Wednesday, March 30, 2005

My first attempt at knitted felt. This firebird orange wool, Maine cherry button and purple satin ribbon from my daughter's ribbon jar make a simplistic bill folder. I first put soap and hot water in a pan and worked it, then washed it in a pillow case with hot water/soap in the machine and ran it through the dryer. After all this I still did still not think it was felted enough. I put a little spritz on it and block it with an iron. The iron felted it a bit more. I really love the look. I may line it with a contrasting washed/handfelted piece.  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Here is the front. She has to do button stitch yet for the button hole. This little turtle poly button was hand done from Peace Fleece. This fleece felted up very nice and tight, it was almost an immediate re Lou used sushi bamboo mats to do the traditional rolling and hot soapy water to start the felting process. This is what she was doing last night at midnight, silly girl. Posted by Hello

Lou's first felted attempt. She added the Kyrgy symbol for wealth. This is the back... Posted by Hello

These are so fanciful. The roosters are wonderful! I need me a rooster.... This is a project that you could go wild with crazy quilt stitching and fabric additions. Posted by Hello

Another soft toy from Mabs.  Posted by Hello

I found this great book called 'The Big Book of Soft Toys' by Mabs Tyler. Copyright 1972 and get this it was bound in Great Britain and published in the Netherlands. I love the combination of stitches that she used in her designs. Here are a couple of 'Housewives' she calls them.  Posted by Hello

Here is a pic from Peace Fleece with a sampling of their products. I love the thought behind the company, the bringing together of countries with products and art. Please read their mission statement. Posted by Hello

Peace Fleece

On our search for wool and felting materials we found Peace Fleece of Kezar Falls, Maine. My daughter is giving a class at ECCOTA on SSEP and Kyrgyzstan soon and has been on a search for raw, wonderfully dyed wool for this class. They are high school seniors earning money for a 3 week exchange of their 9 students for 9 Kyrgy students. My dd thought it would be a good fund raiser to have a class at the arts council on their culture and create a felted craft. Felt is one of the main art forms there .
Yesterday we received this wonderful box of wool, yarn, buttons and felting needles. The colors were absolutely gorgeous and the wooden buttons were made by a Russian woman. Lou could not sleep and decided to felt last night. She just could not handle staying away from these wonderful colors and textures. I will scan in her coin purse when she comes home. She put a Kyrgy symbol on meaning wealth.
I stole the dark orange wool yarn from her and started a bill folder to felt.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Upcoming Shows

~Fine Arts Fiesta in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Dates: May 19, 20,21 and 22nd

~Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, Pa. 9th-13th(I will be there) it runs 3rd-19th. They have 3 separate groups of days artists can display so, it is always new and fresh

~Manayunk Arts Festival in Philadelphia, Pa. Sponsored by Philadelphia Magazine June 25th and 26th


I have started a RING called 'Bead Artists Who Blog'. I want to include all types of beaded art: bead embroidery, bead weaving, embellishing, stringing, crazy quilting with beads, ArtDolls, bead painting, etc. Any diverse bead artist looking for a unique ring to be a part of please join. I have not found this type of venue in ring format in my searches. The link is on my sidebar. ~enjoy Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Mermaid Brooch I decided to use freshwater pearls and fill in the front with spirals and Boucche stitches. The tail is going to have more movement with single lines of backstitching using different sizes of seeds and embellishing beads. Posted by Hello

bead gathering

Me and my good, good friend Bobbi finally were able to exchange our Christmas presents last evening. She brought me some lovely gifts. I absolutely loved the cabs from her bead shop find in Maine and the crochet little bag was gorgeous. We also had time to bead which we have not been able to do together forever. I stitched a bit more on my mermaid brooch and she took one of the forms to start one of her own. She is going to do it all in a palette of light blues and crystal. I cannot wait to see how she progresses.
She is moving to Maine at the end of May so, I hope to make time for more bead gatherings. I will miss her tremendously....
We packed a lot in that night for after our blueberry wine and stitching we went on to see my Brother play at a local pub. We had a wild night of loud metal and good friends!

