Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Home Vignettes Thursday

I started a new Flicker group called 'Home Vignettes Thursday' It is just one of those things, I love groupings of collections or just *stuff* in my home. It inspires me with color combos, textures, etc. in my work. Come join us if you are intrigued with little collections with a purpose. Don't worry about the dust, I don't.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

SS bracelets

A grouping of sterling silver linked and hammered bracelets on show. 3 of them are possible custom orders, ;) Posted by Picasa

Self-portrait Tuesday

I have had dsl for the last month and a dig camera for the past week, I imagine everyone has noticed my over the top journaling and the like. I have been in Self-Portrait Tuesday for a bit just have not been able to accurately add to the group. Here is the shot I wanted to add. I could not for I am a basic user and ran out of space. You get to see another idea of me if you go to
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Monday, August 29, 2005

I have just joined a new group on Flicker called 'Monday Night Dinner'. Here is our potatoe soup, fresh garden tomatoes w/olive oil and basil, mozzerella and pita triangles me and the girls devoured tonight. Call me strange but, I like fish sauce in my potat soup also ;) Posted by Picasa

The next show I will make sure we have time to set-up both new glass cases. I love the look! Now that we have the set-up of them down... Posted by Picasa

These glass cases are wonderful! I paid a healthy sum for not only the glass for the two cases, but the brackets also. Posted by Picasa

A funky pic of my mermaids how they were viewed by me all day, lol... I love my new camera!!! Posted by Picasa

A wonderful dragonfly spent the day on Sunday with with us in my case. We had fun using this as a mini anniversary escape for the weekend. I am not sure I will do the show again for the 3rd year. The women are wonderful but, this is just is not my venue. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Cousins Posted by Picasa

Ironwood and Roses in my Garden

I am journaling our day with Cousin at my Hidden Garden Blog. His home is very much loved by him in every detail from the tiniest of bouquets to the intricacies in design. I went through 3 rolls of film during our visit and could have easily taken more during the course of the day.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Came home

We got an urgent phone call this morning from one of my Husband's clients so, we headed home right after, from our Hotel room. I guess they have had nothing but rain and wind all day. I started going on about how I was looking forward in enjoying the balcony tonight with some supper/a couple drinks after the show and she told me not worry, for the weather has been just terrible all day. It was the first time we had stayed there in the Bush House Hotel & Schnitzel's Tavern. It must have been something back in the day with a ballroom, parlors, intricate woodwork and tilework all through this immense building. A balcony area was on the second floor off of our room to look out onto their lovely park complete with a river and many ducks roaming about, lol...gotta love ducks.
A little on Bellefonte:
-Talleyrand ParkBeautiful and serene are words used to describe Talleyrand Park. Its location along the stream makes it the perfect spot for picnics, concerts, or just relaxing to the soothing sound of water. The large trout are a popular attraction as are the numerous ducks who make their home in the park. During the summer months, you can enjoy the "Concerts in the Park" series, offered on Sunday evenings and sponsored by the Bellefonte Historic and Cultural Association.While in the park, be sure to cross the two bridges to get to the Sculpture Garden. There you'll find a bronze casting of the head of Abraham Lincoln, sculpted by George GrayBarnard in 1916.Also plan on visiting the Governor's Memorial bordering High Street. This memorial honors the seven men with ties to Bellefonte who served as Governors - five of Pennsylvania and two of other states.-

I wish I would have had my digital to enable me to snap up images for you. I am very intrigued with the shoppes and garages built over that river next to where we were staying. Loads of stone work, iron fences, landscape wonders and restorations make for an extremely period entrenched experience around the hill top town of, Bellefonte.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

One should strive to be a Movie......

Bellefonte Show

Tonight we are heading to Bellefonte for their Art show, 19th and 20th, and staying right in town at an Inn. Last year was a little frightening at times with the 75 mile an hour winds and rain but, all in all it was a nice show with the receiving of my award and all, :).
It is a nice setting to have a show amongst a restored down town, galleries, opera house, gift shoppes and the like, quite enjoyable.
If anyone is around during this time, do look me up. I am around the Dairy Queen on Main Street. It is very dangerous for me for I love peanutbutter fudge sundaes with crushed nuts and the pecan mudslides are just too good.

