory in the black jewelry cases, packaging, seed beads and some other 'stuff' allowing me to put the kiln, pmc tools and show tote in a space:

It was not good hitting the kiln with the outside door every time it was opened or having the precious metal clay tools scattered everywhere.

Trying to keep it all organized is interesting, hopefully the addition will come soon!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Started a Vintage Winnebago Camper Group

After chatting with a some other awesome Winnebago Travel Trailer enthusiasts I asked if they would be interested in a group for us to share photos, restorations, camping trips, decor, etc. and so it was the Vintage Winnebago Camper Group was born ;) I spoke to one of the them a while back which was all to cool for she also is a jewelry artist, Kimberly Arden of She is a self-taught, professional artist, working in polymer clay.  Her canes are to die for not to mention the jewelry she creates.

 I am so ready for camping season!!!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2013


shenanigans by Stephanie Distler
shenanigans, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
From the 11th Doctor Who, season 6, episode 6, Beautiful word.....shenanigans just one of the quotes fresh off the bench this week that will be listed soon!
18 gauge copper cut to have a faux paper appearance created with hammer and oxidation.

Monday, February 25, 2013

walking around Warren, Pa. on a Sunday

I needed to take photos for a challenge I am involved in to fill in some of the voids this month so we took off for Warren yesterday.  We wanted to take the time to hike but, settled for the 'wilds' of Warren, Pa. taking shots of architecture, facades, landmarks and the Allegheny.
a photo of Pennsylvania Avenue West which is also where one of our fave old style restaurants is located, The Plaza.  I love their Greek food especially on Fridays and Saturdays for spinach pie w/Greek style salad. The pie is a layering of spinach, phyllo and a fabulous combo of chewy cheeses.
I am in love with the fountain installed 2010 as part of a multimillion dollar project for their downtown.
These roots are great of this beautiful Beech in front of what was The Jefferson Tea House when my oldest was a little girl we would stop there with my Brother and Mom.  We also love The Swiss Cross, both are no longer a part of Warren's downtown, very sad.
Great surprise coming upon The Crossing Cafe, closed on a Sunday but, definitely a must visit at some point.
great old metal sign from the 50s
photography studio find, love the signage and branding for Square Peg Round Hole.  Here is their facebook page. Great eye on life, talented photographer!
220 Hickory Street beautiful architecture New Process Building home of Blair.
fabulous clock that I have been admiring forever
This is looking down Hickory toward those beautiful stainless awnings on the New Process building. Another hidden restaurant/pub we need to stop at called Snuffy's Cafe & Lounge.  This is also next to the Crossing Cafe.
more of the streetscape towards the bridge off of Pennsylvania at sunset.
the railroad bridge from the base of the bridge.
heading back finally getting a photo of a cairn...not sure what it is marking the way for.
Ending the day with this gorgeous blue against the white.  The snow had a strange sheen to the surface as the sun was setting...I could not quite catch the emotion I was after.  I am still pleased with the shot.

Friday, February 15, 2013

My most popular pinned recipes

on my 'foods that I love making or need to' board on Pinterest, everyday these 3 recipes get pinned many, many times.  They look absolutely delicious but, why these 3.  They look unassuming, very simple in thought and execution...soo..why these 3?

This lovely looking cake gets crazy amounts of pins each and everyday as well as this roasted tomato soup
and also this very tasty looking chewy bread recipe
It is pretty amazing how certain things gain popularity.  I loved the thought of them that is why I pinned them and eventually will make them and will then see, I imagine, what all the hub bub is about.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

wow it has been a year

A year has gone by since the closing of my gallery.  A lot has happened the last year good and bad, spreading my energies all over the place, sometimes just making me spin.  I miss the space but, do not miss the issues that having such a business in a small town entails.  Artists are not meant to have retail spaces especially retail spaces in the confines of a 'small town' ;)  

I am throwing out images from the gallery just as a little tour through the 6 years of gallery life I have not seen in some time.  Above is my first artist back in 2006 with Linda Pontzer.

Pat Eckstrom show 2007 displayed around the corner where the jewelry case eventually lived.
this jewelry case is now at Allegheny Outfitters in Warren, Pa.  where it will stay for a time.  I have another from the late 50s early 60s that needs restored that is really funky and fun with it's bump out front and metal trim.  It came with long red plush material at the bottom ;)  As soon as I get the line of PA Wilds focused pendants finished along with some other pieces specifically for this demographic it will be filled with my jewelry.
One of the highlights of being there was in 2010 during Johnsonburg's bicentennial celebration where the entire town joined in 'together' for one big event.  I put on a Market Street Artshow in the building, where I was housed, with lots of artists and historical displays.
the group
in the gymnasium

I do miss the displaying for it is so much easier being aware of what you have or need to get busy making if you can see everything in one place.
a corner that eventually then held the antique horsehair couch and carved chairs before it closed
from said couch :)
Now I can be warm and cozy in MY space doing MY thing which I absolutely love, love.  This is said in the brightest light of thought for I did enjoy my time there in town but, to be honest after a year of not, I do not miss it but, I do miss the people such as my regular clients that would just pop in and of course, Christine and Jesse.  It took me away from where I needed to be for one, with my family and for another from who I needed to be in the journey of 'me'.  
On to the next great big beautiful adventure...........................


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