Friday, March 25, 2005

At the class last evening I beaded around my face cabochon using tubular peyote and started the same stitch around these holeless dyed mother of pearl sequins. The first one on the left is finished and now I am on the middle of the 2nd row. You can see where I started putting the next row on the bottom right of the sequin inbetween each bead, skipping every other bead. If you don't skip when you start to build on the 2nd row, they will tend to bunch up. Then on the start of the 3rd row you will thread one bead on to weave through each bead of the 2nd row. I still am not sure what to place for her seashells on her chest, LOL..hmmmmmmmmm, maybe pearls or brass disks.  Posted by Hello
Class Sampler  Posted by Hello

Class finished

Last evening was such a wonderful finish to my 2 night beaded brooch class. The women were coming up with some beautiful and well thought out work. I was very pleased with their progress and work.
My next class will be a combination of bead embroidery and crazy quilting in the designing of a patch. This patch will be a compilation of my stitch combinations plus manipulating fabric into a one of a kind art piece.
I am not sure when I will schedule it. It would be very nice to make it a series of 'beaded crazy art patches' and continue it over months of bead gatherings. This would allow for indepth studies of these stitches and techniques.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Blogger info via

Bloggers are in our backyard, government, news and the stars.
This is a little info I found on Blogger Buzz. If you are so inclined there are also more posts telling about those wonderful, bare all Blogs

BlackBook Magazine
The latest issue of BlackBook is all about diaries, journals and weblogs:
"Among publishers it’s an article of faith that people no longer want to read books; they just want to write them. The old adage that everyone has a novel in them is being tested as never before, only this novel has turned out to be autobiographical. From television to the Internet, the confessional is rapidly becoming the de facto mode of expression. Everyone, it seems, wants to be heard. Responding to the spirit of the times, BlackBook invited a cross- section of the blazing talents and intellects in the culture to tear a page or two from their diaries or journals and give them to us: the result is a glimpse into the daily lives, concerns, and obsessions of some of the people who shape our world."Featured writers:
Salam Pax: "Dear Diary, 'resistance fighters' with Kalashnikovs and covered faces have spread out over the streets of our west Baghdad neighborhood."
Alexandra Kerry: "Dear Diary, I’m going on Larry King tomorrow, my first press appearance since dad lost the presidential election..."
Irvine Welsh: "Dear Diary, I’ve decided against taking part in Celebrity Big Brother—it would be crap being known as somebody who’s on the telly, rather than as somebody who’s actually done something."
Ozzie Osbourne: "Tonight I’m heading down to Fountain Studios in London to hang out with my wife on the set of X-Factor, a new television show that she’s doing with Simon Cowell, from American Idol. I’m taking my jellybeans, and hopefully I’ll be close enough to pelt Cowell in the back of the head with some."[via HardGuy]
posted by Eric at 4:02 PM

Easter Joys

HAPPY EASTER everyone ;) The old Golden Book 'The Golden Egg Book' , originally published 1947, has the most beautiful botanical illustrations. I have included 2 other pages in my blog The Hidden Garden by Hello

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I am going to choose aquas and coppery tones for my mermaid. Showing in this scattering of *stuff* are the front and backwool felt pieces, matte, transluscent, silver lined, 4x4 matte AB squares and some embellishing beads w/ abaloni fish scales.Posted by Hello

Wonderful Class

I truly enjoyed my time with the ladies last night and teaching them some new stitches. One was totally inexperienced and the others had some cross stitch background to draw from. The hardest stitch to get comfortable with were the buttonhole variations for them and now they feel like they can handle anything that is thrown at them bead embroidery wise. The next class I will have them apply what they learned to their beaded brooches. I sent them home to sketch out a shape and now that they have a better understanding about this type of art, they went home ready to collect personal items to apply. One woman had plans to build a piece for a dear friend and the other perhaps wants to design a postage stamp style pin.
I am planning out a mermaid style brooch to work along side the group on Thursday. Here is the pic:

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Found Errors in My Blog Life and Beaded Brooch Escapades

Okay I feel very intelligent at the moment for I just figured out where the loading errors were on my blog. There was a remnant left from something I deleted in the HTML codes.