Sony Cybershot DSCH1 5.1MP Digital Camera with 12x "Steady Shot" Zoom

How's that grab ya!!
The last 2 days have been spent researching digital cameras on here, yuck, my brain is mush. This is what I feel will suit my needs the most. Here is a link to the review whoever is interested:
Steph's needs:
  1. GOOD Macro lens
  2. stabilizer
  3. atleast 5.0 mp
  4. movie capabilities(lovely daughters to capture)
  5. ease of use
  6. manual adjustments also
  7. good shutter speed

After agonizing over all the reviews and websites I made my decision on this guy, ordered from and should receive it next week. When I started thinking about my expenses building up with getting new juried shots for next years shows, it made clear sense to make such a purchase. I also sold my gorgeous Ivory and Crystal mermaid and had not properly photographed her for future publications/shows. I needed to be my own resource and just make the jump in equipment.

Yes, I sold my mother of pearl, coral, Czech and crystal love! To the same collector who has the Arthurian ArtDoll and many of my other pieces near Pittsburgh. She is a wonderfully talented artist also and a great person who I met over the summer at an artshow. When someone such as this purchases such a beloved piece, it is much easier to let go.

I know, I am being silly, but it is the truth. I relationship is built when you work on a piece for months at a time and it is in contact with and molded in your own hands.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mermaid Love

Here again is the 'Blue Mermaid' , I truly love the intimacy of this and had to include it.
photo taken by Jessica King Posted by Picasa

Contrasting Colors

Selecting copper E beads for some contrast on this ArtDoll. You can see my favorite sewing scissors and a better shot of the new boro lampwork that was purchased in the right corner. Look at the red agate crosses, fun!
Photo taken by Jessica King Posted by Picasa

Hot Burnin' Love

finishing up 'Hot Burnin Love'
Photo take by Jessica King Posted by Picasa

A table full of muses, mermaids, angels and Beaded Quilts.
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Sunday, August 14, 2005

luncheon at Patti's

My good friend Pat had a luncheon for my family and our guest Nelufar on Sunday. She served quiche w/bacon, mozzarella and sauted onions, Greek salad w/pine nuts and fresh made pastries. It was so lovely!
Here is what the table was dressed in. You can see in the back a wonderful hutch she has redone showcasing her prized dish set. Posted by Picasa

Cooking with Pat

Getting a peek of the Quiche and pastries before we devoured everything in site.
She just had sewn up that heart valance for her kitchen window. I love all her tiny bouquets lining the sill. Posted by Picasa

Lovely setting

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What a trio

My Thea Rose, Pat and my Larissa Posted by Picasa

Too Sweet

My youngest among the many bouquets of the day. Posted by Picasa

Six new Neckpieces for Sunday

I have a show coming up next weekend and need to renew some of my stock. Today I made some princess length and choker length neckpieces from semi-precious strands, lampwork and bali silver. They are listed on my sale site. enjoy... Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 12, 2005

When Jessica came to interview me last week, my thought was to show how everyday items inspire design. I sat out tons of my work and bits of inspirational items. Here you can see my beaded quilts on nature series, artdolls and a rather large piece I am doing to voice my Beading is a Gardening of the SOUL quote. Posted by Picasa

A table top of color inspiration examples. I have so much fun finding tins, boxes and cases for my varied interests. Posted by Picasa

My counter, in my kitchen, served as a back drop for some of my pieces. You can see also my eldest daughter's pottery from a class she took last school semester. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Off to Washington, DC

Today we are going to DC to drop off our Kazakhs and we are too, too sad...... A very nice gathering was held last evening with goodbyes and the like at a State Park. We will miss them beyond words. I will write more later along with pictures, I promise. I also have a series of pictures of our picnic in the country at my cousins home, Ironwood and Roses to document here. Until then....

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Wallets and buttons

Last night, as I was waiting to chaperone Relay For Life with our students and the Kazakhs from 12am til 5:30am, I made a practice wallet. Materials used were sage green upholstery material, vintage calico and hand made felt. Embellishments are now being tossed about in my head, the ducks or these pre WWII German glass buttons, perhaps the mother of pearl shirt ones......hmmmmmmm. A loop will be attached for a cherry wood button on the outside to add contrast. Posted by Picasa

To see it closed..... Posted by Picasa


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