Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Looking back on some fine porch sitting


feeling it....

Yes, it is school time with all of the crazy running around, deadlines/schedules and the nagging that we parents need to spew forth on some level to keep it all on an even course.  
My youngest comes out in the studio to visit while I am finishing up whatever needs to be worked on that day before supper is put on the table.  We chat about it all and I truly love our time with her wheeling over one of the bench chairs in one fell swoop sitting down talking about this days shenanigans.  
I am definitely savoring every morsel... for it goes by in a sna--ap!
available in my ETSY shoppe
Moms and their daughters have an undeniable bond, a force to be reckoned with :)  Before school each year Mother/Daughter jewelry are metal printed on my bench, after typesets are laid out forming a centering string of words  better to ease them into that long school day.  The Moms and daughters have sweet sayings that are just for them, stamping the letters inside the cuff  and then on the top ends ,initials or mom and also symbols on the opposite ends adding to the design or feel of the bracelet.
Moms and Daughter cuff style bracelets HERE
available in my ETSY shoppe
Charm bracelet style too with Swarvoski crystals, Czech, semi-precious and sterling silver charms.  Perhaps My Little Pony meets Tiny Toons was the inspiration ♥ 
Loads of fresh tomatoes were devoured that evening on fresh bread and olive oil with a rather large quantity of garden basil....yummmmm

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shout outs are good

Busy on the bench.  Here is a great shout out from author John Schlimm  

Thank-you John!!


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