I am off to prepare for my beaded brooch class this evening. I just finished my hand outs and need to bag some bead pretties for the ladies to make their choices from. We have the big room that is very well lit, BIG PLUS!
Here are the stitches we will be covering over 2 nights:
  • Single stitch looks like a little French knot
  • Backstitch the stitch mostly used for outlining and filling in and is very versatile
  • Lazy stitch the satin stitch of the bead world, just make sure you go back through to reinforce this stitch
  • Variations of buttonhole stitch the lovely feather stitch and simple blanket stitch
  • Fringing and variations to give movement
  • Edge finishings picot and netting combos, perhaps peyote
  • Couching nice to include large fibers that will not pull through fabric
  • Boucche stitch a 3 bead stitch that gives lots of texture
  • Tubular peyote encasing a cabochon
    Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

Unspun dyed Wool and wool felt source searches

If anyone has any good sources for these two wonderful items please pass them on. My Daughter is going to host a workshop on making crafts from Kyrgystan at the arts council to fund part of their trip to this beautiful country in June. She plans on making it perhaps a 3 part series to teach about their culture. We have a student from their that will also be apart of the classes. If anyone has seen the info in the paper, the group of students that are going are call SSEP, Secondary Students Excellence Program. She contacted Peace Fleece already, for they seemed to have pretty good prices and their mission statement was awesome.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Bead and Chats, LOL....

The Stitch N Bitch is such a great concept with knitters that I have been wanting to start a beady gathering for sometime now. In Phoenix AZ they have these wonderful gatherings of knitters all the time in cafes, bookstores, bars(smokeless) and coffee shops. Here is a wonderful knitting blog that showcases these
Can you imagine walking in a local joint in Elk County, with beads in tow, for a session of chatting and beading, lol... We would be the talk of the town!
Check out her site and view these women toting in bags of projects and materials to their local eateries. I love it!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Beads and Therapy

Inbetween closing my Herbary and starting Moss Designs I really did nothing creatively. I thought I could exist without any of it. So, for a couple years I did nothing but, enjoy my home life with children and family.
I have always done it all through my life(creatively, that is, lol) but, still missed that something that brought me to that 'ahhhhhhhh' moment. I am sure you know what I mean, that moment when it all clicks and makes sense with your artwork, career or life choice.
I loved color, texture and movement in all that I did, for I am a very visual person. If you read my profile, you know about my family influences with my art/design work also. The fusion began in my work. I combined the organics from my gardens with color choices and even materials used in my pieces and it all started to take shape. When my Grandmother passed I gathered all her materials, buttons, threads, etc. for my stash and of course being the collector that I am had compiled tons of STUFF over the years of household sales, Goodwill and antiquing.
I became obsessed with beads! I had to learn everything I could about them. Here is an excerpt from one of my write ups:
All roads have lead to my love of beads and freeform bead embroidery and beaded art. What was started as a desire to create body ornaments has turned into a deep search and study of all facets of beads. I find myself wanting to know its origin, culture, and type as I go about my design. These little bits of history draw you in and ask to be made into something to please the eye and quiet the spirit. As I start to build a piece, my mind contemplates where I will eventually end up, will I stay with my outline or surprise myself yet again with a fragment of my inner most self? What may start as one thought may turn into a journey of self-discovery and beaded art is a wonderful way to express this.
Working in figural form is a very fulfilling process, watching the identities take shape through the sculpting, beading and embellishing.
My Innerself doll was my very first figure. I don't take her to my shows anymore for she is so misunderstood. Poor soul! All bead doll artists can attest to that someone coming and asking "so, you make voodoo dolls?" I feel like I could just scream. I of course explain that I am Christian and go through the whole art concept with all the flowery words for them.
She lives in my china cabinet and is quite happy now, thank you very

'Innerself' at one of the first shows I attended.She is being displayed in a Japanese tea chest. I used that chest quite a bit at the beginning with its wonderful adart on the lid and the 3 drawers are great to display+store jewelry.  Posted by Hello

Showing leg detail from 'Innerself' You can see my color choices more clearly and the sun/moon symbol I created to show my going from the dark into the light. This ArtDoll stayed with me for 6 months while I worked through my depressed state of crap. Yes, I self medicated with beads and created my first beaded figure. Posted by Hello

Friday, March 18, 2005

Sampler teaser showing some fringing, featherstitch, cross stitch, backstitch, chainstitch and stacking. Posted by Hello

