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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What is on Your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday

Today on the bench or 'in the studio' ;) you will find decorating for the Holidays and also oxidizing a large fibula pin order.
Once a dust collection system is installed along with some other end of year tool purchases I can start  making once again or rather messy making once again.
We fell in love with this tree from Target  and can't wait to decorate with antique and ornaments my daughters have made through the years.  The antique Christmas balls were my Grandmother's and a great string of lights from the 50's (local shop) slipping on aluminum vintage reflectors (my Grandmother's never opened) that are pretty amazing.
More to come!

Monday, November 24, 2014

List Monday- BIG list of wants and maybe some needs thrown in

Every once in a while putting it out there for the Universe to take note of that crazy list carried around inside of you for far too long is necessary. This is getting it out of your head and on paper (more or less) helping an obsessed type, like myself, see what is doable or perhaps logical in the real world.

THE list:
  1. A hydraulic press with all the accessories or as many as are attainable 
  2. Arbor press 
  3. Rolling mill, preferably the Durston brand
  4. Metalsmithing workbench
  5. Large, very, very large steel anvil
  6. Pepe Guillotine shear to perfectly cut sheet metal
  7. Knew Concepts jeweler's saw with the swivel handle
  8. Fretz hammers and stakes that I am always hammering away at, lol
  9. Exhaust for a soldering station like this wonderful set-up from Connie Fox
  10. Bench Mate system 
The hydraulic press is CHECKED off, there are still accessories such as more pancake dies or texture plates to be bought over the next few years.  The press is going to be here at some point in the next couple weeks.  Today I am having an argument with myself about the jeweler's saw, watched the video a few times today falling head over heals in love.  Brilliant design.

 Lost the argument-   been using Knew Concept Saw in the studio for the last week LOVE IT!!!  

Studio since 2011, WOW I need more room


 black & white 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Garden Studio- in the studio first day of Autumn

Here we are with yesterday being the first day of Autumn.

That fact was totally kicked out of my brain for weeks, until clicking on yesterday morning's Google search doodle, which thwacked me right between the eyes.

 Not ready to let go of Summer honestly....

I can't remember where we were last week when the grumbling started and the receiver of the grumble said--- but, Fall is my favorite season, it isn't Winter yet.  How wise was that statement!  

It is a praiseworthy time of the year in a beautiful package of color, scent and possibility.
SDAJ always gets a big boot in the behind this time of year developing new jewelry designs, techniques and palette choices.

This season lots of recycled glass, ethnic and even more off the bench components embark on their journey.  Loads of to-dos wrapping it all together by tumbling, oxidizing and finally sanding away high spots giving each it's expression.

off to the right--- beading and saw area with loads of new Czech and Javanese
beads being wrapped

the wrapping--- Javanese, recycled glass, Petrified wood, Czech, Jade and lampwork beads
anticipating their assembly, tumbling and oxidizing.  How special are they!

peened closure ring with artisan copper forged/hammered hook and signature component

left side--- carpentry bench with metalforming tools and a pendant/bracelet rack waiting to be changed out for ECCOTA along with 3 new seasonally inspired neck-pieces each on their own custom easel
recycled glass, Czech and Javanese beads all new to the bench this Autumn


Having a home studio gives the artist permission for total abandon in the work, home and life.
My family is my life, life gives freedom...freedom is found in the art.  What do you think about that!  I can be cohesive in thought when I want..maybe it's Autumn :) LOL  

Organic beef roasting in the crock-pot, rosary wrapping beads in the living room while binge watching The Blacklist featuring James Spader.   He is extraordinary in this role!   

Here for Balsamic Crock-pot Beef Roast recipe using the chicken broth and low salt soy sauce for the tamari substitute.  It was the perfect flavor profile having none of that slow cooking washed out blandness.  


Laughing Owl Press studio and what not instagram
Laughing Owl Press inquired about carrying SDAJ, in their new retail/working studio, location on main street in Kane, Pa. recently. With out even hesitating I came back with a resounding YES!  

An open-house is scheduled for October 19th- 2:00 to 7:00pm tentatively, for the time (more details as the date approaches) at the new studio space.
printing demos . refreshments . libations  LIVE MUSIC

LOP and SDAJ are both part of the PA Wild's Artisan Trail as an artisan and trail stop.  A good friend of mine, also a trail artisan, recently applied to be juried now for a trail stop.  
I am not sure how many artisans actually are a trail stop...I need to find out, lol.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Garden Studio- Getting Started on Paper

Out growing a dedicated studio is frustrating but, also rewarding.  The rewarding part comes from all the knowledge gained over the years, that then also leads back to lack of space with equipment and bench tools gained, filling in the small space... making it crazy frustrating to work in.

