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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Small things- that make me happy

Have you been noticing, as you get older, the small day to day details through out the years are what sticks? Quiet time on the porch with your daughter reading, the way the sun comes through that window, when he makes Sunday breakfast,  hearing your child explain to their friend something you taught them or walking out the front door breathing in the season are just a handful of mine :) :)

Everyday with my husband and daughters brings more of that 'stuff' I try to hold tight, by staying present.  We all have our tools, one of mine is grasping whatever pendant I am wearing that day or a strand of very tactile beads.  Bede means prayer.  Ever since my brother died, 2 years back, prayer pieces are with me on a daily basis.   Death changes the ones left behind.
simple hand held prayer piece, a chaplet

     Above a simple knotted chaplet with nine main beads, spacers, personal large focal bead and peened copper ring, made recently on the bench to fit around a finger, is unseen in my palm when worn.  The texture of the hand made etched Indonesian beads & etched ivory glass beads are that of sea glass with the clarity of the aqua focal a super calming 'water' almost attraction.

     Prayer beads are compelling.  I have made different styles of rosaries and smaller versions or chaplets, since coming across Eleanor Wiley's book ' A String and a Prayer'  back in 2004.
     My spirit was tugging at me to create a very simple style.  The first attempt yesterday was more involved with lots of different beads, colors, textures and lines.  Yes...I cut this first attempt totally a part and continued using the beads that called to me while putting together the first chaplet.

< I like the combo of amber, clay, olive wood, lamp-work and old beads but, not what I needed.

: ) --- our cat, porch plants, diner adventuring, shots that come together, awesome customers and of course anything art related
Jewelry making brings me back to center time and time again from first starting Fall of 1996 creating with my daughters, to improvisational bead embroidery on fiber sculptures, to beginning a love of metalwork 4 years later.

Where is your happy place?

Age seems to give lyrics, where when younger there was only rhythm.  ~sld


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