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Sunday, October 26, 2014

News from the PA Wilds- Who is on the Trail NOW, PCA Best of the Best and SDAJ New Designs

Artisan Trail additions 

 A few weeks back the 'Wilds' committee met to jury new artisans on the trail and then a separate committee met to decide on new Trail Sites.  As you can see we had a great session and a big CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!!!  

PA Wilds Artisan Trail
 These artisans and trail sites will see all the hard work the committee has done over the last 8 years put in action with new features and benefits. 

Tionesta Village new trail site
Types of Trail Sites

“Proudly Made in the Pennsylvania Wilds” Retailers:
Lodges, B&Bs, gift shops, coffee houses, galleries, visitor centers, outfitters and other retailers in the Pennsylvania Wilds that want to sell unique local products. To qualify, the retailer must agree to carry and sell products by at least three(3) PA Wilds juried artisans and is encouraged to display interpretive 
signage about the Artisan Trail as made available. Participants have one year to identify juried artisans to partner with and secure products that fit their inventory.

 Cost: $105/year. Chain stores not eligible.

Craft Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries and Hard Cider Mills
To qualify, establishments must be located in the Pennsylvania Wilds and produce their beverages in a craft manner that aligns with the Proudly Made in the Pennsylvania Wilds brand. Elements of our brand include: tradition, authenticity, natural, environmentally sensitive, attention to detail, values, quality, craftsmanship, and Made in the PA Wilds, Pennsylvania or America. For breweries, the national standard of “6 million barrels or less” will be used to designate between craft and industrial breweries. 
All establishments must have a space open to the public (of legal age) with regular hours to be included on the trail. Sites are encouraged to sell at least three(3) Proudly Made in the Pennsylvania Wilds authentic artisan products that fit their locations and display interpretive signage about the Artisan Trail as available. 

Cost: $105/year if you carry Proudly Made in the PA Wilds products; $150/year if you don’t. State-run wine and spirits stores and industrial producers are not eligible.

Experience the Arts Partners:
Local theaters (playhouses and modern film theaters situated inside historic movie houses), museums, dance, pottery, carving studios and other establishments providing opportunities for the traveling 
public to experience art in the region are encouraged to join the PA Wilds Artisan Trail under this 
category. Experience the Arts Partners are encouraged to sell at least three(3) Proudly Made in the 
Pennsylvania Wilds authentic artisan products that fit their locations (if space allows), and display 
interpretive signage about the Artisan Trail as available. 

Cost: $105/year if you carry Proudly Made in the PA Wilds products; $150/year if you don’t.

Public Art:
The PA Wilds Artisan Trail welcomes nominations for public art to be included on the story map. We define public art as any media planned and executed with the specific intention of being sited or staged in the physical public domain, usually outside and accessible to all. To be considered for inclusion on the Artisan Trail story map, the artwork must be permanent (a rotating artwork in a permanent location is acceptable). It must also be publicly accessible and created by an artist; or original artwork selected using a process that includes the public; or publicly accessible artwork that considers the social and physical context of the site. Examples include murals, monuments, memorials, statues and architectural landmarks. To submit a public art nomination, go to 

Cost: None.

* above information taken from the new PA Wilds Guidelines

a 'capture' of the new PA Wilds Trail story map to be released end of next week
 One such step is the Story Map application being launched end of next week.  This app is a fabulous addition to all that being on the Artisan Trail offers. 

A good friend and fellow PA Wild's artisan, Robin Davenport, now is also a Trail Site with here family business Wild Wings Art Studio and Homestead.  

~Read more about becoming a PA Wilds Artisan and also the new guidelines HERE


Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and ECCOTA

     After a two year hiatus from being on the Elk County Council on the Arts board I came in with a bang at last Tuesday's meeting for at this month's meeting 3 special guests attended Phillip Horn executive director of Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Jim West PCA council member and accomplished artist and also Matt Serio program director for PPA for the PCA.  After some introductions 2 wonderful presentations on the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts or PPA were given from our side with Abbi Peters executive director of ECCOTA and then Matt Serio from the PCA side of things.

Staff of PCA HERE
Council         HERE

     "Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA) is a partnership between local organizations and the PCA.  Now operating in all 67 counties in Pennsylvania, PPA re-grants funds to support a wide variety of local and community arts activities.  Since its creation in 1996, PPA has demonstrated enormous success in achieving the PCA's mission and goals. "

PPA project stream defined HERE

Julie Mader, also a PA Wilds Artisan, was the recipient of The 2013 Best of the Best PPA projects award which was part of the presentation for the evening as well as further explanation of the PPA projects stream.


New Designs available @ ECCOTA

PA Wilds pendants, stamped geekery, mixed media bracelets, stone, clay and glass wrapped oxidized necklaces and hoop earrings just to list some of the SDAJ pieces being carried at this wonderful gallery.    

Warm and cool tones were used along with great texture from artisan beads, recycled glass, wire wrapping and gorgeous Picasso finished Czech beads.   A Picasso finish is added to beads after they are fire polished creating almost a raku finish.   Love them!

SDAJ also available @ Laughing Owl Press in Kane, Pa.  HERE


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