November 2013 was the last blog update about the space and where we were heading. and are super when experimenting with rearranging your room and identifying stations

A free design program from was used to help out with space allowance and placement with worktables, benches, etc. and then for labeling.  I don't know about you but, I am very visual.

The conversation area set up, on the right of the plans, will be a nice touch for now but, is also interchangeable depending on event or need.  The patio is definitely an exciting detail bridging from studio to garden, with it also being a great seasonal addition.   You can see on the left a little entryway by the sink that is street side allowing clients a separate entry and bottom of plans where the door to our kitchen  leads also to the downstairs bathroom area.

This floor plan accommodates students and events from the PA Wilds Artisan Trail and other events that I missed out on the last few years due to a smaller studio which makes me sad...

"Good things come to those who wait" 
according to Heinz and Guinness : - )

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Garden Studio: July Studio Tour 2014

inside the studio for July 2014
Well made tools make all the difference on the bench which creates less fatigue for the artisan and assists in quality craftsmanship when it comes to the work. Why fill your studio with tools that you aren't physically comfortable using or that need replaced in a short span of time.  One statement my Father made to me, at an early age, was not to scrimp on tools or quality when it comes to food.

left corner metal forming tools, etc.

super little multi-functional German made Proxxon vise and the Crafted Findings Riveting System
choosing stones for new pendants on the workbench where the flexshaft tool systems and Wolf Belt sander live

I have not invested in the Foredom top shelf system but, have the Grobet and Prodigy .  The one is dedicated to the Wolf belt sander while the other is hanging from the ceiling by a small bungy cord allowing me to use it while wheeling around  from bench to bench in the small studio :)
part of the Pepe jumpring maker for winding wire

little sander is a super time saver when prepping ear-wire ends, deburring blanks and polishing 
This super useful 6 inch square bench block is from Romazone located on Etsy and is for sure a great addition to the bench.  I cannot seem to metal-stamp or hammer texture with out it.  The small 3 inch blocks are very nice but, I find the larger working space indispensable. 
a few tools on the cabinet door older saw, kitchen knife sharpener and ring sizer
some wire
Alexandra font stamps and some smaller Arial fonts stamps
view from the vise/sawing station on the right of studio
catching up on another Joy the Baker podcast with Joy the Baker and Tracy Benjamin 
The stations are all fused together, stamps on the sawing area, just crazy, lol
Tools are with us in what ever trips your trigger including cooking, hiking, photography or camping.

What have you found useful while #savingsummer this year?

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Garden Studio- January Studio Tour 2014

Components at the ready for upcoming work along with Wubber pliers, kiln and storage area.
Some oxidized components, some freshly cut, hammered, wrapped, stamped or in the planning stages with a pattern drawn in using a Sharpie.
No DVD playing today since it is really, really chilly in the studio and would be difficult manipulating small wire.  Shelves of books, packaging ribbon, chains, thick leather cord, dvds, colored Sharpies, wire, boxed hang tags and trail stop display sample on this bench.
Long view of the left workbench, under greenhouse window with fibula safety style pins being prepped, bracelets being deburred, solid brass bracelet mandrel and tumbler at the ready.  Top right dapping set, jumpring cutter set, disc cutter, Lortone tumbler, knife sharpening stone, jumpring coil maker attached to window frame, letter/symbol stamps on glass shelves, aluminum vintage camping storage set for beads and project I am working on or traveling with, solid brass mandrel, etc.
Top view of said above bench giving a size reference for the little Wolf Belt Sander attached to Flexshaft and bench.  If you look closely next to the tumbler you will spy a super house sale find I made over the Summer which is a knife sharpening stone.  It is just like the one my Father owns that I always would someday like to own, now I do.  I have had in my collection of stuff a sweet little brass brush, you see on top and a small brass oil can, on the left, that makes a perfect 3 piece set for knife/tool sharpening.
Sweet little Wolf Belt Sander to be attached to Flexshaft style motors here on the same bench, attached to the piece of oak my dh screwed into the underside.  So far I have created fibula pin points, deburred blanks and cleaned up some old knives with this beautifully made little piece of workbench tool I had to have for my bench arsenal.
Wubber pliers, pendant typeset, maker's mark and PA Wilds branding stamps, steel anvil, cooper hammer and cross pein hammer are in the shot
A sneak peek of a new design being developed @ SDAJ based on an idea created out of my need to have a centering piece with me at all times that is tangible.  Each thread is linked to a loss, worry or expectation that needs to be expended as it is worked by my fingers until gone.
The circular pattern is a visual for working to center with the proverb, this too shall pass, as a mantra.  These will be available in the online shop soon!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What is on your jeweler's bench Wednesday