Beaded Brooch class sampler

I am preparing for my beaded brooch class for next week. You all have seen some of my sample pieces during the last month and the last couple weeks I have almost completed a sampler of bead embroidery stitches. It is nothing intricate, I just wanted to inspire my students to try something different.
It includes single stitch, backstitch, couching, boucche, edging techniques, spangling, blanket stitch variations, setting in a cabochon, lazy stitch and cross stitch w/beads.
Crazy quilting is one of my in awe loves and I have wanted to get more into applying that to my freeform bead embroidery work. I feel with the beaded brooches you can have immediate satisfaction in this small piece of texturally stitched wearable art.

Birthday Girl off to National Model United Nations Conference

My Lou will be gone on her 18th b-day this year for she will be in NY tomorrow. She is growing up to fast my Lou, with all the attitude of a 30 something career woman already, very focused. She is too cool....

My other Journaling adventures

Don't forget to also visit my garden and art connection at and my business site for Moss Designs at

Beading, is a Gardening of the SOUL by sld

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Another view from the front. I really need to work on my sidewalls!!!! This was just trying to get a slide down for upcoming juried apps.  Posted by Hello

Another view at a Pittsburgh show Posted by Hello

This display is what I used last year. This year I am going to totally revamp it, same color scheme, but, bringing in the walls to the theme a lot more with drapery and more pictures of my finished work hanging. I do feel that large framed views of my work will identify my booth more with passersby. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Manayunk Arts Festival

I just got my acceptance letter today, I am so very pleased. I am just starting to apply to fine art shows. I have 3 more that I really am fretting about, we shall see hopefully by the end of the month. This show is sponsored by Philadelphia Magazine and I hear draws in 500,000 people. I am so EXCITED!
Thank you Larry Berman for helping me with my slides

Here is a pic of the two of them in my gardens during one of my herb and artshows in '96. They are 5 years apart, both born in March and are going to be 18 and 13. They are still cute as buttons. LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!! Posted by Hello

Birthday Celebrations for Lou and the Rose

The girls finally gave me their menu choices last evening.
My Rose wants breakfast for supper:
-tons of our organic bacon, hashbrowns, eggs and toast. Then the cake is Devils Food and fudgey peanut butter frosting, my silly girl.
-Lou has decided on Cap'n Crunch Chicken, mac and cheese and loads of steamed broccoli w/cheesecake and blueberry topping. Oh my and lets not forget chia tea for the drink.

My girls are so fun to cook for, they always surprise me with their choices.

Here is the chicken recipe I use:
Planet Hollywood's Cap'N Crunch Chicken
originally from topsecretrecipes

4 servings ~I double or triple, by the by, lol...

2 cups Cap'n Crunch cereal
1 1/2 cups corn flakes
1 egg
1 cup milk
1 cup flour
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
2 lbs chicken breasts (cut in 1 oz. tenders)

Coarsely grind or crush the two cereals and set aside. Beat the egg with milk and set aside. Stir together flour, onion and garlic powders and black pepper.
Set this aside also.
Dip the chicken pieces into the seasoned flour.
Move around to coat well, then shake off excess flour.
Dip into egg wash, coating well.
Dip in cereal mixture, coating well.

(I don't fry the chicken, I bake it off and it is delicious)

Heat oil in a large heavy skillet to 325 degrees.
Drop coated chicken tenders carefully into the hot oil and cook until golden brown and fully cooked, 3-5 min. depending on size.
Drain and serve immediately.

I use a lot and this is where I found it. I am mossnbeads on there.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

All that is left to do is add the backing and pin. The next brooch I need to do a more intense color combination. Maybe with JOY Posted by Hello

Adding embellishments(mother of pearl sequin and some E beads) and continuing bordering with backstitch. Posted by Hello

Next up Peace, using back stitch to border the letters. I will go around again with a complimentary translucent seed and then start adding embellishing beads. I am going to stay with a very serene color scheme.  Posted by Hello

As promised showing the back of brooch/pin. You can really see the detail on the 3-bead picot stitch that I used for edging and finishing. I really enjoy that deep opaque red color against the chartreuse color wool felt. Posted by Hello


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