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Monday, November 07, 2016

Look at these amazing new cookbooks

Admittedly when Alton Brown came on my radar in 1999 I was intrigued and appreciative of his mad cooking skills but, once the Alton Browncast podcast busted through my world, yep, I was crushing.
The podcasts are very entertaining hitting on pop-culture, retro coolness, film history,  an insiders view of food TV but, during all this there is a circling back to some aspect of food culture/experience.
His latest book Alton Brown Everyday Cook is pretty spectacular.  Here is a recent podcast chatting about the process with his photographer Sarah De Heer who used an iPhone 6s Plus in a directly overhead shooting style on every shot.
Another recent purchase is The Homemade Vegan Pantry, more about that at another time  ;)

So much of this technique is all about composing the shot.

Lovely bit of fan fun playing around with Matt Smith's 11th regeneration of Doctor Who.  The Doctor was feeling a bit peckish but, finally found what he was craving, Fish Sticks and Custard.  Mr. Brown gives this a thumbs up for flavor with this version of the dish. 

You will find useful Alton Brown methods through out the pages of his book.

If anything listen to the podcasts and if this is your first experience with podcasts, what a way to be introduced!  Owning Android operating systems in the past Stitcher Radio was my go to app but, now with migrating over to Apple and a 6s iTunes is taking a little getting used to but, very user friendly.

'This time it's personal',  what a great approach to a cookbook!  What shall I whip up first?

"Do not allow watching food to replace making food."  -Alton Brown


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