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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Stephan and I Winter 1976.  I remember that orange NERF football!  I see Stephan's little t-shirt peeking and my pocket sticking out, of course, lol.  

This was also the country's Bicentennial with schools across the nation celebrating in different ways.   I will never forget my polyester red, white and blue dress, a pair of light purple acrylic knit stockings and a red and white gingham check bonnet I had to wear with little royal blue ribbons to look geeky patriotic.  
Mr. Turzanski was our 5th grade teacher and an eccentric little fellow.  We all loved him!  His favorite saying was diarrhea of the mouth, which made us laugh every time- fecal reference and 5th graders, perfect match.  He had diarrhea of smoking for the cigarette smoke odor that wafted from our tests was unprecedented among smokers and probably most of our parents smoked.  This could have also been the fact that our scores at times were also unprecedented and not in the way he wanted-  the man was also a screamer :)

Commercials from October 18th with all sorts of  memorable snippets transporting you to 1976 with me today. Let's all travel back to a time of  pop rocks and Slime, both were introduced this year also.
HERE is a crazy list of Fun Facts, TV shows taken from this page below.

TV shows that year:
1. Happy Days (ABC)
2. Laverne & Shirley (ABC)
3. M*A*S*H (CBS)
4. Charlie's Angels (ABC)
5. The Big Event (NBC)
6. The Six Million Dollar Man (ABC)
7. Baretta (ABC)
8. One Day at a Time (CBS)
9. Three's Company (ABC)
10. All in the Family (CBS)

Murphy's Department store sold records which were downtown, I know crazy.   Begged and begged for the 45 Saturday Night by The Bay City Rollers, he finally gave in.

P.S.  Anyone that is not from Johnsonburg, PA, all the wonderful retail stores that were here, aren't anymore, very, very sad.  Let's take a moment for the death of small town America......... sob

“‎The simple truth is that you can understand a town. You can know and love and hate it. You can blame it, resent it, and nothing changes. In the end, you're just another part of it.”
― Brenna Yovanoff


my daughters 2x2

Saturday, February 23, 2013

wonderful memorial pendant from a beautiful friend

My good friend Bobbi is a beautiful person inside and out and will never know how much this meant to me especially today.  I love it!!!!!!!
thank-you so very much,

Tuesday, February 05, 2013


daily photo challenge entry:
2/4/2013 'childhood memory' - my brother died in June of this year, today he would have been 42. He played D & D since he was in grade school with a core group of friends that stayed the core group his whole life. The game also brought in some very special kindred spirits along the way adding to this beautiful mix of friends. Today was the perfect theme for this very thoughtful day.

Today was a crazy busy day taking my middle daughter to her 3 appointments before driving her back to college.  A good friend did the driving while we chatted and remembered my brother Stephan along the way which was very nice.  Did some shopping after the dropping off of the dd and then appetizers at TGI Fridays (Jack Daniel's Sesame Chicken and Potstickers).  I was surprised at Barnes and Noble's metalwork and bead book selection or lack of rather, especially what they did not have in magazines also.  I have been looking for a good metalwork magazine for quite sometime and have yet to find one...
On the way back the roads were terrible but, her little Subaru handled the drive great with only a little swerving right before my Father's house.
We were coming down the street to my house when 5 deer ran in front of the car into the neighbor's yard which is pretty rare when we live on a pretty populated street and section of town.
I am glad we were busy for most of the day to keep my mind moving.  The day started off with me bitching at my brother and still continued off and on that day but, also my dd and I listening to his favorite music on the way to and from her appointments celebrating his life.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

getting ready for the Holidays

This Holiday is coming together.  I am so very lucky to have my Husband, Daughters, family and friends around me to keep me together and motivated.  I lost my Brother on June 20th and today is 6 months since his death.  I am having a very difficult time getting through this and miss him very, very much for he was my only sibling.

Stephan Stump through the years
I feel all alone at times for when my Mom and Dad were divorced it was he and I against the world, Stephan was 3 and I was 8 both of our birthdays were in February with his the 4th and mine the 5th. He was my baby brother.... He loved my daughters as his own and was very much in their lives and involved.

Stephan Stump through the years
He was 41.


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