Yesterday on the bench was spent punching holes in charms, sanding away the burr from the disc cutter/punch and then hammering some texture into each.  Now today will be branding each disc for then building more mixed media bracelets and necklaces.
my essential component making tool choices are:  Wubber plier assortment, Xuron cutters, wrap and tap pliers, bale making pliers, metal Power Punch, Ott light and assorted hammers.

recently cleaned up antique and vintage hammers were used on texturing

Thursday, November 07, 2013

What is on your jeweler's bench Wednesday

flickr group What is on your jeweler's bench Wedneday
Yesterday for What is on your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday I was working on the small table I use for assembly under the Ott light putting together bracelets from which I made, prepped and oxidized a head of time.  This makes the experience so much simpler..a good podcast and infused tea at the ready and I am good to go.  After assembly hit the pieces with wet/dry sandpaper and then a wire brush, ready for delivery to a trail stop near you :)


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Garden Studio- studio location decision

After two years of debating about how and when to add onto the structure housing SDAJ, an aha moment occurred... what if we just turned the back screen porch into the studio, BRILLIANT I say!!!  We could not see having out buildings conglomerating in the back yard when the husband needs a garage for his carpentry business.  Sad to say, yes, this will definitely need to be replaced at some point. 

location now November 2013
  • larger room for creating workspaces to solder, photograph jewelry, classes, kiln fire, bead, precious metal clay, inventory and Livestream video capture.
  • artisan trail tours, openhouses and other events can take place on the outside/inside studio and also since it is right off the kitchen, that space can be used for these larger events too. 
  • pure connection to the main wifi
  • adds living space to the home
  • can go out and work on a whim :) ;)
  • cheaper, time saving, more doable in general
new space, converting screen porch into studio

inside shot from this morning

I am very excited about having the work areas, missing at the same time what was created in this very small intimate studio with it's central stump bench and every other bench surrounding me with tools at arms length.   As an artist's skill level increases more working room is at a premium and will be available here. 
Cost is a great bonus with also the electric being tied into the home's panel box, heating also as well as dh's carpentry skills creating this productive environment not having to hire out.  Some of the steps to be taken are breaking out the stone block, enclosing the windows, adding doors/windows, framing, wiring, insulating, drywall and flooring.  Not starting until after the Holidays but, at least starting ;)

Coming soon to a side street near you!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

On the bench- keeping tools clean

Keeping your work area clean and somewhat picked up is important when making jewelry.  This is true for feeling creative and making quality work, for I don't or can't work in a hot mess of a studio but, creative clutter is another thing :) When filling inventories in stores, galleries and trail stops or filling custom orders organized clutter is best.  Well.... I have no choice since the studio is 11'x10'.  I often describe the space akin to a cooks galley kitchen.... for when working on the stump bench I can either reach what I need where I presently am working or a couple rolls of the chair wheels gets me there snagging what is needed.
I will write a post talking about 'studio move' in the near future.  Plans have changed from originally building off of the existing studio, to upcycling our existing back screen porch into a super area for SDAJ.  This change makes the dh happy and also adds another living area to the house and increases the studio's possibilities when hosting open houses, classes and artisan trail events... + makes me smiles too! HOOT, HOOT!!  The finished studio will be 7 times what I have now.
hammers here at the ready allow the artist to freely move from one technique to the next
Simple is best not needing much effort with keeping the floor swept, benches free of metal shavings, tools in their homes and surfaces ready for that next big project.  If your tools are where they normally are at all times, you tend to be more productive, which decreases stress  when you reach for that lost riveting hammer and time, when in a crunch reaching for that brass mallet for your punches.
files on a magnetic strip at the ready

 Files should be free from bits of filed metals, steel wool and rust to file properly lasting for years.  The magnetic strip is a pain with magnetizing so all your steel wool floaties get picked up...grrr
Files can't be touching each other for it damages the teeth so the strip works great for that but, you can also have them in a single layer in a drawer.  I won't have them on the front of this work bench again but, attached to the back wall for these crazy things fall every where from just the slightest bump. 
antique hammers or old school work horse hammers for texturing here an old ball-peen....see my fave texturing hammer in the background, an old cobbler's hammer.

just a simple cleaning up
Hammers are an artisans bridging between them and the metal being formed.  I feel hammers are my favorite tool as you can see from the photos hammers live on the stump bench, tool boxes around the studio and are seen featured in many photos when even featuring my jewelry or metalprinting.
HAMMERS are the heart and soul of the 'work' screaming their existence in and out of the studio, making themselves heard. 
Yesterdays Instagram post was the above photo showing 4 of the hammers in the collection that I wanted to start using regularly but, could not with rust and crud covering each. The ball-peen, cross-peen and a tack hammer were first sandpapered with 400 grit wet/dry mechanics paper and then steel wooled.  I also took a punch to my favorite texturing hammer tightening the handle once again, pictured above the Instagram shot.


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